Friday, April 27, 2012

When Lauren Foley Came To Town

    Lauren Monroe Foley came to Dallas, Texas for 4 wonderful days. I could go on and on about how awesome she is, or how much my family loves her, or all the fun things we did and no sleep we got, but I think I'm just going to post pictures and tell you a little about everything that went on.

 First picture in Texas! We got in at 11 after 11 hours of flying, 3 plane rides, and 4 different airports! We were glad to finally be here!

 We went to Cheddar's my family's favorite restaurant! It was yummy!
 Lauren met my cat, Shadow. Shadow+Lauren=One Happy family
 We went to the Dallas World Aquarium with my nephew Gavin

 We went to Sam Moon and looked at all the hats, purses, jewelery, and more

 Texas Cowgirls?
 We even went shopping and met Justin Bieber!
And then, sadly, the time came at 4:30 in the morning for Lauren to leave and we took this picture, the most awful picture I have ever seen. Like for real this is a TERRIBLE picture, but it was 430 and I wasn't in the mood to ask to take another one!
    It was such a blast having Lauren here! She is so much fun and one of my best friends! I loved showing her around and having my family be able to spend time with her! Lauren left Texas and headed back home for the summer. I'm pretty bummed that we won't be in the same city until next Jan. when I get back form Russia, but I'm excited to go visit her. I am planning on going out to California at least twice this summer! It was the week of a life time and I am so glad she was here! Love you girl and miss you like crazy!
Until next time,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cory & Ashley's Wedding

     Two of my best friends Cory & Ashley are now Mr. & Mrs. Hill!! They tied the knot on April 21, 2012 at 11 a.m. It was a beautiful wedding/reception!! Her colors were gray and yellow and everything looked so cute! Ashley looked BEAUTIFUL and so stunning in her wedding dress. Cory looked great in his gray suit too! It was so fun to be a part of their special day! Lauren and I arrived at the temple after their wedding and watched them take gorgeous pictures. We were able to meet their families and see others we had met again. We even got to join in on some pictures at the end, which I can't wait to see! After the temple we all headed to City Creek Mall in Salt Lake to kill some time. We had lunch and looked at a few shops. Lauren and I then left and went to Target because I had the worst blisters a girl can get. Stupidly I got band aids I wasn't familiar with and as a result they tore the skin off my blisters making it much worse. But Cory & Ashley were well worth the blisters!
   Cory & Ashley had a ring ceremony before their reception which was gorgeous! I cried like a baby and I'm pretty sure I cried more than anyone else at the ceremony. Everything looked perfect and went pretty smoothly. The reception was great! All of their loved ones were there which made it so special. We were on gift duty and monitoring a lot of other things. It was fun to have jobs! We had a blast. The food was good, the company was great, and Cory and Ashley are so in love! Couldn't have asked for a better day for them to be married! Love you guys!  
     Here are some pictures Lauren and I took...

I hope this post finds you well!
Until Next Time,

All Moved Out!

        I'm moved out. I am officially done at BYU. I am officially a student of UVU. I am officially no long a psychology major, physiology major, or pre-med student. I'm not going to lie it's kind of weird. I have become so used to being here at BYU and in my group and it is different to be branching out. Lauren is going home for the summer and I will be moving into a new apartment. I'm not too sad. I am going to miss Lauren like crazy, but I am looking forward to a new school, new apartment, and a new situation. SUMMER IS HERE! I finished the semester nice and strong, and the feeling of summer has set in. It's great! Even though I will be taking classes this summer, the atmosphere is very different, and I only have a few classes to take. I am pretty excited! Moving out was crazy. I had finals, moving EVERYTHING into a storage unit, and cleaning the apartment. It was insane, but I survived and am better for it! Here are a few pics from our last night in our apartment....
 We had to rip my bookcase apart so we could take it through the hallway and throw it away! We are quite strong...

A new chapter is starting! Summer is here! Life is good! Hope this finds you well!
Until Next Time,

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rigby, Idaho Weekend

       So since Daniel has been gone going up to see his family has been tricky. I love love love his family to death but they are four hours away and there is always the awkwardness of the fact that I am not technically part of the family. So whenever I can find an excuse to go visit I do because man do I have fun. It's been really interesting going to see Daniel's family since he left. I thought that it would be really weird and hard to be there without him, but his family has always made me feel so welcomed. Going to his house is like basically going home. His mom is so sweet and loves to do anything she can to help you out. His dad is amazing and brilliant and so kind. Sarah is this perfect daughter and so easy to talk to. She always has such fun things going on in her life that I love to hear about. Becca is great. She is completely her own person and will tell you exactly what she thinks. I think a few times over the weekend she would just kinda sit me down and tell me exactly what she thought about something I said. I love it. Having this 14 year old going on 30 talk to me is always so great. A-man, or Adam is a doll. He is so cute and so fun and a constant up lift. He is so fun to be around and makes me laugh all the time. Since Daniel has been gone I have been able to spend time with his family and really get to know them. It's been really great! It wasn't awkward or weird at all. It was almost like Daniel was just gone playing basketball or running an errand the whole time. I feel like I fit in really well and that it just seems natural to be there. I love it!
       The big event I went up for was Sarah's last Jr. Miss activity. Last year we went and watched her compete and win Jr. Miss. In October we watched her do an amazing job at state. And last weekend we watched her MC the Jr. Miss and hand her crown down. She was so excited to be done! She has worked so hard all year long and has had to do many projects. She almost wanted to say "I'm sorry!" to the new Jr. Miss winner. Jr. Miss was Saturday night and I arrived Friday. Friday we just kinda hung out for a bit and then went to Sarah's tennis match. She won! It was great! We then ran errands making sure that Jr. Miss had everything they needed. I got to see a bit of the practice too. It was great!
       Saturday was a busy busy day! We woke up early had breakfast and headed off to the many errands of the day. Adam had a party we needed to get presents for, Becca had a track meet, and Sarah had Jr. Miss stuff all day. It was busy but I loved being there for it! Becca did amazing in her track meet! She got 3rd in the hurtles and 1st in the 200. She is such a great athlete! We finally got back to the house around 2 and I decided to start curling my hair because it takes me forever! We left for the program around 6 and it started at 7. The program was great! There were parts I was crying from laughing so hard. Sarah did an excellent job and like she said she "DONE!!!". I am so happy for her!
      Sunday we got up went to church and then had lunch. Church was fun as always. Its a small town so everyone knows who is visiting and comes up to you to chat. This one lady kept telling me how beautiful I was. I was like man I need to come here every weekend! I headed off after lunch Sunday afternoon! It was such a great weekend. I loved being able to spend time with the Wood's and just be apart of their everyday crazy schedule! All in all a perfect weekend! Here are some pics!

Sarah & I after Jr. Miss
Adam & I. I love this kid!!
Adam, Sarah, Becca, Carolyn & Ted
Sarah and her stage hands
Sarah and Jaime, the new winner
Sarah's friend Jade asked her to the prom with a song! This is a great picture!
Sarah and Jade
It was a great weekend! I am super blessed to have such a great family in my life! I hope that you are all doing well!
Until Next Time,

Ashley's Bachelorette Party

        So my best friend Ashley is getting married on the 21st an I offered to throw her a party way back. The party kinda snuck up on us, but man did it turn out great! I don't really like to toot my own horn and usually I have like no self esteem at all, but this time I have to brag. The party was AMAZING! Everything was so cute and I made it all! Lauren helped me set up and glue things like crazy! She was great! I think I would have gone mad if she wasn't there to help. Ashley loved the party! She had such a good time. About 5 of her friends came and it made for the perfect number. She got some great presents too! Ashley and Cory's wedding colors are yellow and gray so I decided to stick with that theme. The food was great, the girls were sweet, and the party was a blast. I would say that my first experience as a party planner went well! My mom taught me well! Here are some pics from the fun event! Enjoy..
Ashley and the hostesses (what is the spelling on that?) 
 Kevin, Lo, Ashley, Cory and I the night before the party!
 The beautiful bachelorette!
 I made this with some help from Lo. It says "Leave Ashley A Note or ADVICE!" Then we had envelopes that they could put notes in! So cute!

 Yummy food! We had breakfast food!
 Mason jars for cups!
 I did this flower arrangement. and we dyed the water yellow
 The cupcakes turned out cute too!
The gang minus Alyssa and Rachel
   I had such a good time throwing Ashley a bachelorette party! She was such a cute girl to throw one for! I love her to death and I am so excited for her to get married! She has found such a great guy! I'm so glad that the party went so well and that everyone had a good time! Makes me want to throw parties all the time! I hope this post finds you well! And a big thank you to Brent and Lori for allowing us to use their house!
Until Next Time,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Grievances With Boys

  To all the boys who have ever dated me, broken up with me, never asked me on a date, over looked me, or just didn't care enough...
    I'm sorry...
  • That I wasn't worth your time
  • That walking me home was too big of a problem
  • That you forgot how to be a gentleman
  • That I thought your ex girlfriend wasn't cute
  • That you lied to me
  • That you broke every promise you ever made
  • That you can't ever be serious
  • That I let you walk all over me
  • That I didn't have the best self esteem
  • That I thought I was the lucky one
  • That you couldn't commit
  • That you didn't love me
  • That I wasn't smart, pretty, in shape, tan, cute, stylish, or sporty enough
  • That it "was you, not me"
  • That dating me was that hard
  • That you didn't think my jokes were funny
  • That you think everything should be made into a joke
  • That any time I talk about anything remotely serious you don't care
  • That I was too young
  • That I was immature
  • That I our break up was like, and I quote, a "high school break up"
  • That I'm not as experienced
  • That I have trouble opening up
  • That I dated you more then once
  • That I didn't slap you when I saw you with her
  • That I gave up my time for you
  • That I let you go that far
  • That I don't know everything about everything you do
  • That I don't understand everything you talk about
  • That you have to explain somethings
  • That I wasn't marriage material
  • That I want to work and I refuse to be a full stay at home mom
  • That you didn't want to label us
  • That when you realized that yes in fact we were dating, that that's not what you wanted
  • That I wear too much makeup
  • That I'm "high maintenance"
  • That I'm not what your family thought was right for you
  • That you can't make up your mind
  • That you aren't dedicated
  • That you have no boundaries
  • That replacing me wasn't hard
  • That it's just so hard for you to pretend to care
  • That you only took me on one date
  • That you wouldn't even act like you liked me in front of your family
  • That you thought you could to better
  • That to you I'm just one of millions you have, could, and will date
  • That I made things too easy for you
  • That me being upset some how translated into you intruding
  • That opening up the door for me was that hard to do
  • That I wasn't worth taking on a real date
  • That I wasn't worth the effort of actually trying to woo me
  • That you thought I was dramatic
  • That you thought my hobbies were lame
  • That you thought all I had was you
  • That you thought I wanted to listen to your current issues with girls or stories about past girlfriends
  • That I was always being compared to those you dated in the past
  • That you assumed you could do whatever
  • That you thought your actions didn't affect me
  • That me not wanting a crappy ring when I get married was ridiculous
  • That I get hyper at night
  • That I want to talk when you don't
  • That I actually like having conversations
  • That I sat and kept you company while you worked
  • That I made you dinners and you acted like it was expected
  • That I gave you a second chance
  • That I didn't want to kiss you because honestly you grossed me out
  • That I didn't want to date
  • That I talked behind your back even when we were dating
  • That I knew you weren't worth it
  • That you thought that she was a better choice than me
  • That you still had to serve a mission and so you "couldn't" date anyone else
  • That you didn't want to call me your girlfriend
  • That I didn't have enough talents for you
  • That going shooting wasn't my favorite thing
  • That I thought the shows you watched were dumb
  • That most of the time I was with you, I was bored
  • That I never told you how I felt
  • That I had to walk home from your house in tears every night
  • That every time we talk, I cry
  • That you thought me crying at a book was lame
  • That you thought I had no right to be upset about cancer, I'm sorry, have you had it?
  • That you thought you were better than me and didn't mind making that obvious
  • That you were just so "mature"
  • That the things I enjoyed were below you
  • That I couldn't be myself around you
  • That I wasn't the right religion
  • That I wasn't willing to give up my religion
  • That I didn't want a long distance relationship
  • That I broke up with you over text
  • That you broke up with me after 4 days
  • That you thought it was okay to yell at me
  • That you embarrassed me in front of all your friends
  • That you thought kissing me made your mistakes disappear
  • That you wanted to hold my hand but not date me
  • That I'm a picky eater
  • That I didn't like the same things as you
  • That your sister-in-law hates me
  • That your parents sometimes over look me.        And I'm sorry...
  • That I had a bigger crush on your older brother than on you
And here's to the boys of the future.

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sometimes I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder...
  • If I will ever stop missing you
  • If things will work out the way I want them to
  • If I can find a job for the summer
  • If I disappeared if anyone would know I was gone
  • If I made the right decision
  • If I could go back in time what I would do
  • What would have happened if I walked away when I first met you
  • If life had given me different cards
  • If I hadn't of had cancer, where would I be
  • If we didn't break up
  • If you didn't leave
  • If there wasn't a choice
  • If I will ever stop looking at my phone expecting your call
  • How many times I could read Harry Potter and it still not be boring
  • What I would do with a million dollars
  • What I would do if I wasn't terrified of failing
  • If I should have let my walls down
  • Why you have become such a big part of me
  • If Russia will turn out to be a terrible experience
  • If my parents are disappointed
  • If I let my friends down
  • If I'm good enough
  • If I should just give up
  • What life would be like without you
  • If I will ever grow up
  • Why being a adult is so difficult
  • What's best for me
  • If putting my time into certain relationships is worth it
  • If I will be depressed all summer
  • If leaving BYU was the right decision
  • If moving to a new apartment was right
  • If staying in the same ward is a good idea
  • How life is supposed to go on without you
  • Why time seems to pass so slowly
  • How you can not know someone one minute and then the next feel like that have always been a part of you
  • Why mostly everything is based off of a base of 10 and then time is based off of 60
  • And why I just can't eat anything I want and be thin....
And then I remember that wondering doesn't do anyone any good, so I stop.
Until Next Time,