Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week 5!

Dear Family and Friends,
               Okay first off this font is annoying... That's slightly better. Second off, I am currently writing this email in the middle of a Russian class. I have Russian boys all around me and it's kinda awkward. I have to push this special thing on the comp to make it type in English, and it is underlining every word like it is misspelled. Yes, I know I'm not typing Russian. But hopefully I don't have too many misspelled words. So I want to first apologize for being so out of range this last week. I've gotten several emails asking where I have been. No worries, I'm alive and well, I just had a crazy week last week. And I'm sorry that this email is going out later than most of my emails. When my alarm went off for me to get up and go to Em's to use the comp I decided that it was the exact opposite of what I wanted to do. Hopefully no one is worried. And I'm not sure how long this email will be, but I will just get you guys up to date on what's been going on.
        I hate girls. They cause so much drama. And I'm a jealous, not so nice person. Sorry, I really want to vent, but too many people get this email. So anywho, my week last week. Pretty much besides the weekend, it sucked. I was ready to pack my bags and head for home. I got sick last week. I felt like I was going to die. Okay that's a total lie, I didn't really, but I was pretty ready to kill all those who came in my path. Its just a cold, more snot then one person should be allowed to make, cough kind of thing. Nothing too bad, but last week my energy level was killing me. I just wish I had a monitor that could tell me my blood counts at all time. That would make me a happy person. I felt so run down last week. I'm sure my hemoglobin was still in the 12s or 13s and since I've run off a 5 I really shouldn't be complaining, but hey this is my email. The kids drove me crazy. I yelled a lot, and all together I felt like I was wasting my time being here.... and then Thursday came, our last day of school that week.
        Thursday was really fun because we had a teacher at our private school, Julia took us on a tour of the city by car. It ended up taking like 4 1/2 hours. The traffic was bad, but it was so fun to see different parts of Moscow and hear some more of the history. And Julia is super great. She speaks English pretty well. Sometimes she forgets words and kinda blanks out and then we just play the guessing game with her. It always makes me laugh because out of the thousand and thousands of words that make up the English language the probability of us guessing it is slim to none, but yet we still try. I sat in the back with Emily and basically the whole time, it was awesome! Pretty much, tour of the city=greatness. It was fun to get out of the house for a bit and to just hang out with Em. There were some pretty cool places in Moscow and we found a Chilis! I feel like life might be possible here.
Friday we met up at 7 am and kicked Moscow out like it was a bad habit. We took the metro to the outside of Moscow, jumped on a bus, and rode that for 4 hours to go to Vladmir. Its one of the Golden Ring cities and it was pretty sweet. It was more out in the country, but it was still a bigger city. We spent the day in Vladmir looking at different monasteries and walking around. We have a joke now in the group that goes like this. "Oh my gosh! Guess what we are going to see?" What? "Another Monastery! And this one is white, with blue and gold domes... oh wait... so was the other one..." Yeah, so the monasteries are cool and all, but let me tell you basically you have seen one you have seen them all. I laugh at myself because I take pictures of them every time and I'm just like seriously, it might be in a different location but it pretty much looks the same. Seeing the monasteries wasn't the highlight of the weekend. Being out of Moscow and in the countryside was. Around 8 we took a bus to Suzdal. Suzdal is pretty much the coolest place in the entire world. It is this tiny little town. It is very European and has gorgeous gardens. Btw all of Russia is officially in fall now so the trees are GORGEOUS! I love it. When we got to Suzdal we went straight to the another monastery (go figure) except this time it was the monastery that we would be spending the night in. Half of us stayed in the monastery and the other half stayed in a hostel. Em and I roomed together and guess what?! They had actual beds!!! I was so excited I almost cried! I have missed having a bed. Here we just sleep on this wooden pull out from the couch with a thick pad. Its comfortable and all, but it isn't a bed. And they had a real shower! Man all the modern things is what I've been missing. The downfall of staying there was the fact that it is a monastery so we shared the building with the monks and their wives. We had to be super quiet or everyone would get pretty upset. We had dinner and breakfast in this little tavern down town. It was precious. We ordered so much food because the portions were so small. Btw, have I mentioned I hate Russian food? Living off of bread is getting old. But the tavern was cute and the waitress was cute too. After dinner we went to "bed". Actually what we did was talk way late into the night. Oh and we got followed home by some drunk guys. That was fun. I was in the front of the group talking to Bay about Eric (of course) and all the sudden I hear the girls behind me start to freak out and start speed walking. I'm like what the heck is going on? And then I see a couple of guys walking right behind us really fast. So what do I do? I move to the back of the group and walk slower. I have this idiotic behavior to do the exact opposite of what I'm supposed to do or what is expected of me. I knew all the girls were losing it and someone had to be brave so me and Em moved to the back of the group closest to the guys. I was thinking about all the cuse words I was about to let out and Em took marital arts so she was planning her attack. I think we would have made a good team, but about 3/4 of the way home they decided that the fast walk they were having to stay at was a little to brisk and stopped and turned away and walked the opposite direction. Note to self, don't be American at night. 
        Saturday we spent all day in Suzdal. It was great. It is further out into the countryside and there are rolling hills. I was in love. I felt like I could once again breath and I was thinking "This is what I came to Russia for". Moscow is cool and all, but its not relaxing and its not very European. Suzdal is beautiful. They have all these eggs all over the place. They look like Easter Eggs and are about 7 feet tall and about 4 feet wide. They were all painted different colors. I took so many pictures of them. Then we found this field with this huge wooden chicken and like 15 of the eggs. So what do Em and I do? We climb this 15 foot high chicken and take lots of pictures. I felt accomplished. Most of our time in Suzdal was just walking around the town and looking at the shops. Its all touristy so the items are the crappy items, but it was still fun. I bought a book! It is Pushkin’s fairy tales. It has gorgeous pictures and they had one in English. Speaking of books, the 29th I've been here a month. And I have officially read 16 books since I've been here. I downloaded the Count of Monte Cristo because its like 1200 pages long and I figured that it should at least slow down my buying books habit. A lot of the classics are free, so maybe I will just stick to them? But a whole month. Can you guys believe that I've been here a month already? I feel like that sounds so much longer than it feels. Only Oct, Nov, and half of Dec left. Its flying by. Sometimes, not fast enough, sometimes too fast. 
        My favorite thing about Vladimar and Suzdal was the bridges. On every bridge you saw there were dozen and dozen of locks. Most of the locks were in the shape of a heart and had names and dates written on them. I asked Gulya what they were and they are called "Lover's locks". The couple once wed comes to a bridge and locks a lock on the gate. They then throw the key into the water. Its so sweet! I wanted to cry! I took tons of pictures with them. In Suzdal there was one bridge with over 100 locks! And some were super old! I want to do this when I get married! After walking around all day we jumped on a bus at 4 and rode all the way back to Moscow. We didn't get to Moscow until 10 and then we still had a metro ride and a walk home left. We were all exhausted! And coming back to the city put us all in a bad mood. The towns were very relaxing and being away from the kids was nice, but alas we are back now. Its about 2pm here and I already taught one class. It's not going too bad.     
        Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys that I got a new roommate last week. Her name is April. She had a really hard time with her host family and she was really unhappy, so they moved her to my apartment. I really do enjoy her alot. We have a lot of fun together and are always laughing. She is from Oxford, Idaho. This tiny tiny town. She has long long long red hair that I am openly jealous about. She can braid her hair and do all these up dos probably like 1000 different ways. Its really cool to see what she comes up with every day. She also made me cut off like an inch of her hair because she needed a trim! I was like homegirl, I am not a beauty shop. But it was still kinda fun. We laugh a lot. When Babushka yells at us we can hardly control out laughter. Like last night she was gone so me and April made a full American meal and did like 3 loads of laundry. Well I guess we aren't supposed to do laundry at that time because we got in big trouble. It was beyond funny. I was slightly terrified of Babushka though. Oh and April sleep talks like I have never seen. Like its scary. You can have a full conversation with her. Yesterday she was taking a nap and she had been asleep for like 3 minutes and all the sudden she was like "OH MY GOSH! DID YOU SEE THAT?" And was pointing and turned to me and then I was like wait what? And then she woke up and was like sorry! I had a dream about you. I was like okay that was kinda crazy. On the real
        Anywho, I really can't think of anything else that happened last week. I feel a lot better now though. My cold is starting to go away and I am getting my energy back. The weekend was a blast and so much fun. I wish you guys could have been there. You would have loved the little streets and all the leaves changing colors. It was beautiful. How is everyone doing? I will post pics to facebook laters. K? Sorry for venting and complaining so much. But lets be real, it wouldn't be me if I didn't. I love you guys! Hope to hear from you all soon! 
Le Le