Friday, August 5, 2011

Wedding, Surgery, & My 19th Perfect Birthday

  So the wedding came and went!!! I can't believe that we planned and planned for 7 months! And when I mean planned, I mean we planned and did something everyday. Maybe not at first, but once summer came we were fully devoted to the wedding! Turns out that all the planning paid off because the wedding was BEAUTIFUL! Everything went perfectly! Linsey was a beautiful and surprisingly relaxed bride. Jordan was an amazing and fun groom, and the party was unforgettable.
    The week started off slowly, but soon everyone was in town. It was crazy! My house is pretty big, but fitting 7 siblings, plus their spouses (everyone is married or engaged besides me now), plus their children can be a little tricky! Of course I was all over it with a color coordinated sleeping chart. Whenever anyone asked where they were sleeping I just said "Please consult the chart." It was a blast! I love having all my family together, and I completely forget how much fun my siblings and I have. We had a great time and did many things. I think I ate more then I have in the last 7 months, but I loved every minute of it!
     Friday before the wedding we had a Texas dinner. Since Jordan's family is from Utah we wanted to give them a big old Texas welcome. All the food was Texas stuff and it was a blast! Friday night we had a little bachelorette party for Lins. It was the sister-in-laws, Abbie, Hollie (Kyle's fiance), and Heather & I. We had so much fun just us girls! We ended up staying up till 330 in the morning, and we had to be up by 8! Saturday morning we had Johnnie, Lydia, and Yonnie come and do our hair and make up at the hotel. It was really fun to spend the whole day together. We even had Chick-fi-la delivered! And let me tell you it was yummy! Before we knew it it was time to leave! And then all the sudden Linsey & Jordan Devey were making their way out of the Temple officially married! The day flew by! The reception went perfectly and everything was gorgeous. I think it was the party of the century! Here are some pics from the week and the reception! Enjoy!
My BEAUTIFUL neices and nephew! Gavin (2), Tommye (7), Jade (6 1/2 months), and Brylee (2)
Hair & Make Up
 Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Devey!
 Jade Brooklyn Hodgkiss

 The original Hodgkiss Girl's! Now we have a Miller & a Devey!
 Me, Lori, & Brent! I heart them!!
 Lins, Abbie, Annie, Lori, Katie, Heather, and Me
 My Aunt Karen and two of her boys Eric and Nick
 He is a lucky man!!
I am not even going to go into detail about how many tears I cried! She was beautiful and I can't believe she is married!
    So after the wedding we were pretty tired. Sunday the whole fam was dead to the world, but the party had to go on. We had our cousin Layton's & Cooper's birthday to enjoy, so we all loaded up and headed to my Uncle John & Aunt Merry's pool! We had a wonderful time and loved seeing the family again! I think the boys had a wonderful birthday too! Here are some pics from that!
 Gracie, Tommye-Lynn, & Maddie
 Fearless Gavin on the blow up slide
Walker, Tommye, Gracie, & Maddie! We love the Karr kids!
      After that Sunday it seemed the party was over. Well, at least it was for me. The following Monday I had jaw surgery. I went in for surgery at 10:30 am and didn't get out until 7 pm that night. Surgery went really well. They ended up breaking and moving my upper and lower jaw and building me a chin. Many people have asked me if it was only cosmetic. To that I would like to say something. Um HECK no it was not only cosmetic! Actually the only reason the cosmetic part got thrown in there was because they were going in anyways so they might as well fix it. I had an improper bite that couldn't be closed. It causes jaw pain later in life and well from my chemo I already have enough of that. So given those reasons I went ahead and had the surgery. And no I didn't get a nose job. Everyone keeps asking me that! I am still swollen but I am getting there. As soon as the swelling goes down I will give you guys the before and after pictures. Trust me its pretty crazy! Love the new face! And can't wait till swelling goes down! Here are some pics from the event!
 I'm not going to go into detail about he blood... Just know there was a lot..

This is my oncologist and now boss Dr. McCavit! Yeah, he's definitely one of my favs!
 This is what I had to eat through for the first 10 days. Now I can get a spoon in there!
 Allergy bands, arm bands, and IV acess. I was a decorated girl!
    10 days after surgery was my 19th BIRTHDAY and my parents 38th anniversary! Don't act all surprised and feel bad for them. I was a planned c-section. They knew what they were getting into. Plus I was the 7th and the second c-section so I have zero sympathy for anyone who feels sad that they have to share their day with me. Plus come on guys, its ME! Who wouldn't want to bring me into the world on the day that started the whole thing? Sounds like a dream come true to me! Anywho it was a wonderful day and probably my best birthday! I am still banded shut, but seeing as I can get a spoon in I decided we should go to the Cheesecake Factory! It was a wonderful decision and I came away happy and full! When we got home we opened presents! I got The Proposal, Beastly, and a LABEL MAKER! For anyone that knows me, you know that I am a organizing FREAK! So the label maker was a dream come true! Shout out to my parents for that! Plus to top it all off I got about 30 videos from Daniel, 3 bracelets made by an investigator, and a letter. It was a perfect day and I am so glad he thought of me. I just love him! Oh and btw Linsey is back home with us! Jordan has 18 days of football camp. They take them away to stay in dorms and take away their phones. He wouldn't be able to see Linsey the whole time and Lins didn't want to stay all alone in their apartment. So she is back with us for the time! We are pumped because we already missed her! Makes a birthday so much better! Here are pics from the night!
 REMEMBER there is still A LOT of swelling! I promise I haven't gaine any weight!
    The night was great! And I am so thankful for all of you who made it such a great day! All and all these last couple of weeks have been wonderful! Shout out to Heather & Shawn for taking such good care of me! To Keisha for being so amazing and taking so many great pictures! To all of my family for being so much fun and so irreplaceable! And of course to Dan for knowing me so well! I even got a call from his wonderful family! Muah! Love them so much! I hope this post finds you as well as it finds me! Enjoy summer and the last few weeks without school! School year is approaching FAST!
Until next time,


  1. Love all the pics. U look awesome! That weekend was a blast

  2. You are a brave girl! The pictures are really nice, surely seems like every body had a great time. My best friend is also getting married next month in one of the New York venues and I am super excited for her wedding day, she is like a sister to me. I will definitely show her the dress the bride is wearing in these pictures.