Friday, January 25, 2013

Time Changes Everything

   The other day my SIL (Sister-in-law), Katie-Lynn, had a conversation like this....

        Kate: Has Daniel seen you since your surgery?

        Me: Um... no, actually he hasn't. He left about 2 months before I did the whole thing. You know come to think of it, it always freaks him out every time he sees pictures of me because He says I don't look anything like what I used to. He ALWAYS says something about my nose.

        Kate: Really?? Gosh I can't even remember what you looked like!

     So with that I brought up pictures from before he left. We looked at it and could see some differences, but not many. It wasn't until we put the pictures side by side that we were like WOAH. Want to see? Here it is...

         This is a crazy difference!! We were both taken aback. I forget what it was like when I first came out of surgery. I remember once my swelling started to go down I would look in the mirror and just stare. It was like looking at someone else's face! Totally weird. Just thought I would share with you guys. Totally pointless? Yep. But it's my blog. Just saying.
Until Next Time,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Awkward Stage Between One Adventure and the Next

    Hello All! So I have been putting this blogging thing off for so long. It's been awhile since I actually wrote a blog post just for this. While in Russia I just copied my weekley emails into a post and prayed it worked. Well... I did that until I stopped writing. Sorry! But I am back now and am prepared to get y'all all caught up. With how many big things have happended in my life, I can't believe that I haven't written. But that's okay because now I have TONS to fill everyone in on!
    So if you didn't hear about my mission call then 1. I don't know where you have been the last like 3 months and 2. I apologize that your life has been missing out on this great news. Now that we got that out of the way, I got my call on Nov. 17th and I have been called to the Oslo, Norway mission, Norwegian speaking, reporting to the MTC on April 17th. To celebrate this I will post this picture...
This picture was taken in Oslo, Norway about a week before I got my mission call

  I was in shock big time when I got my call. If you haven't seen that reaction please watch this video..... 
    I am so excited to serve in Norway! If you don't remember, my ancestors are from Norway. My great-grandmother, Astrid, came over from Norway to join the LDS church and raise her family. She was a talented musician, and even played the piano for the King of Norway. I am 100% positive that my ancestors will be guiding me and watching over me as I go to Norway to teach others about Christ. I feel so blessed! But gosh I really wish that the time would just come already!
     When I got my mission call I had a grand total of 5 months till I took off. I was currently in Russia at the time so 5 months seemed so far away, and I was looking forward to the time to just be with family. Well now that I am home it's a bit different. I've decided that this time between on adventure and next is just.... well AWKWARD. I mean what am I supposed to be doing with my life? Work? Yep, I'm on it, but finding someone to hire you for 4 months is tough. Date? Oh wait, you're leaving for 18 months??? Yeah, I'm going to go spend my time on a girl that actually stays in the country for longer than 2 seconds. Spend time with friends? Most of my friends are at college? Get skinny so you might meet your future husband on your mission? YES! That is what I will devote my time to!!! Hahaha just kidding... okay sorta. Really though guys, a Sister Missionary should probs not be thinking that way...
         Life has been good though. Yes, it's been hard. I miss Russia so much. I miss my friends there and my life there. I feel like I was a completely different person there. I was the person that I finally wanted to be. It's not that I'm not that person now, it's just that I feel a little crippled by the fact that I don't do much besides work and well nothing. I was much cooler in Russia, but that's probably because everyone thought I was a rock star while I lived there. I try not to think about life back in Russia, or my kids. It just makes me sad. I think I have adjusted a tad bit better because I know that I have another big huge thing coming up. Going on a mission is a big deal, going to Norway is a bigger deal.
    I should probably explain that last comment a bit. I don't think that people that go foreign on missions are better, cooler, or more important than those that go state-side. Heck, my best friend went state-side and he loves it. It's true that I wanted to go foreign really bad, but it wasn't just because learning a language would be cool or going to some far and distant place. It was because I didn't think that I could serve a mission state-side and be a good missionary. I think it would be SO hard to serve in America and to be around constant temptations all the time. It's not that I think that Norway won't have it's own set of temptations, it's that I know that a place in America would be similar to another place in America I have lived before. Yes, there are different people and cultures, but it's still America, and for me that would be hard. It would be hard to still be so close to everything going on. I'm pretty sure that both Lo and Alyson would come visit me like every other weekend too. I think to be called English speaking, State-side, is a hard task. I am in awe that missionaries are able to still do so well there, but it just goes to show that you are called to where you need to go. I think State-side missions have strong strong missionaries, and they deserve about 10000 times more recognition for their calls than they get.
   Okay moving on! Since I have been home I have been up to lots of fun things! First we had Christmas!
 Jordan and I made Sugar Cookies! 
Christmas Eve Tradition 
 My sister Heather got me this gem for Christmas! It is a blanket for me to take with me on my mission! It has all my siblings and my parent's pictures on it!
Just me and the best friend, Gav Gav. He is about to be 4 years old! 
 New Year's Eve Tradition. The whole family went to Trail Dust and Aly came with! A great night!
 We headed down to Tampa, Florida for Jordan's East-West Shrine game. It was a short weekend, but SO MUCH FUN! Jordan played great! 
 The day before we left Tampa we drove to Orlando and went to Harry Potter World! I seriously almost cried while I was there! It was so great! I loved all the details that the park made come to life! 

 We always have so much fun together! 
 Butterbeer! We actually didn't like it. We could only have a few sips and it was just too much. So sweet! 

    It's been lots of fun being back. Being with the family has been such a blast! I have quite a few trips coming up this spring so be watching for those. Here is a preview....

     Well I think that is good for now! I'll check back with y'all later! Hope all is well!
Until Next Time,