Monday, August 8, 2011

2 Whole Stinkin Months!

    Elder Daniel Ted Wood has been gone two whole stinkin months and I cannot believe it! Part of me feels like the time is flying by and the other feels like it has never gone slower. I think the slower part takes over when I think that we have 22 months to go still. Although I miss him more than anything I am so proud of all he is doing, and I don't think he has ever been happier.
    Today was the first transfer day since he got out of the MTC. He is now a transfer survivor! His mission president, President Collins, called and asked how Daniel liked New Castle. Daniel replied that he loved New Castle, and his president said that he could stay! He also gets to stay with his companion, Elder Wilson. Elder Wilson was made district leader, and from what I have heard about him he is going to be an amazing DL. Daniel was very proud of Elder Wilson and feels he is the perfect fit. Today in his email to his family he said "At Trainer Meeting I was talking to Elder Bronk. He is an assistant who goes home tomorrow. It made me so scared! Like I have only been out 2 months but it has flown. I only have 22 months left. Honestly, I never want to leave. ( I know I will have to someday, otherwise Mom will kill me!) I still have a really long time, which I am so happy for, but 2 years isn't very long. That's the scary part!". Those of you who know me well are thinking how annoying of him to say. And I must admit at first I was a little annoyed. I mean hello you get to come back to me! But then I realized how amazing it is that Daniel loves his mission and the people of New Castle that much. I mean enough that he doesn't even want to come home. That's a lot!! Daniel is growing so much and changing basically before my eyes. Each letter I get I am reminded of how lucky I am that he is in my life and that I get to share this wonderful life changing mission with him. Not every girl gets the chance and I am thankful for it. I am grateful that I have a best friend that works hard to share what he knows to be true. I am grateful that I have a best friend that is willing to leave me and his family so that other families can be together forever. It blows me away his faith and diligence, and I learn from him every day.
   He has many families that he has come to know over the last 5 weeks. One family is the D family. They live in New Castle and are a wonderful family. Brother D was baptized on July 23rd. The rest of the family are non-members but are as sweet as can be! Daniel loves them with all his heart! I am always blown away at their service and open hearts towards Daniel and his companion. People can be so good! The D family has blessed Daniel's life in many ways. He has always been a huge fan of his own family and loves being around them. The D family makes Daniel feel as if he is one of their family and I know that helps whenever he is missing home. It can be tough for a boy from the small town of Rigby, Idaho and the D family has done their best to ease his transition. I am very thankful!! Here are some great pictures! Enjoy!
 I think I just learned to find Indiana on a map. Man, I am so from Texas....
 Elder Wilson, Brother D, and Dan. Daniel Said it was his happiest day of his mission so far!
 My boy serving it up in New Castle, Indiana
 Elder Wilson and Elder Wood
 Daniel and Elder Wilson bury Jared while Even comes and checks it out. Playing volleyball with the Dick family!
Daniel's District. Front:  Elder Williams, Elder Wilson, Elder Worden and Elder Jones
Back:  Elder Doxey, Elder Wood, Elder Mayfield, and Elder Long
 The writing says "Even though you are totally dreading coming home! :)"
These are the bracelets that Daniel sent me! Sister D let him pick out his favorites from the ones she had made! I love them and practically never take them off! He knows me too well!
     And just a reminder....
 This was the first official picture we took together. I needed to send one to my Grandmother and so some how it turned into this total engagement picture look, but then again we did go fake engagement ring shopping...
This was after our first date! Daniel loves this picture, on the other hand I'm not as convinced! But I do love him :) Here's to 2 months and the boy who makes my world go round! Hope all is well with y'all!
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