Monday, October 31, 2011


   Happy Halloween y'all!!! Happy tomorrow is NOVEMBER! Happy 3 weeks till I get a break from school! Happy the semester is more than half way over! Happy life! :)
   This past weekend Lauren and I attended my brother's Halloween party. It was Brent and Lori's party that they hosted for their friends at their house because they have a HUGE house! The party was so much fun! I am not a party girl, I don't like being social, and I don't like the awkwardness, but this actually was super fun! Lauren and I made our own costumes this year. It turned out awesome! If I had more money I would have just gone to town on the whole outfit, but seeing as I'm saving every penny for Russia next year I held back. Although I didn't spend 2 billion dollars on my costume, they turned out GREAT! I love my costume and I actually felt really cute in it! First time in a long time! There was tons of food at the party which was GREAT, and don't even get me started on the desserts....
    Jonathan and Jeremy were there, who I LOVE. We had our little single area at the party seeing as everyone else was married with children. It was still a blast! I honestly love living close to 2 of my 6 siblings and having another sibling just 3 hours away. Heather, we will get you up here soon enough and don't you worry you will have PLENTY of opportunities to rock your stuff at the next party! We played minute to win it games which I'm going to be honest because of past experiences I HATE, but it actually turned out pretty fun. Of course having my brothers and sister-in-laws (yeah Lori, you only threw me under the bus like 12 times :) ) there meant that I got called up for the probably one game I would NEVER do. The you have to shake your bum to get the gold balls out of the box game. First off, I only dance like that when I'm alone. Like with Lauren I will maybe do a total of 2 seconds of bum shaking, but not an extended period. Second off, awkward. But it was funny, and it was fun. Breaking out of my shell wasn't too bad, and let's be real I'm a freak like that with my family all the time! Here are some pictures from the night! Enjoy! And have a happy Halloween!
 My spider cupcakes I made for the party
 We were peacocks!


Jonathan and Jeremy!!
The whole crew!! Love them all to death!
Hope your Halloween is safe and sound!
Until next time,

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