Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finals Week!!

     Next week is finals week, and everyone is trying to hit the ground running! You can the relief of classes ending and the stress, anticipation, and sickness of finals coming up. Campus is a party and a wreck all at the same time. Those partying are doing it with guilt, wishing they had the diligence to study. Those studying are already burnt out, and wishing they could just party. I am doing neither. I am just going to sit and observe all the other kids, and see where it takes me. Just kidding! I am kicking it hard just like everyone else. It gets really fun as the test draw near because then you get to cram like there is no tomorrow, which if you have parents like mine there won't be a tomorrow if you fail.....hahahaha. Good luck to all my friends that this is their first finals week! You will learn to enjoy them, because at least you don't have class! Work hard, prayer harder, and don't forget to cry. Crying always helps... Btw Aly, you are going to do GREAT! Keep it up! Love you!
Until Next Time (if I survive),

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