Monday, April 16, 2012

Rigby, Idaho Weekend

       So since Daniel has been gone going up to see his family has been tricky. I love love love his family to death but they are four hours away and there is always the awkwardness of the fact that I am not technically part of the family. So whenever I can find an excuse to go visit I do because man do I have fun. It's been really interesting going to see Daniel's family since he left. I thought that it would be really weird and hard to be there without him, but his family has always made me feel so welcomed. Going to his house is like basically going home. His mom is so sweet and loves to do anything she can to help you out. His dad is amazing and brilliant and so kind. Sarah is this perfect daughter and so easy to talk to. She always has such fun things going on in her life that I love to hear about. Becca is great. She is completely her own person and will tell you exactly what she thinks. I think a few times over the weekend she would just kinda sit me down and tell me exactly what she thought about something I said. I love it. Having this 14 year old going on 30 talk to me is always so great. A-man, or Adam is a doll. He is so cute and so fun and a constant up lift. He is so fun to be around and makes me laugh all the time. Since Daniel has been gone I have been able to spend time with his family and really get to know them. It's been really great! It wasn't awkward or weird at all. It was almost like Daniel was just gone playing basketball or running an errand the whole time. I feel like I fit in really well and that it just seems natural to be there. I love it!
       The big event I went up for was Sarah's last Jr. Miss activity. Last year we went and watched her compete and win Jr. Miss. In October we watched her do an amazing job at state. And last weekend we watched her MC the Jr. Miss and hand her crown down. She was so excited to be done! She has worked so hard all year long and has had to do many projects. She almost wanted to say "I'm sorry!" to the new Jr. Miss winner. Jr. Miss was Saturday night and I arrived Friday. Friday we just kinda hung out for a bit and then went to Sarah's tennis match. She won! It was great! We then ran errands making sure that Jr. Miss had everything they needed. I got to see a bit of the practice too. It was great!
       Saturday was a busy busy day! We woke up early had breakfast and headed off to the many errands of the day. Adam had a party we needed to get presents for, Becca had a track meet, and Sarah had Jr. Miss stuff all day. It was busy but I loved being there for it! Becca did amazing in her track meet! She got 3rd in the hurtles and 1st in the 200. She is such a great athlete! We finally got back to the house around 2 and I decided to start curling my hair because it takes me forever! We left for the program around 6 and it started at 7. The program was great! There were parts I was crying from laughing so hard. Sarah did an excellent job and like she said she "DONE!!!". I am so happy for her!
      Sunday we got up went to church and then had lunch. Church was fun as always. Its a small town so everyone knows who is visiting and comes up to you to chat. This one lady kept telling me how beautiful I was. I was like man I need to come here every weekend! I headed off after lunch Sunday afternoon! It was such a great weekend. I loved being able to spend time with the Wood's and just be apart of their everyday crazy schedule! All in all a perfect weekend! Here are some pics!

Sarah & I after Jr. Miss
Adam & I. I love this kid!!
Adam, Sarah, Becca, Carolyn & Ted
Sarah and her stage hands
Sarah and Jaime, the new winner
Sarah's friend Jade asked her to the prom with a song! This is a great picture!
Sarah and Jade
It was a great weekend! I am super blessed to have such a great family in my life! I hope that you are all doing well!
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