Saturday, February 11, 2012

Emotions & Love

   Emotions: A strong feeling of any kind, the moving or upsetting of the mind or feelings
   Love: An intense feeling of deep affection;  affection - fondness - darling - passion
                Emotions are confusing and range from a wide variety of feelings. I find that the closer you come to intense emotions the easier it is to feel the exact opposite. It’s loving and hating someone at the same time and being so happy that you want to cry that makes emotions irreplaceable. As humans we give into our emotions. We let the mind take over all aspects of life, but introduce the smallest amount of pulling at your heart strings and you might as well be talking to a child. Emotions make people act foolish. They keep people out. And they drive the world to be what it is today.
                I wish emotions were easier to control. I wish that when a decision was made and a truth came to be that it was a piece of cake to walk away or change. Knowing something is bad for you, but yet still indulging in the act is foolish. As humans we tend to have the “pleasure now, pain later” attitude. We think that whatever we want to do in that moment is more than worth it and we forget to think about the later part. The later part is the important part, the pain, the sorrow, the aching, or maybe just the regret. You would think that the later part would be more than enough to stop us from being foolish, but it is rarely a factor in our everyday thought.
                Some of us have the “I’ll bare anything” attitude. We tend to think that we can stand anything for a given amount of time. These are the people that stay in relationships that aren’t healthy or good for them. They think that they can make anything work if they try a little harder, or lower their expectations a little more. These people settle. They feel that they are worth what they really want. They feel that this is the best they can do, so might as well make what they have work. Don’t get these people confused with those that are just trying to work on their relationship. There is a difference, but you know what I am finding? The line that creates that difference can start to look pretty transparent.
                Where do we draw the line? How much do we let our emotions affect our lives and our choices? How long do we settle? What is worth settling for? And how do we come to find a better attitude towards emotions and their affects?  We don’t want to be a “pleasure now, pain later” person, or an “I’ll bare anything” person. We want to be happy, and not because we have someone that is the best we can do, but because we choose that person, and are still choosing them every day.
The saying goes that “love is patient, love is kind”, but I find that hard to accept. Love is impatient. It gives you your chance and then it moves on. It’s bitter, and plays hard to get. It finds you at the worst times and leaves you wishing you had a warning. It can be captivating and life changing. It can take your breath away in an instant or leave you with a hole that you will never quite recover from.  Nothing in life hurts worse than love, but yet we do it all over again. We give someone our heart and let down our walls hoping that it will all be worth it, and sometimes it is. But the point is that even when it’s not as the foolish humans we are, we just get back up and start looking for it again.
Love isn’t patient or kind. Love is the electricity that runs through your body every time he touches you. Love is coming home smelling like his cologne. Love is laying your head listening to his heartbeat and realizing you have been there for many hours. Love is talking late into the night and still not being able to say goodbye. Love is a mix of the first time you met, held hands, danced together, cried together, and kissed. Love is the foolish act that as humans we allow to take over our bodies. And just like that, it’s like talking to a child.

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  1. That was beautifly written. Goodness it made me tear up. But how wonderful it is to find the person that completes you and makes you feel so warm and cozy! I know you don't see it, but your dad makes me feel that way! He is a wonderful man and my best friend. Puts up with too much and loves unconditionally! We are blessed to have a man in our lives that thinks first of others, then of himself! Love you much, MOM