Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog lay out! Since its
                                                                                                              I wanted a new lay out and I think I found just the thing! This is a catch up post too! But lets start if off from some of my thoughts about all that I have heard today! Enjoy!
  • “People used to be financially independent by 21. They went to college, graduated, and then got a job. Today the new 21 is 30.”- Sorry Mom and Dad
  •    “52% of women leave BYU single & 42% of men leave BYU single” – I’m sorry why am I here? 
  •  “It was really hard without you AND Elder Wilson this last weekend!”- This is why I never want to leave my apartment, because my roommate LAW-ren is amazing. Btw, she doesn’t even know Elder Wilson, but we have come to talk about him like we both do.
  • "Drugs are really great! I just had the best weekend!"- Professor Brown
  • "You should get married in that!"- LAW-ren when I showed her my new trench coat!  
So I am back at the good old Y for school and loving it as always! I mean not that I don't have my issues, but lets be real, I have issues EVERYWHERE! So to catch everyone up on the New Year I have arranged this post! Enjoy!

My New Room! And a little bit of Lauren....

This is my BFF, the mail box. We haven't been getting along too well since I have been here....
Lauren & Me! Rocking it out before the ferris wheel ride up on campus
   For those of you who don't know, this past weekend I went to Austin, Texas for the BYU vs. Texas game. The game didn't turn out well and it pretty much made me want to die, but besides that it was great to be home and to see the fam!
 The Texas stadium is HUGE! It hold 102 THOUSAND people and sells out EVERY GAME! I was impressed!
 My sweet sweet babies! Jade (8 months) & Gavin (2 years 7 months)
This is what I did today! SHOPPING! Thanks Mom and Dad! I needed new clothes!
  I wish I was in a better mood to blog some more and be all chipper and excited about life, but I'm going to be honest.... I'm not. So I will leave it at that. I have a test next week in Chem and a semester of many more test. I already feel the pressure. Wonderful! I'm glad to be back in busy at school though! Hopefully the time flies by (sometimes...I miss my best friend...)!  Also if anyone knows of a job that I have to do nothing for, but get money deposited in my bank account each week, let me know! :) I hope this post finds you all well and WELCOME TO FALL!
Until next time,

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  1. bahahahaha my arm and leg....beautiful. you're the best ha-lay!