Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Amelia Grace Miller & More

    So if you haven't heard my newest niece was born July 23, 2012 at 7:06 pm! She is beautiful!! I got to be in the delivery room the entire time! Heather rocked labor! I didn't think it was possible to rock such a thing, but watching her do it completely NATURAL made me decide that it is! She was born at 5 pounds 7 oz. and left the hospital under 5 pounds, but is slowly gaining weight back. She doesn't seem to be too big of an eater which is confusing because with a combination of Miller/Hodgkiss she should love to eat!! Anyways I had so much fun in Idaho with Heather, Shawn, Gavin and my mom. I did a lot of fun projects too! Here are just a few pictures to show you!
 I hand painted these! They turned out so cute, I'm still in shock!
 I also hand painted this flower pot that we used for pictures and to put in her room! P.S. Millie is her nickname!
 I also did this! It is a plate for Millie's foot prints!
 This was the first time Gavin saw Millie. Look at his face! Look at Heather's face. She is so happy! I love this picture <3
 This is a photoshoot I did for Millie. She is gorgeous!

Well....she was.....
      So this is the section of my blog where I tell you how stupid the human population is. So, if you want to still feel happy and love everyone then stop reading. If you want to know my opinion, which is only that, an opinion then keep reading. It's YOUR choice. I don't need everyone freaking out over my blog like they did with Chick-Fil-A. Speaking of that....
   This is just gotten out of hand. Like I DON'T CARE. I don't care what your thoughts are, or how right you think you are, or what he or she said. We are acting like children. Since when is it okay to disrespect everyone around you? This whole thing makes me want to delete my facebook. I have all kinds of friends. Gay ones, straight ones, liberal ones, conservative ones, religious ones, and many more. Everyone deserves an opinion, but no one deserves to be disrespected because of an opinion. I'm not talking about the owner of Chick-Fil-A. I'm talking about people that are getting in arguments about this with one another. Every time someone posts about it I am tempted to write "don't care" "don't care" "don't care" on it whether I agree or not. And this isn't about my views. I'm extremely religious, we all know how I feel. But guess what? Just because I'm religious or don't support it doesn't mean that I don't have gay friends or don't love gay people. Actually two of my best friends growing up both are gay (shout out to you guys!). And I am not one to throw my beliefs at anyone. Believe what you want, but stop spreading hate because you are so caught up in thinking that you are right to see that you are hurting people. Can I just tell you that I am SO excited to leave the country and get away from all of this, because I am! This and all the crap going on with the elections coming up. Thank goodness I'm off to Russia. At least the Olympics is on which spreads peace and love.... oh wait no it doesn't. It spreads the idea that "we are better than you". So this is what I have to say. Have you opinion, think what you want, but stop hating on everyone because they don't think the same way you do. The end. Oh and stop talking to me about it because as said above, I DON'T CARE. AND if Chick-Fil-A gets closed, I'm going to be beyond ticked. Politics aside, I love their food....
    Now on to the waiter haters.....
        Okay so let me get this straight? You think that because I am in love with someone that is not in my life every single day that that gives you the right to say rude things about him? Is that right? Okay, you are not a smart person. I am just throwing that out there. If you want to say something about my decision or about who I am in love with then just be ready for me to comment on your life, and let me tell you, I have many comments. When people say things like "You know it probably won't work out..." I want to slap them. Like duh it probably won't work out. Every girl that sends off a missionary knows the stats. We aren't dumb. Oh and taking the let me insult your missionary rode doesn't work either. It just makes me realize that you even less smart than I thought. And for your info every LDS boy that tells me I'm stupid all I think about is the girl that broke your heart, because if the wait would have gone well and you wouldn't have been "dear johned" then you would have a completely different story. It's happening. He's been gone for 14 months and nothing you say or do is going to change the reality. So go talk to someone else about how stupid their relationship is.

We're cute. How can you not love us together?

     EFY kids- Please stop acting like you are cooler than the rest of us. We actually live, work, and go to school here. We didn't pay 300 dollars to pretend that we actually went to BYU for a week. Do stupid things, be silly, have fun, and make it all you want like the rest of us do but remember it's our campus, not yours. Well actually it isn't my campus anymore. But I support all the other BYUers.
     Okay I think I have done enough of stating my opinion. Let the chips fall where they may! Now on to countdowns...
                    3 days till my birthday and parents 39 anniversary! I'm going to be 20! I feel like I should be mourning my childhood.
6 days till I move out!
7 days till I see Linsey!
20 days till I fly home to Texas!
27 days till I leave for Russia!!!
146 days till Christmas!!!
313 days till my best friend is back!
I hope that all is well with y'all!
Until Next Time,


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