Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 5 & 6

    Sorry that I missed a day guys! How PA-rude of me! But I will just catch up on this post! Here we go!
  DAY 5:
      Today I am thankful for living close to 3 of my 6 siblings. My brother Brent and his wife Lori live about 10 minutes from me. My other brother Corby & his wife, Katie Lynn, and their baby, Jade, live about 35 minutes from me. And my oldest brother Darrin, his wife, Annie, and daughters, Tommye-Lynn and Brylee, and one on the way, live 3 hours away. I love love love love this. I love that I get to see Corby and Brent and their families at least once a week. I love that when I need a break from my life or am feeling down I can just pop on over and be completely rejuvenated. I love that when Tommye-Lynn has a soccer game I can plan a trip and come up for the weekend, or we can all have Thanksgiving together. I love it. I wouldn't trade these years and how close I am for anything. There honestly isn't anything like family. They are so helpful and caring and I am so grateful and lucky to live so close to all of them.
 Darrin & Annie
 Tommye-Lynn & Brylee
Corby, Katie, Jade, Lori, Brent, & Me
   DAY 6:
       Today I am grateful for my mother's cooking skills that have so graciously been passed down to me. Growing up my mom made about everything homemade. Not only did she make it homemade, she made it dang good homemade. She can basically feed an army in a matter of 30 minutes. She always has everything she needs to make what you want on hand, or she knows how to get it really fast. I remember once in high school I had forgotten that I promised my club breakfast after our meeting. I called up my mom and asked her if she could make cinnamon rolls. She showed up 30 minutes later with 2 full pans of cinnamon rolls hot out of the oven that she made from scratch. THAT is the kind of woman my mother is. Luckily enough for me and my future husband and family I have been taught a lot of those same skills. I love to cook, something my mother taught me. I hate cleaning up, but I was also taught that the most important part of cooking is cleaning up. I love having people over for meals and making people happy with food. I think its such a handy skill to have and I am so happy my mom taught me everything I know. Now if I could just get those last few recipes out of her....
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