Friday, March 30, 2012

Just Some Little Things

   I look back on  my life and the last year of my life and I am amazed. This time last year was a rough spot for me. Daniel and I were blah, school was blah, and all I wanted to do was go home. April came and brought a new routine. As I prepared for leaving BYU for the summer, packing, and studying for finals Daniel came back into my life and everything seemed normal. A few short months later he left on a mission. As I think about where I was this time last year, I feel blessed and amazed. So much has happened, so much has changed. Daniel has almost been out on his mission for 10 whole months! I started my second year at BYU, which ended up being my last. I applied to a new school, got accepted, and start in May. I changed from pre-med to pre-nursing. My roommate Lauren actually was in my ward last year and I had no idea who she was, this year she has become one of my best friends. I met new people, to name a few, my best friends Cory and Ashley. I got into a wreck, I forgot to take a test, I laughed until I cried. I learned to look forward to letters and take everything I could away from them. I learned to go on with my life without Daniel, which I thought would be impossible after him leaving. I learned to hold in my tears until after the situation was over and then let it all out. I learned no matter how BAD things are or how BIG of a deal you think it is, it will pass, and believe it or not it will work out. It might not work out for the best, but then again life is what we make it. Looking back I see that I have learned to appreciate the little things. And here are just a few that I feel have made my life tremendously better this last year.
  • Late night fast-food runs
  • The smell of coming home to a clean house
  • Feeling like the world is crumbling down on me, and finding refuge at Brent and Lori's
  • Re-reading a good book
  • Reading a book that I can hardly get through I am crying so much
  • Saying goodbye to someone and being told that they love you over and over
  • The anticipation of hello's
  • The moments before a kiss, they're silent, they're precious, and there is nothing like them
  • Really stupid pick up lines
  • Laughing until I'm crying and my stomach hurts
  • Eating ice cream out of the carton
  • Inside jokes
  • When someone comes to your rescue and makes everything okay
  • Snuggling
  • Running into your best friends on campus
  • Random trips
  • Driving with the music turned up, singing at the top of your lungs
  • Dance parties
  • Taking stupid pictures
  • Apologies
  • Reuniting
  • Awkward moments
  • Dying your hair a completely different color and it actually turning out well
  • Getting mail
  • Long letters
  • Letters full of "I love you's" and things someone loves about you
  • Memories
  • Blushing
  • Finally getting your make up right
  • Curling your hair and it only taking 2 hours
  • First dates
  • Friday night date night
  • Ice cream
  • Finding the perfect dress
  • When your phone rings and you know exactly who it is
  • Texts that make you smile
  • Not getting caught
  • Finding someone who gets everything about you
  • Being in a person's profile picture
  • When you write something you find brilliant and one of a kind
  • A good blog post
  • Taking good picture
  • When you finally realize that you are actually going to be okay and you will survive this
  • Going home for the weekend
  • When your parents come and visit
  • Romantic moments/dates
  • Looking through wedding magazines even though you aren't engaged
  • When your best friend doesn't think what you are saying is dumb
  • Moving on
  And so so so much more. It has been an eventful year! And this next year will be even more eventful. This time next year I will have spent 5 months of my life in Russia. I will know more Russian than I do now. I will have lived with a family that does not speak English. I will have taught children how to speak English. I will be applying to the nursing program. And the most exciting thing of all, Elder Daniel Ted Wood will be coming home is just 2 1//2 short months! I look forward to all that is coming my way. And man, oh man, am I grateful for all those little things! Hope this post finds you well!
Until Next Time,

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