Wednesday, February 29, 2012


L is for the longest 40 days. EVER
E is for the "Everest Effect" you feel after accomplishing it
N is for "No I can't have that, I gave it up for Lent." and "No, I'm not catholic...."
T is for all the times that I have already complained about it
        So it's that time again! Lent started last week and because I am not technically catholic I just jumped on the ban wagon. My adorable sister-in-law is Catholic and gives up something every year. In my family a lot of us like to join in and take the time to kick some bad habits we have for at least 40 days of the year. Last year I gave up soda for the entire years, so my lent contribution was covered there. It is always fun to do something and see how it affects you. This year I had tons of ideas. I'm going to just take this time to mention the top bad habits I have here...
      Watching Friends for like 4 hours everyday
       Eating out
       Eating peanut butter
       And so many other things I would never put on a blog
       After some careful consideration and realizing that I would probably die without Friends, Peanut Butter, Facebook, and texting, I chose eating out. So for the next I believe 33 days I will not be eating out. How is this going you  might ask? Well yesterday Lauren and I had a day full of eating out. Lauren decided that she wanted to jump on the ban wagon with me too. We had Ihop (it was national pancake day), Olive Garden, and Ice Berg. If you are thinking in your head right now that we sound like we are fatties, then you would be right. But we are now changing our ways. Of course the amount of complaining is beyond controllable. Here are just a few things that have been said....
  • Only 33 more days..... (Today is our first day and it has probably been said about 100 times)
  • We are probably going to die from this! And then we are going to regret being Catholic because we GAVE UP HAPPINESS!
  • Man giving up something for another religion is really hard....
  • How many days left?
  • We should go to...Oh wait....
    And many many more comments have been made. I am actually quite excited to reach this goal, and I think there are tons of perks to it. But you should all probably know that the day after Easter Lauren and I will be having a celebratory day full of fast foods and Red Robin's french fries. These are the things we look forward to in life. Oh the life of a fatty! I hope that this Lent season is finding you well!
Until Next Time,
But only for the next 33 days...

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  1. being catholic is hard. lent season is so not finding me well. peace be with you.