Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flash Back!

Warning this blog contains a lot of pictures...
 Daniel's Hall and window, actually

Almost all of them are currently serving missions. Carter Johnson: Russia, Daniel Wood: Indiana, Brayden: Virgina, Jaron: Mexico, Chris: In Cali, Brian: In army. I miss these guys!
 Dan's apartment. Spent more time here than I can even remember!
 Snow Hall!

 Wells Hall. Jessica and I's window!
Most of us are back here at BYU. Ashley is home in Florida. We are all rooting for her to come back!
 The old stomping ground.....
 Daniel's been out 6 whole months!!
Sydney, May, Em, & Dan you guys know what this is... :)
   So the word on the street is that lower Heritage is being torn down over Christmas break. There are these new beautiful buildings that have been built, and we knew that Old Heritage would eventually be torn down, but I thought I had a few years. Since I am not sure if my building was going to be there after break I wanted to make sure that I got some pictures before the semester was over. I took pictures of all the places I spent my time in, and some memorable ones too. I wanted Daniel to have some pictures too, so I took pictures of all his places too. I couldn't bring myself to actually go into the apartments. That would just be too weird. It's funny how you can step back into a place and feel like it was a year ago. Funny what flash blacks make you remember. You couldn't pay me 1 million dollars to go back to freshman year, but that doesn't mean I didn't have some great memories. I met amazing people there, one of them of course is Dan. My roommates were great, my ward was great, and the old crappy apartment was great. It was where my first year of college took place and I think its crazy that it won't be there anymore. Don't get me wrong, Heritage is OLD. It needs to be replaced, but it still kinda blows my mind it's going to be gone! So weird.
    In other news Dan has been out for 6 whole months! He is no longer a greenie! Soon enough he will be acting as senior companion! So crazy! I remember our last phone, the first letter I wrote to him, and the first time I got a letter from him like it was yesterday. So many happy memories, so many tears, and so many break downs. I love it all though. It has been so much fun to have a best friend in the mission field. I still get emails on Monday, letters on Saturdays, and packages here and there. I still write at least once a week, some times more. I know, I know. I'm a sucker! Daniel is currently serving in the Terra Haute, Indiana area. Transfers are on Monday so who knows where he will be after that. He has loved every moment, and I have loved being able to share apart of his mission with him. Crazy how time flies. Actually, its a little scary.... Months 1 through 6, Ready, Set, Go...
 Month 1
 Month 2, this was right after surgery and there was no way I was taking a picture
Month 3, I'm not sure why this is sideways...

 Month 4
 Apparently month 5 turned me into a thug?
1/4 down!!!
   Basically life is great! Finals week is starting which means no class and just tests. I actually love finals week. I get to go home in 8 days. I have pumpkin chocolate chip bread in my kitchen, and tons of Christmas movies to watch. Christmas is around the corner. Texas will be super warm compared to Utah. I found my winter clothes. I am pumped for my classes next semester. I've made some big decisions recently (more of that later). AND I get to see all my friends and my precious doctor and nurse soon. I don't think I could be happier than I am right now. Unless you want to throw Daniel in the mix, but that would require fast forwarding 18 months. I hope that you guys are all looking forward to the holidays as much as I am. Praying all is well with you and your families.
Until next time,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finals Week!!

     Next week is finals week, and everyone is trying to hit the ground running! You can the relief of classes ending and the stress, anticipation, and sickness of finals coming up. Campus is a party and a wreck all at the same time. Those partying are doing it with guilt, wishing they had the diligence to study. Those studying are already burnt out, and wishing they could just party. I am doing neither. I am just going to sit and observe all the other kids, and see where it takes me. Just kidding! I am kicking it hard just like everyone else. It gets really fun as the test draw near because then you get to cram like there is no tomorrow, which if you have parents like mine there won't be a tomorrow if you fail.....hahahaha. Good luck to all my friends that this is their first finals week! You will learn to enjoy them, because at least you don't have class! Work hard, prayer harder, and don't forget to cry. Crying always helps... Btw Aly, you are going to do GREAT! Keep it up! Love you!
Until Next Time (if I survive),