Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sometimes I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder...
  • If I will ever stop missing you
  • If things will work out the way I want them to
  • If I can find a job for the summer
  • If I disappeared if anyone would know I was gone
  • If I made the right decision
  • If I could go back in time what I would do
  • What would have happened if I walked away when I first met you
  • If life had given me different cards
  • If I hadn't of had cancer, where would I be
  • If we didn't break up
  • If you didn't leave
  • If there wasn't a choice
  • If I will ever stop looking at my phone expecting your call
  • How many times I could read Harry Potter and it still not be boring
  • What I would do with a million dollars
  • What I would do if I wasn't terrified of failing
  • If I should have let my walls down
  • Why you have become such a big part of me
  • If Russia will turn out to be a terrible experience
  • If my parents are disappointed
  • If I let my friends down
  • If I'm good enough
  • If I should just give up
  • What life would be like without you
  • If I will ever grow up
  • Why being a adult is so difficult
  • What's best for me
  • If putting my time into certain relationships is worth it
  • If I will be depressed all summer
  • If leaving BYU was the right decision
  • If moving to a new apartment was right
  • If staying in the same ward is a good idea
  • How life is supposed to go on without you
  • Why time seems to pass so slowly
  • How you can not know someone one minute and then the next feel like that have always been a part of you
  • Why mostly everything is based off of a base of 10 and then time is based off of 60
  • And why I just can't eat anything I want and be thin....
And then I remember that wondering doesn't do anyone any good, so I stop.
Until Next Time,

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