Friday, April 12, 2013

Keeping Up With Me On the Mish!!!

     I know you guys want to know how you can read all about me in the Mish! Well here is your answer! First and foremost, my mom will be keeping a blog updated with all my weekly emails. You can hope right on over there and find out all the exciting news from my mission!
If you are writing me:

At the MTC (April 17th- May 28th)

 Sister Hailey Lucille Hodgkiss
MTC Mailbox #186
Nor-Osl 0528
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

In the Mission Field (May 29th-Oct 17th, 2014)

(For Letters)
Sister Hailey Lucille Hodgkiss
Norway Oslo Mission
Postboks 94
1306 BPT

(For Packages)
Sister Hailey Lucille Hodgkiss
Norway Oslo MIssion
Bærumsveien 373
1346 Gjettum

Check my blog out for the most recent addresses and info! I hope that all goes well for the next 18 months until I can check back in with you all! I love you guys! Keep on keeping on!
Until Next Time,

22 Months!

      "That's what happens in the end, you start thinking about the beginning." - Mr. & Mrs. Smith 
    There are a lot of beginnings in my life, but one of my favorites is the one that starts with Daniel. I have just a few days left before I head out to the MTC and began the adventure of a lifetime. I am so excited, but I have also been reflecting on where I have been, where I am, and where I am going. For me, without Daniel I wouldn't be going on a mission. He has influenced me in so many different ways, taught me so much. I didn't even realize how much he was going to be affecting my life when I met him. I wish I could have just stopped right there when he turned around and asked me if I was skipping church and said "That's him. That's the boy that will change your life." Of course I didn't. What I really said was "Um no we're not. We just don't want to walk in heels." with probably the rudest tone I could manage. But that's the great thing about Daniel. No matter what happens from here on out, no matter if we get together, never speak to each other again, or move on, he still has changed my life. He is my best friend. I miss him like crazy. STILL. It sucks. I mean honestly how can you still miss someone after almost 2 years of being apart? Completely annoying. I STILL get excited EVERY time I see a mail truck no matter where I am, if I'm supposed to be getting a letter, or if Daniel and I happen to be writing at that point in time or not. And believe me, we have taken many-a-breaks. We're both too stubborn and too strong willed. We refuse to give in until it's the last possible moment and we realize that if we don't we're going to lose it, then we do. And are walls come crashing down fast. 
       He drives me insane. Literally. I have spent hours and hours starring at letters saying "WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!" Over and over. Or he doesn't write. Or he talks about a girl one of his comps is trying to get him to write. Or he forgets to write "I love you" and just put a heart or "love ya" instead. Gosh, I laugh at ALL the things that I go so worked up over and still do! That boy knows how to get under my skin. But, he also knows how to make me sore. Even to this day he mentions things he knows about me or remembers about me that I have never noticed. He still finishes my thoughts. He still knows where my mind is. He kisses the top of the car roof when going through yellow lights. He sticks his tongue partly out when he isn't paying attention. He tells me "You look good" and never uses the word cute. He reads too fast for comfort, and writes in all caps so I can read his hand writing. He makes me think all is lost, and then writes me a sweet note that sends me spinning. And I think "This is what it's about. This is what all those love songs and books and movies are about. Him." 
      Would I love for us to work out? OF COURSE! Am I okay with us not? Yes. Because we're both pretty great, and the Lord has a plan for us. If we aren't meant for each other, than gosh dang it our spouses better consider themselves lucky!!! I have come to realize many things looking back. I was so insecure at times or worried, and I over thought everything (still do). But looking back, we really loved each other. Still do! It might not have been the conventional love, or the perfect love, or a Nicholas Sparks love, but it was real, and it was ours. We have supported each other through thick and thin. Everyone told us that we wouldn't last. That we wouldn't even talk to each other 6 months from the time he left. But we do. And we still care. He is still my best friend. And I will never regret the time we have spent in each other's lives. I needed Daniel to help me become the person I am today. And goodness am I glad I needed someone so good looking. :) I guess they are right when they say that in the end you start to think about the beginning. I feel blessed to have had so many beginnings in my life. I feel blessed to have had a boy turn around and introduce himself to me on August 29, 2010. I'm grateful for the role that Daniel has played in my life and the influence he continues to shine on me. He is a wonderful example, and I am blessed to call him my best friend. 
         Since I won't be here when he returns JUNE 4, 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- This is me freaking out. Like really? How is this happening. I will probably cry the ENTIRE day when it rolls around. I still can't believe that I won't be there waiting at the airport. Good thing though, because I am not nearly hot enough to see him. #soserious. But it will definitely be hard to not be there. From here on out I am putting my complete trust in the Lord. He knows what I need and he knows what Daniel needs. Here's to hoping its me! :) But I know that it's going to work out for the best. I have been able to love the up and down and crazy circles of a journey we have had so far, here is to many years more!-> I needed to post all my pictures for the 22 months so far! I of course will be taking more out in the mission field, but I won't be able to post them to this blog. I can't even begin to tell you how fast these 22 months have gone. I also can't begin to tell you how much I hate my "chubby chubby" stages I went through. But I am happy I documented it all. I took those pictures all over the world. Texas, Utah, Idaho, Russia, Norway, and all these other crazy places. I guess love just doesn't have any boundaries.... wow... what a cheesy comment... 
    Let's begin with Daniel and I's FIRST picture together. Let's talk about how this boy sat AS CLOSE as he possibly could to me and I was like "What what what is happening right now?!" Fast forward a year and I find out it was to get away from one of my roommates. Pa-Rude. 
 Month #1- Dallas, Texas
 Month #2- Dallas, Texas
 Month #3- Provo, Utah
 Month #4- Pockatello, Idaho
 Month #5- This is my gangster month. It was rough for all involved. Provo, Utah
 Month #6- I was feeling pretty good at this point.... Until... I realized we had 18 more to go. Provo, Utah
 Month #7- Okay. This was a rough month for hair. Provo, Utah
 Month 8- An even rougher month. Why am I wearing the same outfit a month later? How awkward. Provo, Utah
 Month #9- This is def #9. Problem is I held up the wrong number.... Provo, Utah
Month #10- Provo, Utah 
 Month #11- Provo, Utah
 Month #12- I was FREAKING OUT! Oh man this was the best feeling in the world! Provo, Utah
 Month #13- Idaho Falls, Idaho
 Month #14- Only a few days before Russia!  Dallas, Texas
 Month #15- Moscow, Russia
 Month 16- Moscow, Russia
 Month 17- Little did I know..... Oslo, Norway
 Month 18- Okay, I'm not going to say I was super excited at this point. Things were pretty confusing with the whole me leaving and 18 months of being apart and yada yada yada, but I still remembered! Moscow, Russia
 Month 19- Yes we're still counting!! Dallas, Texas
Month #20- Dallas, Texas 
 Month #21- Dallas, Texas

Month 22, the night before I left on my Mission

Month #22- T-Minus 2 days till I leave  Dallas, Texas

     Now I'm going to continue this sappy post and honor the 22 months with 22 things that I love about Daniel.
#1. The way he smells. Sometimes he will send me things that smell like him. I die. Every.Single.Time.
#2. His laugh. Not like his pity laugh, but his real laugh. It's really LOUD. And really long. And it makes me laugh a billion times harder.
#3. How he goes through words that are his favorite just like me. We both get stuck on like 5 words that we will just repeat and repeat and repeat over and over. It's excessive. Which is kinda funny, because we've been stuck on the word "excessive" for like 2 1/2 years now.
#4. His patience. With everyone. His friends, family, but let's be real... with me. Have you seen Edward's patience with Bella? It's like he is dealing with a 12 year old sometime. Which when you think about him being like 117 and her being 18, I guess is kinda accurate. But, Daniel is like Edward time 10 million. I'm pretty sure "She's crazy" has probably crossed his mind an infinite amount of times when it comes with me. But his reaction is always the same. What can I do better? How can I help fix this? I can we work through this? Um, Daniel. Stop. You're too perfect.
#5. His smirk. Sends me to heaven every time. There is this one video he sent me where he is just talking about different things and then he is like "Hailey.." and starts talking to me. Well he gets this smirk on his face. It's super presh.
#6. His support. He is so supportive of everyone! I love it. But he is way supportive of me. Every idea I have, or dream, or just weird situation I want to play out in real life, he is down. He is always telling me I can do it. That I'm smart enough, or that I "look good" enough, or that I'm a hard enough worker. He believes in me even when I don't. It's amazing to have a best friend that is always so supportive.
#7. Touching, touching, touching. This is where I talk about all the touchy things I miss. You know... all the ones I haven't had in what... oh that's right 22 months, and won't have for another 18.... I miss his hugs! They are all encompassing and make me feel small (which is hard to do). He knows I'm ticklish on my neck and so he always sticks his chin on it while he hugs me. Kills me. He is always warm. Like Jacob Black warm. Perfect for cold nights. He is way good at massages. It's rough without him. Obviously just holding his hand is the best. I guess my own hand will have to do for this next year and a half.
#8. Brilliant. The kid is brilliant. Like Reed on Criminal Minds brilliant. You guys know how I love a good nerd. He remembers like EVERYTHING. And aces every test. I constantly look bad compared to him. He reads like a crazy person, and knows everything there is about animals  He is a terrible person to get into a academic argument with. Trust me, I have learned the hard way.
#9. His eyes. So pretty! They change between green and blue. Love it!
#10. He is a middle child. Oh man do I love middle children! Babies and Middles just go hand and hand. What does a middle child mean? Funny! Outgoing! Sarcastic! The best! Well the best minus us babies!
#11. That he will take 1 million pictures with me. Daniel loves pictures. Maybe even more than I do. That's saying a lot. We took pictures of ourselves all the time. It was great.
#12. Eating like a fat kid. Daniel eats. And eats. And eats. His poor Mama. Probably went through food like crazy. The kid loves jam. Like an unhealthy amount of jam. It's concerning. Him loving food means three things. One, I can make anything and he eats it and loves it. Two, he is always hungry therefore no matter when I want to eat, he is down. And three, he eats like crazy, so I can eat like a boy and he still thinks I'm a lady.
#13. He eats kinda weirdy desserts. So this is great because I ALWAYS want to try the different desserts, but I'm a total BABY. So I just end up getting chocolate every time. But with him I get to try the weird ones AND eat me chocolate! Perfect world.
#14.One time I was venting to Daniel about losing weight and he said this to me "Sure you need to lose a few pounds but..." This is real life people. I laughed for at least 30 minutes over this one. Hahaha. Still makes me laugh! I think by this point he was sick of arguing. But for reals, this is my life. Love that kid.
#15. Daniel is a Butter Nazi. Hard core. He is always like "Um... you have way too much butter!" or some other weirdy comment about butter. I'm just like okay you go eat your jam and be happy with your life. I am from Texas, this is what we do! But I love it. I think it is so funny he is so weird about it!
#16. He is addicted to Wiki! I am sure that he will get right back into it when he gets home! He wants to know everything. Sometimes I would see him the next day at class and he would look so tired. I would ask what he did because I KNOW he wasn't with me, and he would tell me he started to wiki something which led to something else, which led to something else. Freaking smart people.
#17. Chick flicks! Daniel will watch chick flicks with me all the time! I love it. I don't think the words "Let's watch one of MY movies" ever came out of his mouth. Honestly, the boy is too giving. But I love my chick flicks!
#18. He loves chocolate just as much as me! Enough said.
#19. His family. I'm creepy obsessed with his family. I think they are basically some of the coolest people on earth. They have been so sweet to me! Every time I am with them I feel so loved and cared for. They are so much like my family too. I think that is great. I feel right at home! I'm going to miss them for these 18 months!
#20. He is a rule follower. See here's how it goes. I don't want to break rules. Really I don't. But when someone tells me I can't do something I feel like I HAVE to. It's just the world. Daniel on the other hand does not break rules. It's perfect because he keeps me grounded. And it's funny because I can always count on him following whatever the rule is to a T. Perfection.
#21. His testimony. The great thing about so many letters is that I get to read his testimony all the time. It's been amazing to see how it has grown over these two years as he has served the people of Indiana. He is such a strong priesthood leader. He loves the Savior so much. He is a great example to me not only as a missionary, but as a sibling, child, and friend.
#22. His kisses... Oh wait... I don't know what those are yet. Never mind. Scratch that. The real one? The sound of his voice. His voice does wonders for me. It can make my heart race quicker than it does on a sprint (who am I kidding, I don't sprint!). I can calm me down, make me cry, help me find peace. I love the sound of his voice. I miss it like crazy. Being apart wouldn't be so bad if we could at least talk on the phone. But rules are for a reason, as Daniel would tell me. I love listening to things he has recorded or watching videos of him because it's like he is almost here. Love that voice. Love that kid. So thankful for a best friend like him.
     It kinda freaks me out that this could be the last post I ever wrote about him. Who knows what the next 18 months will bring! It is going to be an adventure, that's for sure. I am so excited for all that is coming up. Daniel gets home soon and has school to return to! He will be dating again.... AHHHHHH!! FREAKING OUT! But let's be real, like 99% of the good girls are gone from BYU, so maybe I'm in luck! Teasing, teasing! But I am looking forward to all that is coming! Best friends are great. Hold on to them guys.
Until Next Time,

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

LA & Idaho/Utah Trip and Now

    Hello! Hello! HELLO! So I think we can just call it what it is..... I have sucked at blogging lately. I know, I know. Y'all have been checking my blog like every day to get new updates. I'm sorry! I guess things have been boring mostly, only being broken up by some pretty great trips, BUT let's focus on what's important. I'm here now! I'm blogging! AND guess what? You get to have like 1000 blog updates from me this week because..... THIS IS MY LAST WEEK TO BLOG FOR 18 MONTHS! Gasp?! "How will we read what you are doing!?!" is what you are thinking! No worries! I have a missionary blog set up, and my mom will be updating it with my weekly emails so y'all can all read everything I am doing! It's super cute too! I will make a later post about all the information on that!
     This post is about my trip to LA to visit my brother Brent, and my trip to Idaho/Utah to visit my two oldest siblings and friends! They both were a blast and I had such a good time. I have been so very lucky to be able to visit and spend time with ALL of my siblings before my mission. It's been great! I would just go on and on about how great it was, but I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves!
       First up is my trip to LA....
 Brent and Lori live about 4 blocks from LA Live! So great 
 We ate a lot at SOOOOO many good places! 
 We went to see Wicked!!! 

 Even though this was my second time to see Wicked, I cried like a baby. It was Brent and Lori's first time to see it and they were blown away! Such an amazing musical! Talent like that just leaves me speechless! 
 Down Town LA! 
 I was there on Oscar weekend which was SWEET! I got so see a bunch of stars and all the Oscar festivities! 

 Clipper's Game! 
 Santa Monica Pier 

 Sunday bike ride! 
View from Runnin Canon! Yeah, we hiked it. So physically fit. 
    Brent and Lori sure know how to host guests! I knew it would be fun to hang out, but I had no idea that we would be doing SO MUCH! We seriously went to bed at like 9 every night because we were exhausted from all our activities! I love these guys to death!! Already planning a trip for summer of 2015! 
      Next up is my trip to Idaho/Utah! It was a crazy trip! This is what my itinerary looked like! 
   March 20th-22nd: Boise 
   22nd-25th: Pockey
   25th-29th: Provo
   29th-30th: Pockey
   30th-2nd: Boise 
      The fun of being so many places and for so long was that I got to see so many people! I saw my sister Heather and her family, my brother Darrin and his family and new baby, Lauren, my friends form Russia Bailee and Emily, Cory and Ashley, Daniel's family and many others! And I got to do a bunch of fun things! I even was able to be at Daniel's little sister's mission call opening! I loved it! Here are a few pics from the trip! 
 Emilee and I were able to go horse back riding! I haven't been on a horse in forever! Loved it! 
 Bay and Em!! I love these girls so much! #Russia2012 

 Sarah got called to North Carolina! 
Love me some Wood Family!! 
    Also since I got back things have been CRAZY here! I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off with only a total of 10 days from the time I got back to the time I leave. Now I'm down to 3..... Wow... But I have had a lot of fun along the way! I did the Thor run! Which was basically a 5K of obstacle courses! It was super tough, but I did it! I jogged the whole thing! My brother Corby was great! He stayed at my pace the entire time and offered me support whenever he saw me wavering! Also shout out to Jordan, Linsey, Kyle, Alyson, and Bernie for doing the run with me! I am so grateful that I did it! Made me realize that you can push through anything! Great lesson to learn before Mish time! Here are a few pictures! Excuse me dirtiness... 

And just because I can...
    I had lunch with this great guy 1 last time before I left. He is seriously one of my best friends! When I met him (almost 7 years ago) I was in shock. He was one of the first few doctors I met on one of the hardest days of my life. He stood by me and treated me for 2 1/2 years of chemo. When I graduated high school he offered me my first internship as a research assistant, and then did the same the following summer. He helped me to become a published co-author to a study. He has listened to me complain about everything, talk about my love life, and try to figure out me dreams. He has supported me in everything I have done and always somehow finds the  best in me. To say he is my hero would be an understatement. I want to be just like him when I grow up! Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. McCavit! Or McCavity as I sometimes call him! 
Well guys I hope that all is well with y'all! I'll be updating my blog again shortly! 
Until Next Time,