Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's been a crazy week...

    You guys it's been a crazy week! I have done some really fun and different things this week!  Like:
       Riding on the back of a motorcycle! It was great and I kinda have this hunger for riding them now. My mother does not approve....
And watching Hanna. Don't watch it because its absolutely terrible. Well not terrible just weird.
 And going shooting. Yep that's me wearing skinny jeans, flats, Sean's t-shirt, and a shot gun on my shoulder. Don't mind the bruises....
Sean, Me, Eric, Ashley, & Corey
New Obsessions:
  • Adam Levine. Just anything to have to do with him
  • Give in to me- by Garrett Hedlund & Leighton Meester
  • Doing things that I constantly can't believe I'm doing, like mentioned above
  • Lack of sleep
  • Checking my blogging stats daily
  • Did I mention not sleeping? Yeah its 2 am..... I should probably get on that...
  • Texting Alyson
Until Next Time,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I don't really have a name for this....

   Elder Daniel Ted Wood got transferred today. He left New Castle and headed 119 miles North to Warsaw, Indiana. This is only his second area in his mission, and although I know that he is excited for a new place he was very sad to leave. He have come to love the D family (Mentioned Here) more than anything and on Monday in his email he talked about how hard it was going to be to leave them. He was already planning on crying his eyes out, but I think after Sister D gave him a very sweet letter he was pushed over the edge. Poor baby! It is so neat to see him fall so in love with the gospel and the people he is teaching. It makes it much easier for me to let him be away (like I have a choice) from me, when he is loving what he is doing so much. I love him more then ever, and I am excited for his next adventure! Here are some pictures!

  Daniel the Elder and Daniel the kitty! The D family named their cat after Dan! I love this picture. He is such a cutie!
The D family @ goodbye!
Daniel's new area!

I love doing gay things like this, and really this is only the half of it. Y'all should see all the stuff I don't post! We are actually 62 miles closer to each other now. That should make mail faster, right?!

 And because I'm a total sap, I just felt like I should repost these.... Man, I feel like this was ages ago!
My Play list that helps me survive
  1. Just by being you- Steel Magnolia
  2. I will follow you into the dark- Death Cab for Cutie (This is the first song Daniel sang to me)
  3. The way I am- Ingrid Michaelson
  4. Two is better than one- Boys like girls (Shout out to Lins & Jord/ first song Daniel held my hand to)
  5. Hear you me- Jimmy Eat World (someone please ask Matt to sing this one!)
  6. Bleed- Hot Cheele Red (This is my jam!)
  7. Falling Slowly- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova (One of Dan's favorites)
  8. Never going to leave this bed- Maroon Five ( I have a love affair with Adam Levine)
  9. Where we gonna go from here- Mat Kearney
  10. Hazy- Rosi Golan featuring William Fitzsimmons
  11. I'd Lie- Taylor Swift
  12. I love you this big- Scotty McCreery
  13. Transatlanticism- Death Cab for Cutie
  14. Breathe in breathe out- Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack
  15. Jet Lag- Simple Plan (Beth Goodall check this one out!)
  16. Close- Rascal Flatts
     That play list has saved me some serious tears! I love music! I don't love that I just found out I have a music 101 test next week. Oh joy!

Random Facts about Warsaw, Indiana
  1. It is nicknamed the "Lake City" because it is cradled by Winona Lake, Pike Lake, Hidden Lake, and Center Lake  
  2. It has a population of 13, 599 ( That would be 4.533 % of my hometown population)
  3. Warsaw was named for the capital of Poland, and became a city in 1854
  4. It is known as the orthopedic capitol of the world
  5. For every 100 females there are 97.3 males (Daniel would love this because he loves girls!)
  6. Median income is $45, 153
  7. Current mayor is Republican, Ernest B. Wiggins
  8. Largest High School is 1,947 students (Tiny!)
  9. Home or used to be home to: Rick Fox (NBA player), Bryan Hickerson (pitcher), and lots of KKK people!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Confessions & What's On My Mind

     I blog, facebook, and write Daniel in my head constantly. I really wish you guys could read that stuff because its some really FINE writing. Here is just a little view into my head....
  • I have come into custom of doing things that Daniel doesn't like, and maybe you could even go as far as saying he doesn't approve of. Examples of this would be skinny jeans and running alone at night. He wouldn't be happy about the second, and the 1st he would make sure he wasn't on drugs while reading. Doing things he doesn't like gives me a small form of independence because these days I feel like everything I do affects us. I hate growing up. P.S. Dan's been out 100 days on the 16th! You guys, I've lasted 100 days! Only over 600 more to go....
  • I love smart people instantly. I have this obsession with them. If you start saying intelligent things to me, I automatically love you. Hint hint boys!
  • In my individual development class (my becoming a better person class) I blog, facebook, write Dan, and do chemistry homework. Does that make me a bad person?
  • When asked today what my hobby was I actually put "writing my missionary"
  • I'm not technically waiting for Daniel. Surprise! I know you guys all thought I was, but I'm not. I date, I talk to boys, and I still check tons of boys out. I love Daniel with all my heart, but he asked me not to wait so I'm not. Does that mean that I'm moving on? No! Does it mean that I am not obsessed with him? No! Have you guys looked at my blog and facebook lately? He is all over. He is definitely my best friend, but the future can bring a lot of crazy things and we are both aware of that. Right now we are just enjoying where we are at, but I figured if I confessed here then you guys would stop asking me. No we don't have a title, so don't ask that either. Moving on...
  • If Lauren was a boy, she could possibly be my other half. Just thought y'all should know that!
  • I'm the baby of 7, but I tend to think I'm the oldest. I just feel that they should all listen to me, even thought they are all MUCH MUCH MUCH wiser! Actually I tend to feel like everyone should listen to me...
  • Dan & I have known each other 381 days and we have spent 145 days apart. That means we have only been together 3/5 of the time. When he gets home we will have spent 240 days together and 781 days apart. Kinda freaks me out.
  • I don't like the name "Dan", but yet I call him that all the time
  • I actually really like math, fractions, decimals, and percentages. I love pulling out my TI-83 calculator because it makes me feel cool
  • Serving a mission has crossed my mind a couple of times. I secretly wish I was 21 so I could serve a mission now.
  • I think Adam Levine is one of the hottest boys I wish I knew.
  • I have a tendency to always ugly cry. I have learned throughout life that pretty crying just isn't my thing.
  • The first time I had a huge cry fest at school, Daniel had me walk with him to the testing center so he could cheer me up.
  • Sometimes I ask myself why I go to school so far away when Daniel isn't here, and then I remember that not waiting thing...
  • Just because I'm not technically waiting doesn't mean I don't think like a girl that is
  • Tomorrow I am going to one of the most exciting meetings of my life! No worries I will blog about it afterwards!
  • I have decided that I DO look good in skinny jeans, and Daniel will get over it.
  • I got 8/10 on my chemistry quiz today and only missed those because of vocab. I am pumped!
  • If BYU plays bad this weekend I am going to have to friend break up with Jake Heap. No we aren't really friends, but if I ever met him we sure won't be if he keeps playing like that.
  • I only support Jimmer because everyone else does. Truth is I DON'T really care.
  • Girl's outfits confuse me all the time. Like why is it necessary for you to wear a pencil skirt and then leggings? I don't get it.
  • I don't like creepy textures (thanks cancer) or dry things (i.e. paper, news paper, cardboard). I don't eat pudding, jello, Popsicles because they have the wooden sticks, most meats, or things that look weird. I can eat soup with a spoon, but I could never pour it into my mouth. I think pouring the milk after you eat your cereal is weird. And (ready for this) I can drink Sprite out of a cup from the fountain, but I can't drink it from a cup from home esp. if it has a straw, never out of the can, and from a 20 oz. bottle is the best, but not with a straw. Got it?
 And I think that's enough for one post! I will get back with y'all tomorrow after my meeting! Hope this finds you well!
Until next time,

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog lay out! Since its
                                                                                                              I wanted a new lay out and I think I found just the thing! This is a catch up post too! But lets start if off from some of my thoughts about all that I have heard today! Enjoy!
  • “People used to be financially independent by 21. They went to college, graduated, and then got a job. Today the new 21 is 30.”- Sorry Mom and Dad
  •    “52% of women leave BYU single & 42% of men leave BYU single” – I’m sorry why am I here? 
  •  “It was really hard without you AND Elder Wilson this last weekend!”- This is why I never want to leave my apartment, because my roommate LAW-ren is amazing. Btw, she doesn’t even know Elder Wilson, but we have come to talk about him like we both do.
  • "Drugs are really great! I just had the best weekend!"- Professor Brown
  • "You should get married in that!"- LAW-ren when I showed her my new trench coat!  
So I am back at the good old Y for school and loving it as always! I mean not that I don't have my issues, but lets be real, I have issues EVERYWHERE! So to catch everyone up on the New Year I have arranged this post! Enjoy!

My New Room! And a little bit of Lauren....

This is my BFF, the mail box. We haven't been getting along too well since I have been here....
Lauren & Me! Rocking it out before the ferris wheel ride up on campus
   For those of you who don't know, this past weekend I went to Austin, Texas for the BYU vs. Texas game. The game didn't turn out well and it pretty much made me want to die, but besides that it was great to be home and to see the fam!
 The Texas stadium is HUGE! It hold 102 THOUSAND people and sells out EVERY GAME! I was impressed!
 My sweet sweet babies! Jade (8 months) & Gavin (2 years 7 months)
This is what I did today! SHOPPING! Thanks Mom and Dad! I needed new clothes!
  I wish I was in a better mood to blog some more and be all chipper and excited about life, but I'm going to be honest.... I'm not. So I will leave it at that. I have a test next week in Chem and a semester of many more test. I already feel the pressure. Wonderful! I'm glad to be back in busy at school though! Hopefully the time flies by (sometimes...I miss my best friend...)!  Also if anyone knows of a job that I have to do nothing for, but get money deposited in my bank account each week, let me know! :) I hope this post finds you all well and WELCOME TO FALL!
Until next time,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This is probably the most morbid thing I have ever done....

           So I'm taking a Individual Development class and our first assignment is to write our own eulogies. Wow. Yeah it kinda freaked me out just thinking about dying, but the assignment ended up being pretty cool. The purpose of the assignment is to write a eulogy that we would want for ourselves. This way we can see where we want to end and what we want to be remembered for, and if you know that then you can know where to start. I started this assignment by writing down the qualities I wanted to be remembered for. NOT necessarily qualities that I have NOW, but ones that I hope that I develop before my time is up. It really made me think about the kind of person I want to be now, and the kind of person I want to work towards. Some of the qualities I wrote down were wife, friend, mother, wise, loyal, doctor, service, great cook, and so on. But since I spent so much time on this (like 30 minutes....) I thought I would post it. And if you guys ever don't know what the next step is, think of what you want in the end and work backwards. Worked for me :)
My Eulogy
The Eulogy of Hailey Hodgkiss
                Hailey Loucille Hodgkiss was born in the summer month of August in Irving, Texas in 1992. At the age of 14 she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, setting her on a course that influenced the rest of her life. While battling cancer Hailey decided that she wanted to become a pediatric oncologist and make her mark on the world.  If you knew Hailey at all you knew that that is exactly what she did. At the age of 20 she spent a semester in Russia teaching children to speak English. She developed a love for learning, exploring, and new situations. Her experiences made her into the person we have all come to know and love. She was caring friend, a loyal sister, a humble wife, and the best soccer mom around.
Hailey followed her dreams that she set for herself at the young age of fourteen. She became a pediatric oncologist and specialized in the same type of cancer she had. As a doctor she changed the lives of many. She was always willing to stay with patients, talk for hours, and go the extra mile. She was known for looking her patients in the eye and saying “I know this is tough, but I got through this, and you can too.” As a colleague Hailey was always willing to extend a hand or take the unwanted hours. She was seen as a great academic and great mind. She played an active role in the treatment and research of cancer, and her knowledge will help patients for generations after her death.
As a family member Hailey was seen as someone you could always go to for anything. Growing up her sisters and brothers remember Hailey as the sensitive one. She would try to smooth over any tension, even if the tension didn’t exists. Although she was the baby of seven her siblings looked to her often in amazement and excitement for what her future would bring. Hailey loved to spend vacations and time with her siblings and family, and if asked who she was talking to on the phone it was most likely Heather or Linsey.
Hailey was also a wonderful wife. She loved to take trips with her husband and eat ice cream in bed late at night. She felt she did her best talking in the middle of the night, so there were many times that her husband had little to no sleep. It didn’t take him long to learn to sleep and listen to her at the same time. They shared a long and wonderful life together. If you ask Hailey’s husband the one thing he remembers and admires about Hailey it would be her constant love and willingness to forgive. In her marriage Hailey would assume that mistakes were made out of ignorance not malice.
Although Hailey was forgiving and loving, she was not a force to be reckoned with. When asked and sometimes even without being asked Hailey would announce her opinion and thoughts. She was the type of person that would tell you the truth when asked “Does this dress make me look fat?” Her children both loved and hated this growing up. They learned early on that just because Dad was sitting there quietly didn’t mean that they were getting off easy. Their desires to serve and warm hearts are from their mother, and they can recall many late nights that Mom spent helping someone in need. If asked her children will tell you that she is the best cook in the world, and no one can make mashed potatoes like her. She was the mom that yelled too loudly on the sidelines and in recital halls, and read Harry Potter to her children every night.
Although she worked several hours a week there were few times that Hailey ever missed going to church with her family. Her sweet humble spirit radiated from her, while her quiet example taught those around her. In her callings she served over and beyond the expected amount, like in many parts of life. There was never any doubt that Hailey had a strong testimony, and a diligence to serve the Lord. Hailey Loucille Hodgkiss will always be remembered as a wife to one, a mother to many, and a friend to all.

    Hope you guys enjoyed it! And if I die and I'm just an awful person, someone please print this out and just read it. I mean honestly I don't need a hate eulogy! BYU is treating me well! And when I say well I mean its been giving me tons of reading assignments and homework, but I'm happy. I forget sometimes that I actually really LOVE school. I know, I'm a nerd! Hopefully back to school went smoothly for all of y'all and this post finds you well! Much love to all!
Until next time,