Friday, April 27, 2012

When Lauren Foley Came To Town

    Lauren Monroe Foley came to Dallas, Texas for 4 wonderful days. I could go on and on about how awesome she is, or how much my family loves her, or all the fun things we did and no sleep we got, but I think I'm just going to post pictures and tell you a little about everything that went on.

 First picture in Texas! We got in at 11 after 11 hours of flying, 3 plane rides, and 4 different airports! We were glad to finally be here!

 We went to Cheddar's my family's favorite restaurant! It was yummy!
 Lauren met my cat, Shadow. Shadow+Lauren=One Happy family
 We went to the Dallas World Aquarium with my nephew Gavin

 We went to Sam Moon and looked at all the hats, purses, jewelery, and more

 Texas Cowgirls?
 We even went shopping and met Justin Bieber!
And then, sadly, the time came at 4:30 in the morning for Lauren to leave and we took this picture, the most awful picture I have ever seen. Like for real this is a TERRIBLE picture, but it was 430 and I wasn't in the mood to ask to take another one!
    It was such a blast having Lauren here! She is so much fun and one of my best friends! I loved showing her around and having my family be able to spend time with her! Lauren left Texas and headed back home for the summer. I'm pretty bummed that we won't be in the same city until next Jan. when I get back form Russia, but I'm excited to go visit her. I am planning on going out to California at least twice this summer! It was the week of a life time and I am so glad she was here! Love you girl and miss you like crazy!
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  1. oh wow this is beautiful. you're beautiful. (not in that last picture though...awks.) MISS YOUR GUTS. i'm ready to come back. come see me. that is all.