Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Confessions & What's On My Mind

     I blog, facebook, and write Daniel in my head constantly. I really wish you guys could read that stuff because its some really FINE writing. Here is just a little view into my head....
  • I have come into custom of doing things that Daniel doesn't like, and maybe you could even go as far as saying he doesn't approve of. Examples of this would be skinny jeans and running alone at night. He wouldn't be happy about the second, and the 1st he would make sure he wasn't on drugs while reading. Doing things he doesn't like gives me a small form of independence because these days I feel like everything I do affects us. I hate growing up. P.S. Dan's been out 100 days on the 16th! You guys, I've lasted 100 days! Only over 600 more to go....
  • I love smart people instantly. I have this obsession with them. If you start saying intelligent things to me, I automatically love you. Hint hint boys!
  • In my individual development class (my becoming a better person class) I blog, facebook, write Dan, and do chemistry homework. Does that make me a bad person?
  • When asked today what my hobby was I actually put "writing my missionary"
  • I'm not technically waiting for Daniel. Surprise! I know you guys all thought I was, but I'm not. I date, I talk to boys, and I still check tons of boys out. I love Daniel with all my heart, but he asked me not to wait so I'm not. Does that mean that I'm moving on? No! Does it mean that I am not obsessed with him? No! Have you guys looked at my blog and facebook lately? He is all over. He is definitely my best friend, but the future can bring a lot of crazy things and we are both aware of that. Right now we are just enjoying where we are at, but I figured if I confessed here then you guys would stop asking me. No we don't have a title, so don't ask that either. Moving on...
  • If Lauren was a boy, she could possibly be my other half. Just thought y'all should know that!
  • I'm the baby of 7, but I tend to think I'm the oldest. I just feel that they should all listen to me, even thought they are all MUCH MUCH MUCH wiser! Actually I tend to feel like everyone should listen to me...
  • Dan & I have known each other 381 days and we have spent 145 days apart. That means we have only been together 3/5 of the time. When he gets home we will have spent 240 days together and 781 days apart. Kinda freaks me out.
  • I don't like the name "Dan", but yet I call him that all the time
  • I actually really like math, fractions, decimals, and percentages. I love pulling out my TI-83 calculator because it makes me feel cool
  • Serving a mission has crossed my mind a couple of times. I secretly wish I was 21 so I could serve a mission now.
  • I think Adam Levine is one of the hottest boys I wish I knew.
  • I have a tendency to always ugly cry. I have learned throughout life that pretty crying just isn't my thing.
  • The first time I had a huge cry fest at school, Daniel had me walk with him to the testing center so he could cheer me up.
  • Sometimes I ask myself why I go to school so far away when Daniel isn't here, and then I remember that not waiting thing...
  • Just because I'm not technically waiting doesn't mean I don't think like a girl that is
  • Tomorrow I am going to one of the most exciting meetings of my life! No worries I will blog about it afterwards!
  • I have decided that I DO look good in skinny jeans, and Daniel will get over it.
  • I got 8/10 on my chemistry quiz today and only missed those because of vocab. I am pumped!
  • If BYU plays bad this weekend I am going to have to friend break up with Jake Heap. No we aren't really friends, but if I ever met him we sure won't be if he keeps playing like that.
  • I only support Jimmer because everyone else does. Truth is I DON'T really care.
  • Girl's outfits confuse me all the time. Like why is it necessary for you to wear a pencil skirt and then leggings? I don't get it.
  • I don't like creepy textures (thanks cancer) or dry things (i.e. paper, news paper, cardboard). I don't eat pudding, jello, Popsicles because they have the wooden sticks, most meats, or things that look weird. I can eat soup with a spoon, but I could never pour it into my mouth. I think pouring the milk after you eat your cereal is weird. And (ready for this) I can drink Sprite out of a cup from the fountain, but I can't drink it from a cup from home esp. if it has a straw, never out of the can, and from a 20 oz. bottle is the best, but not with a straw. Got it?
 And I think that's enough for one post! I will get back with y'all tomorrow after my meeting! Hope this finds you well!
Until next time,

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  1. So did you know Jimmer trained in New Castle Indiana?? His Uncle is an amazing basketball trainer and lives here. And at one time he was Jalen's basketball coach. Just thought you would like that info even though you don't really don't care. Well I made it through your blog and didn't cry!!! Awesome blog