Monday, March 26, 2012

What Will It Bee?

           So this last weekend I surprised my family and came home for my sister Heather's gender party. I am sure most of you are wondering what a gender party is, so I will go ahead and explain. The theme was Bees as in "What will it bee?" as in are we having a boy or a girl? Heather went to the doctor last Wednesday to find out the sex of the baby. She had the doctor write the sex of the baby on an envelope and seal it so she couldn't see. She then gave the envelope to a friend who filled a box with pink or blue balloons depending on the sex of the baby. So we then had this great party. Everything was black, yellow, white, and gray. It was so cute! Katie my sister-in-law is a genius and so crafty! She helped Heather with everything and made everything so extra cute. I am so glad Katie has been there to help Heather. Heather was born 2 things. 1. A natural mother and 2. The most secretive crafty person you will meet. She will deny that she is crafty, but it's a lie. This party and Linsey's wedding is a testament of that. So Katie and Heather planned this adorable party and when I heard that this was all going down I just couldn't miss it. So I flew down and surprised them. Well I wasn't the only one doing the surprising. Brent and Lori came too, and Linsey. But Linsey didn't know we were coming either, so we got everyone.
            It started with Linsey. Linsey got in about an hour after I did so we sent Brent and Lori to get her with my parents. My parents let Brent and Lori out of the car and they ran around behind her. When they got to her they said "Hey, can we get a ride?!" and she turned around and scowled until she realized who it was. Once she realized it was them she freaked out! She was so mad when she heard they weren't coming so she immediately started crying. When she got home I came out from the kitchen and she started crying again. No one was expecting me! Heather came home the next day and we got her 3 times over. She walked in and Brent and Lori were just casually sitting there, of course being pregnant she started crying and was so excited. When she calmed down Linsey walked out casually and Heather started again. Then I walked out and since she wasn't facing me I said "Well you look good girl!!" and she flipped! We all cried! I have missed all of them so much and it has been so much fun to be with all of them again. The weekend has been full of eating, laughing, staying up late, the Hunger Games, and a great party.
                Saturday night was the gender party. After everyone had come in and eaten we had Heather, Shawn, and Gavin open the box. It was so exciting! I started to get so emotional. I am just so happy for Heather and so amazed at the beauty of life. After what seemed like years they finally opened it and....IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! Heather and Shawn already have a boy, Gavin who is 3 so we are so excited! Let the shopping begin!! I cried my eyes out and even now just thinking about it I start to cry. It really is such an exciting time! Baby Girl Miller is due August 13th and we are all so excited to welcome her here!  I will be living 4 1/2 hours away from Heather when she is due, so I will jump in the car as soon as she goes into labor. Seeing as her last delivery only lasted 4 hours I doubt I will be able to be in the room again, but I should be there shortly after. I am so excited to announce I am going to be an Aunt for the 5th time over to a baby GIRL!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy some pictures!

It was the perfect weekend and I am so glad I got to be there! Counting down the days till I go back home again! 1 Month and counting.... Hope this blog finds you well!
Until Next Time,

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