Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The things you forget about BYU....

  •   How close it possibly is to sit next to someone while in two separate chairs. I was in class today and I thought man that couple is like right on top of each other, and then I realized I had been guilty of the same thing. Therefore I retracted my judgement and smiled sweetly.
  • That campus is a runway for DownEast Basics, a modest clothing line
  • That going to Wal-Mart is just as exciting as going on a date
  • That all couches are built for cuddling unless you live in Heritage. As a freshmen they don’t approve of cuddling so therefore they have hard bars in between the seats that make things very uncomfortable
  • “Congrats on the marriage!” is a very common sentence
  •  “So…..when did you get back from your mission?” Should be the first thing you say to a boy who is wearing all the wrong things and won’t look you in the eye
  • That it’s a blessing to have prayer in all your classes because you wake up so early that you forget to say it yourself
  • That most doors you will find are unlocked…even if it isn’t your apartment, or they weren’t expecting you
  • That every building has a proper name and the name that it actually goes by
  • That the elevation makes it impossible to breathe
  • That when your instructors give you time to get numbers from the people around you, all the boys are excited because they picked the cutest girl to sit by
  •  Class motto's are “It’s better to get a D in this class then to go to Hell!”
  • That if you are a girl practically every door is opened for you, even if it means the boy has to run back and grab it. Trust me it has happened, and what will also happen is that you will start walking up to doors and just stop because you forget that you can actually open them
  • It's the running capital of the world. Okay it's not, but I feel like everyone runs, or is running, or owns really cute running clothes that make you think they are runners
  • That when you fill out your paper for Chem class that asks your ACT score in math and science, you hide it because you are sitting next to someone with a 32 and 34
  • That you always do a ring check followed by a garment check. You don't want a married man or one that hasn't gone on a mission
  • And lastly that characters from Harry Potter will appear on test, quizzes, homeworks, and in lectures
           I am so glad to be back at BYU! Summer was wonderful and I loved being home, but I have missed campus and university life. Coming from Texas BYU is a little different for me and I tend to be really fascinated by the complete Mormon culture. Not that I wasn't already experiencing that, but when there are over 25,000 of you in one place instead of being one of two in my high school, it kinda changes things. The atmosphere and experiences at BYU are very unique. We are known for our perfectionism, acronyms, and required beard cards, and I wouldn't change it for anything. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying back to school life! 
      Until next time,

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