Friday, March 23, 2012

Sometimes the Best Things in Life Aren't Planned

              So this last weekend was an eventful one! Lauren and I were awoken by Cory and Ashley Friday morning with breakfast in bed. They brought over Lucky Charms and chocolate milk. It was pretty great just hanging out and being extremely lazy. We weren't even through our first few bites before Cory brought up the fact that he really wanted to get out of Provo for the weekend. I hadn't had the best week of my life, so I was all for leaving. Cory and Ashley really wanted to go to Cedar City to visit his Granny & Dorthy and also to go to Zion's National park. It took about 5 seconds for Lauren and I to decide that it was exactly what we needed this weekend, so we made all the plans.
                 I didn't get off work until 12 am, but once I was home we packed up Lauren's Mini Van and hit the road. We didn't get there until 4 am!!! We were all exhausted and fell asleep extremely fast. The alarms went off at 7:45 and we were out the door by 9 to get the the park. The park was amazing! It was so beautiful! They have all these gorgeous trails to follow that are actually quite fun. Lauren and I were a little worried when we heard the word "hike", but it actually turned out to be really great! There were points that we were laughing so hard that we had to stop walking or we were going to fall off a cliff or something. It was so much fun! We went to a couple of different trails and took tons of pictures. It was St. Patrick's Day so everyone was in green. We even had a little girl pinch all of us for not wearing green! She was so cute! The weather was perfect! It was warm enough to wear shorts, but cold enough to have a sweatshirt on. There was a lot of overcast so we were protected from the sun. We are planning on going back this summer and doing the trails that involve all the water. Can't wait for that!
                  After we finished up hiking we went to see the St. George Temple. Wow! It is a beautiful temple! I had no idea! I love it because it is so simple and more antique looking, but gosh is it gorgeous! The grounds were pretty too. There were a few couples that had just gotten married. It made us all really excited for Cory and Ashley's wedding next month! So many tears!!! It was fun to watch all the people who were part of the weddings. They were all so happy! I loved it!
                    After seeing St. George we were pretty exhausted, so we headed back home to Granny's. Once we were home we had dinner which was corn beef and cabbage, a St. Patrick's Day tradition in the Hill family. I had never had it before and it was pretty different! You guys know how picky I can be and Granny and Dorthy noticed too. They are so funny and blunt! They told me "You need to change that!" I was like yeah my family has been trying that one for years! Good luck! After dinner we laid down for a nap which ended up being like a 3 hour nap! I was still so tired afterwards! But we all woke up and went upstairs for games. I called Heather because it was her BIRTHDAY!!! WHOOT WHOOT! Shout out! It was really good to talk to her because man do I miss her! I joined all the games after I got off the phone. We played Mexican Trains for like 4 hours! It is such a fun game, so if anyone needs a birthday gift idea (August 4th) that is what you should get me! So great!
                      The next morning we woke up early for church and went to church with Granny and Dorthy. It was such a small cute ward. I loved it and felt right at home. After church we had lunch and just sat around and talked for awhile. It was really nice to be in someones home for the weekend and not in an apartment. It was kinda a small touch of home for me. We packed up our things and loaded the car and said good bye to Granny and Dorthy. We came to Cedar City in beautiful weather that looked like spring was coming. We left Cedar City with disgusting snow that only got worse in Provo. It was good to get back home though. I had a lot of things that I needed to catch up on. The whole trip only lasted about 40 hours, but man was it worth it. Nothing will ever be able to replace spending time with your best friends and last minute surprises. Love you guys and thanks for the great weekend! Now for all the pictures...

 Some people have to learn this the hard way....

 My favorite picture EVER

 St. George Temple
An Ashley Cocoon

Driving so much in one weekend makes you crazy!
I hope that this post finds you well! Love and miss you all!
Until Next Time,

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