Tuesday, October 11, 2011


      I feel like I'm a little late getting to this, but you guys...IT'S OCTOBER! I have come to really love October and here are just a few reasons why....
PUMPKINS! I absolutely love pumpkins and I love the pumpkin patch even more. Heather if I had one wish it would be to come home and take Gav to the pumpkin patch with you. Okay that's a lie, my one wish would be to be skinny, but the second wish you definitely be to come with you! Oh the pictures we would try to get! Oh the fun it would be! Maybe I will find a pumpkin patch here in Utah and just pretend my family is here with me. But all and all I love carving, painting, and eating chocolate chip pumpkin bread. :) 
Only one of my FAVORITE people in the world, my nephew Gavin (2 years 8 months)
My Halloween costume + more clothes and probably about 100 pounds. Honestly, why is she so skinny?!
The Texas State Fair. Basically the best fair in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! I HATE that I am missing it. You guys have no idea how good the food is. Really that's the only reason to go, for the funnel cakes, cornY dogs, fried s'mores, fried butter, fried snickers, okay you guys get that basically you FRY everything. It is one of the high lights of fall, and Utah shouldn't even have a state fair out of shame. So family, please send me pictures of everything! <3
My last favorite thing about October is....
The food! So fall takes a bit to start in Texas, but usually by October we are full into fall mode. I need you guys to know something. #1. My mom is the BEST cook EVER. I know people say that about their moms, but this isn't one of those things. My mom is so good that other people change their minds from liking their mother's food to liking MY mother's food. #2. If I could pick a season for my mom to cook for it would be FALL. She starts making bread, and chili, Carmel apples, cookies, dumplings, and so many other yummy things. And the thing is that all this food just leads up to the holiday foods, and don't even get me started on my mom's holiday foods. So at this time I would like to be home where warm wheat bread is baking and chocolate chip pumpkin bread is in my hand. Oh the things you miss living far away!
       Honestly, I can't believe that it is already October. I also can't believe that its almost the middle of October! Where does the time go? I can't believe that I gave up soda (I know, shoot me now) for the year and that I'm about to be able to drink it again. I can't believe that Christmas decorations are up at the mall, and that Christmas music is just around the corner (we start early in my family)!
        I started making a Christmas list and as far as I got was BYU sweats. Okay #1. Honestly if there is ONE thing I don't need its sweats. I wear them ALL.THE.TIME. It's sick and will probably lead me to never getting married. #2. Wow that's it? That's all I need. I have this trouble every year! My parents love me so much ( I am their only child....well besides my other 6 siblings...) that I can never think of things to ask for, so I usually just end up asking for absurd things. For instance a boyfriend, finance, or husband. At this point I will take anyone of them. And preferably one that is not currently on a mission, going on a mission, or can't date you because of his mission. No missions. Or a million dollars! That would be great! Or 10 pairs of Uggs priced at $200 dollars each. Who would honestly buy that? So if you have any ideas, shoot them my way. Sorry about my Christmas tangent. This totally doesn't belong in this post. Oh well...
       I think that my mind has turned to Christmas because of the fact that it snowed last weekend! Yeah, make me throw up now! Last weekend I went up to Idaho to see Daniel's little sister's State Jr. Miss competition, and to see my family. My niece Tommye-lynn had a soccer game and Brent, Lori, Corby, Katie, and baby Jade all came up to Darrin & Annie's for the weekend. It was great! I went to the hot springs, saw Dan's family and my family, stayed up late, laughed, and saw my niece score a goal and make 20 bucks off of Brent and Lori. It was a wonderful weekend. Only complaint was not having LO there with me. Lo, can we not be separated again? Oh wait you are leaving this weekend :(. Sarah did a wonderful job and looked BEAUTIFUL! I was so proud of her! As always Daniel's family was so sweet to me. I love them! I did not love the snow though. I will just stay down here in P-town where the canyon protects me from all that nasty snow. Here are some pictures from the weekend...
 Adam, Me, & Becca! Love them to pieces!
 Me & my nieces, Tommye-Lynn (7) and Brylee (2 years 7 months)
Heather got this hat for me last Christmas. I think she wasn't sure if I would really wear it or not, but come on people this hat is AWESOME! I love this hat. I want it to be colder just for the fact that I could possibly wear this hat all the time. P.S. Braces come off soon! Word!
   Well that's basically my life! Just living it up here in P-town! Hope that this post finds you well, and as excited for October and the months to follow as I am! Lot's of love!
Until next time,

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