Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Grievances With Boys

  To all the boys who have ever dated me, broken up with me, never asked me on a date, over looked me, or just didn't care enough...
    I'm sorry...
  • That I wasn't worth your time
  • That walking me home was too big of a problem
  • That you forgot how to be a gentleman
  • That I thought your ex girlfriend wasn't cute
  • That you lied to me
  • That you broke every promise you ever made
  • That you can't ever be serious
  • That I let you walk all over me
  • That I didn't have the best self esteem
  • That I thought I was the lucky one
  • That you couldn't commit
  • That you didn't love me
  • That I wasn't smart, pretty, in shape, tan, cute, stylish, or sporty enough
  • That it "was you, not me"
  • That dating me was that hard
  • That you didn't think my jokes were funny
  • That you think everything should be made into a joke
  • That any time I talk about anything remotely serious you don't care
  • That I was too young
  • That I was immature
  • That I our break up was like, and I quote, a "high school break up"
  • That I'm not as experienced
  • That I have trouble opening up
  • That I dated you more then once
  • That I didn't slap you when I saw you with her
  • That I gave up my time for you
  • That I let you go that far
  • That I don't know everything about everything you do
  • That I don't understand everything you talk about
  • That you have to explain somethings
  • That I wasn't marriage material
  • That I want to work and I refuse to be a full stay at home mom
  • That you didn't want to label us
  • That when you realized that yes in fact we were dating, that that's not what you wanted
  • That I wear too much makeup
  • That I'm "high maintenance"
  • That I'm not what your family thought was right for you
  • That you can't make up your mind
  • That you aren't dedicated
  • That you have no boundaries
  • That replacing me wasn't hard
  • That it's just so hard for you to pretend to care
  • That you only took me on one date
  • That you wouldn't even act like you liked me in front of your family
  • That you thought you could to better
  • That to you I'm just one of millions you have, could, and will date
  • That I made things too easy for you
  • That me being upset some how translated into you intruding
  • That opening up the door for me was that hard to do
  • That I wasn't worth taking on a real date
  • That I wasn't worth the effort of actually trying to woo me
  • That you thought I was dramatic
  • That you thought my hobbies were lame
  • That you thought all I had was you
  • That you thought I wanted to listen to your current issues with girls or stories about past girlfriends
  • That I was always being compared to those you dated in the past
  • That you assumed you could do whatever
  • That you thought your actions didn't affect me
  • That me not wanting a crappy ring when I get married was ridiculous
  • That I get hyper at night
  • That I want to talk when you don't
  • That I actually like having conversations
  • That I sat and kept you company while you worked
  • That I made you dinners and you acted like it was expected
  • That I gave you a second chance
  • That I didn't want to kiss you because honestly you grossed me out
  • That I didn't want to date
  • That I talked behind your back even when we were dating
  • That I knew you weren't worth it
  • That you thought that she was a better choice than me
  • That you still had to serve a mission and so you "couldn't" date anyone else
  • That you didn't want to call me your girlfriend
  • That I didn't have enough talents for you
  • That going shooting wasn't my favorite thing
  • That I thought the shows you watched were dumb
  • That most of the time I was with you, I was bored
  • That I never told you how I felt
  • That I had to walk home from your house in tears every night
  • That every time we talk, I cry
  • That you thought me crying at a book was lame
  • That you thought I had no right to be upset about cancer, I'm sorry, have you had it?
  • That you thought you were better than me and didn't mind making that obvious
  • That you were just so "mature"
  • That the things I enjoyed were below you
  • That I couldn't be myself around you
  • That I wasn't the right religion
  • That I wasn't willing to give up my religion
  • That I didn't want a long distance relationship
  • That I broke up with you over text
  • That you broke up with me after 4 days
  • That you thought it was okay to yell at me
  • That you embarrassed me in front of all your friends
  • That you thought kissing me made your mistakes disappear
  • That you wanted to hold my hand but not date me
  • That I'm a picky eater
  • That I didn't like the same things as you
  • That your sister-in-law hates me
  • That your parents sometimes over look me.        And I'm sorry...
  • That I had a bigger crush on your older brother than on you
And here's to the boys of the future.

Until Next Time,

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  1. print this out and burn it! seriously, it helps.