Monday, April 16, 2012

Ashley's Bachelorette Party

        So my best friend Ashley is getting married on the 21st an I offered to throw her a party way back. The party kinda snuck up on us, but man did it turn out great! I don't really like to toot my own horn and usually I have like no self esteem at all, but this time I have to brag. The party was AMAZING! Everything was so cute and I made it all! Lauren helped me set up and glue things like crazy! She was great! I think I would have gone mad if she wasn't there to help. Ashley loved the party! She had such a good time. About 5 of her friends came and it made for the perfect number. She got some great presents too! Ashley and Cory's wedding colors are yellow and gray so I decided to stick with that theme. The food was great, the girls were sweet, and the party was a blast. I would say that my first experience as a party planner went well! My mom taught me well! Here are some pics from the fun event! Enjoy..
Ashley and the hostesses (what is the spelling on that?) 
 Kevin, Lo, Ashley, Cory and I the night before the party!
 The beautiful bachelorette!
 I made this with some help from Lo. It says "Leave Ashley A Note or ADVICE!" Then we had envelopes that they could put notes in! So cute!

 Yummy food! We had breakfast food!
 Mason jars for cups!
 I did this flower arrangement. and we dyed the water yellow
 The cupcakes turned out cute too!
The gang minus Alyssa and Rachel
   I had such a good time throwing Ashley a bachelorette party! She was such a cute girl to throw one for! I love her to death and I am so excited for her to get married! She has found such a great guy! I'm so glad that the party went so well and that everyone had a good time! Makes me want to throw parties all the time! I hope this post finds you well! And a big thank you to Brent and Lori for allowing us to use their house!
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