Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Happy NOVEMBER y'all!!! In spirit of Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS I decided to make daily updates on what I am thankful for. These will be short post and in between my regular posts. I have missed Day 1, so today I am going to have 2 thanks. I can't believe how fast this year has gone! Man things just seem to fly by!
   Day 1: I'm thankful for BYU
November 1st was celebrated by President Monson coming to BYU to speak at devotional. I don't know about y'all, but I find this to be an amazing opprotunity and experience. I was blown away at the peace and love that filled the room as soon as President Monson entered. I was grateful for his words and the service he gives to the Lord every day. President Monson talked about being an example, something I need to be MUCH better at. Some of my favorite quotes were:
     We must remember we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are are spiritual beings having a human experience. This should remind us where our loyalty and anchor should lie.
When you choose to follow Christ, you choose to be changed.
What does this all have to do with BYU? Well here at BYU we get experiences like this all the time. Every Tuesday we have devotional were we get to hear from leaders of our church, professors, politicians, and esteemed individuals of other religions. In class we have prayer everyday and spiritual thoughts. We get the opportunity to take religion classes that will kick your butt and make you question if they should even allow you in Heaven. There are countless opportunities to serve, learn, and really figure out what you believe and who you are. The cool thing about BYU is that it embodies the idea that religion isn't just what we practice or what we believe, it's who we are. I am so grateful that I go to a university that knows this, and makes it part of our every days. GO COUGS!
Day 2: I'm thankful for Friends (the show and the people)
That's today! Yay! Okay so what to be thankful for today? It's not like I'm not thankful, it's more like okay what do I want to talk about today? So today I am thankful for the people that have come into my life in the last 6 months. I have been super lucky this semester that I have been introduced to some of the coolest people ever. To name a few that would be the Dick family, Lauren, Cory & Ashley, Jonathan & Jeremy, Lindsay and okay I guess I will throw Pickup in there too. Basically these people have come to be some of my favorite people ever. They have made this semester such a blast and I feel super lucky to know them. I'm extremely grateful for friends, old and new. I'm grateful for the lessons they teach us and the happiness they can bring into our lives. I'm thankful that we can be changed by those we meet even if it’s only briefly. So basically if you are my friend then this post is for you. Thank you, because you make my life infinitely better! Love you!
            Just a side note to all of you who missed it on facebook, I got my assignment for the ILP program and I will be teaching in MOSCOW, Russia! I am so pumped! Moscow looks beautiful and there is so much to do there! I want to visit everything! I can’t wait to leave! I can’t wait to meet my host family! I can’t wait to live in Russia for 4+ months! I can’t wait to travel, take Russian & cultural classes, lose tons of weight because I won’t eat any of the food, and not even have to worry about dating. Today it is less than 300 days till I leave!! We are in the 200’s people! It is going to be here before I know it! I CAN’T BELIVE I AM GOING TO BE LIVING IN RUSSIA! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! Freaking out! Anywho, Moscow is going to be a blast! I am going to rock it, and I can’t wait for all of the experiences I am going to have. Now THAT is going to make a good blog!
I hope that this blog finds you happy, well, and healthy. Enjoy your families and your life. It’s November now y’all! That means we all have to be extremely good until Christmas! Best behavior now! 53 DAYS….
Until next time,

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