Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 7 & 8

 DAY 7:
     Today I am thankful for sweats and hoodies. I love them. Honestly I can't even explain my love for these two things. I'm pretty sure that this doesn't help my dating life, and that my husband will hate it, but I LOVE SWEATS! And sweets, but that is another posts. I wear my Lindenwood football sweats and my BYU hoodie practically everyday. Sometimes when I hang out with friends at night I change just because I know they would call me out on wearing the same outfit...again... Basically moral of the story? I need more sweats for Christmas!
 DAY 8:
      Mail. I think that the invention of mail is probably the best invention in the history of inventions. Well besides the cell phone and Internet, but really how could anyone compete with that? Ever since my best friend, Daniel, left on a mission I have become more obsessed with mail. First off I get a letter a week, and basically have come to have a personal relationship with my mailman. Second off who doesn't like getting mail? It is so personal and so exciting! And so much better when its a letter instead of a bill! Love it! So shout out to you U.S. post office! Word.

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