Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm Feeling Crafty

   And when I say I am feeling crafty that means that I am feeling like getting people to make these things for me.....
  As a kid I always wanted a dollhouse. I asked for one when I was an early teenager and I got it for Christmas. It was one of those Mansion in Minutes kind of things. Well let me tell you it WAS NOT a mansion in minutes and we quickly gave up on it. But now that I'm older and wiser and have much more talented friends I feel that it is officially time to make a dollhouse. Of course I wouldn't use it to play with dolls, because that would be ridiculous. It would just be for making, and decorating, and loving. I NEED it.

  If it isn't obvious why I need this, then you should not be reading this blog. I love this! I think it is the most clever thing ever and once again I NEED this! It wouldn't even be that hard to make! I mean not that I'm making it or anything...but for the person that would be....
 I am 100% sure I am getting this made. Jessica Ellsworth. I will pay you big money for this....
And for this....
AND this...
   See these are just things I need at this point in life. Is that bad? Well if you look at it in the way that I know exactly what I want, then no. But if you look at it in the way that I'm being kinda greedy then yes, yes it is. I love all this stuff! Plus I have about a million recipes I want to try. I think the recipes is partly because I can't eat out (going on 1 week now....) and partly because I am so sick of dieting.... Either way I might just have to break down and try all of them! And just because this is my blog and I love stuff like this here are a few of my top comments....

  Hope all is well with you! Lots of love sent your way!
Until Next Time,


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  2. That pink skirt is pinned on my pinterest.. I'm obsessed with that big bow. Love the doll house too... oh and you too!