Monday, November 28, 2011

Inside My Head

Today my professor said I can’t wait to read your research papers tonight! And I thought to myself, yeah me neither… because I haven’t even started mine
While we are on the subject of research papers, please don’t ask me to write you one and then put a word limit of 2000 on it. Honestly with 6 paragraphs that is like a total of 333 words per paragraph. Impossible.
I walked into class today and discovered we have a test coming up soon….oops…
I hate when professors welcome me back from the holidays. This isn’t Hogwarts, no one wants to be here, stop acting like we do.
If I could I would go M.I.A., but I think my mom would freak
On Mondays, aka Dan’s p-days, I probably check my email at least 100 times
I haven’t worn makeup or anything besides sweats in over a week
I seriously brought Twilight to class today because that’s how bored I knew I was going to be and then I told the kid next to me to get my attention if anything important was said, nothing was. Don't you worry.
I didn’t charge my phone once last week because no one ever texted or called me. I’m not sure if I’m more impressed or disappointed
There are people reading my blog in China, Spain, Russia, Argentina, and many more places. I welcome you all :)
Remember that research paper I didn't start until 8:30 and finished at 11:40? Yeah... that was a brilliant idea. If I could have bsed that anymore I should have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize for it.

Fact: I don't date boys that have better hair than me or put more time into what they wear than me. My brother Brent (shout out!) says I'm not setting my sights very high. To this I say, I know.

Fact: while everyone at BYU is not "judging" you, I am.

Fact: After writing that research paper I am out of ideas and I need to read Twilight stat. So fare thee well to all!

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