Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This is probably the most morbid thing I have ever done....

           So I'm taking a Individual Development class and our first assignment is to write our own eulogies. Wow. Yeah it kinda freaked me out just thinking about dying, but the assignment ended up being pretty cool. The purpose of the assignment is to write a eulogy that we would want for ourselves. This way we can see where we want to end and what we want to be remembered for, and if you know that then you can know where to start. I started this assignment by writing down the qualities I wanted to be remembered for. NOT necessarily qualities that I have NOW, but ones that I hope that I develop before my time is up. It really made me think about the kind of person I want to be now, and the kind of person I want to work towards. Some of the qualities I wrote down were wife, friend, mother, wise, loyal, doctor, service, great cook, and so on. But since I spent so much time on this (like 30 minutes....) I thought I would post it. And if you guys ever don't know what the next step is, think of what you want in the end and work backwards. Worked for me :)
My Eulogy
The Eulogy of Hailey Hodgkiss
                Hailey Loucille Hodgkiss was born in the summer month of August in Irving, Texas in 1992. At the age of 14 she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, setting her on a course that influenced the rest of her life. While battling cancer Hailey decided that she wanted to become a pediatric oncologist and make her mark on the world.  If you knew Hailey at all you knew that that is exactly what she did. At the age of 20 she spent a semester in Russia teaching children to speak English. She developed a love for learning, exploring, and new situations. Her experiences made her into the person we have all come to know and love. She was caring friend, a loyal sister, a humble wife, and the best soccer mom around.
Hailey followed her dreams that she set for herself at the young age of fourteen. She became a pediatric oncologist and specialized in the same type of cancer she had. As a doctor she changed the lives of many. She was always willing to stay with patients, talk for hours, and go the extra mile. She was known for looking her patients in the eye and saying “I know this is tough, but I got through this, and you can too.” As a colleague Hailey was always willing to extend a hand or take the unwanted hours. She was seen as a great academic and great mind. She played an active role in the treatment and research of cancer, and her knowledge will help patients for generations after her death.
As a family member Hailey was seen as someone you could always go to for anything. Growing up her sisters and brothers remember Hailey as the sensitive one. She would try to smooth over any tension, even if the tension didn’t exists. Although she was the baby of seven her siblings looked to her often in amazement and excitement for what her future would bring. Hailey loved to spend vacations and time with her siblings and family, and if asked who she was talking to on the phone it was most likely Heather or Linsey.
Hailey was also a wonderful wife. She loved to take trips with her husband and eat ice cream in bed late at night. She felt she did her best talking in the middle of the night, so there were many times that her husband had little to no sleep. It didn’t take him long to learn to sleep and listen to her at the same time. They shared a long and wonderful life together. If you ask Hailey’s husband the one thing he remembers and admires about Hailey it would be her constant love and willingness to forgive. In her marriage Hailey would assume that mistakes were made out of ignorance not malice.
Although Hailey was forgiving and loving, she was not a force to be reckoned with. When asked and sometimes even without being asked Hailey would announce her opinion and thoughts. She was the type of person that would tell you the truth when asked “Does this dress make me look fat?” Her children both loved and hated this growing up. They learned early on that just because Dad was sitting there quietly didn’t mean that they were getting off easy. Their desires to serve and warm hearts are from their mother, and they can recall many late nights that Mom spent helping someone in need. If asked her children will tell you that she is the best cook in the world, and no one can make mashed potatoes like her. She was the mom that yelled too loudly on the sidelines and in recital halls, and read Harry Potter to her children every night.
Although she worked several hours a week there were few times that Hailey ever missed going to church with her family. Her sweet humble spirit radiated from her, while her quiet example taught those around her. In her callings she served over and beyond the expected amount, like in many parts of life. There was never any doubt that Hailey had a strong testimony, and a diligence to serve the Lord. Hailey Loucille Hodgkiss will always be remembered as a wife to one, a mother to many, and a friend to all.

    Hope you guys enjoyed it! And if I die and I'm just an awful person, someone please print this out and just read it. I mean honestly I don't need a hate eulogy! BYU is treating me well! And when I say well I mean its been giving me tons of reading assignments and homework, but I'm happy. I forget sometimes that I actually really LOVE school. I know, I'm a nerd! Hopefully back to school went smoothly for all of y'all and this post finds you well! Much love to all!
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