Saturday, October 8, 2011


    So if you guys don't know yet then I'm going to tell you now, I'M GOING TO RUSSIA! I will be teaching English to children for 5 months starting in August of next year. I am going with the ILP (International Language Program), which is a non-profit organization. I was just accepted on Friday and for the next week or so I will be working with my coordinator to fill out the necessary paper work for my trip. After I get all my paper work in I will be assigned a city to serve in. I could be assigned 1 of 3 cities, Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Voronezh. Part of my really wants to go to St. Petersburg, but I am really just excited to go anywhere! I can't believe that in 10 months I will be moving to Russia for the remainder of the year. It is going to be an awesome experience, and I am so excited to make a difference. Here are a few pictures of each place....

Moscow, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

Voronezh, Russia

      As you can see each city is BEAUTIFUL, and I will have the opportunity to travel all over Russia, so I will see many cities. While I am abroad I will also have the opportunity to travel to Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden. I have a good friend that will be serving a mission in Sweden while I am there, so we have plans to meet up! I just can't believe that I am going to have the chance to visit all of these places! While I am in Russia I will be living with a host family. Most likely they will not know any English, so I will be mastering the art of charades and explaining things really well. Good thing I took theater in high school! It's going to come in handy. A lot of people ask me if I am nervous about going abroad so far away from family and to live with a family I don't know and that probably won't be able to communicate with. It's funny but I'm not nervous at all. I figure that it's going to be an amazing experience, and I know that I am going to love my host family and all the people I teach. I will be teaching children between the ages of K-8th grade. I am hoping to teach younger children, but I won't know which age group for a bit. Of course as soon as I know, you guys will know! While in Russia I will be taking language and culture classes. This will help me to travel and to completely immerse myself into the community. Btw if any of you guys want to donate money to my trip, I am more than happy to allow that! :) You guys....I'M GOING TO RUSSIA! 

     All and all I am so excited for my trip!! I hope that this post finds you all well!
до следующего раза,

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