Saturday, July 2, 2011

Since the last post...

    Okay y'all it's been like a decade since I last updated, and for that I am sorry! I guess I was waiting for big news or something exciting enough to blog about, but alas that has not come. I figured to say the least you guys deserved an update post, so here it goes!
     The summer has been going like wildfire! Pretty soon it will all be over and I will be back at BYU. The 29th marked 2 months until day one of school, which is something I can't believe! Heather, Shawn, and Gavin are living with us which makes for a blast. It has been so much fun having all my sisters in one roof. Challenging at times, but super fun. We have all been starving ourselves and working out like crazy. With only 3 weeks till the wedding there is zero room for error or putting stuff in our mouths. Work has been going well! I am now enrolling patients on studies so I get a lot of patient and me time. I love my patients and some of them I just want to bottle up and take home. Dr. McCavit is great, as usual. He does a really great job of helping me to grow and learn. My summers are never a waste under his watchful eye!
      So since the last post a few things have come about. Number 1. my surgery is set. It will take place just 2 days after the wedding on the 25th of July. Terrible timing because a lot of my family will still be here, but it was either then or a week before school starts. They will be breaking my upper jaw, swinging my lower jaw forward, and doing chin surgery to actually give me one. It is a 5 hour surgery and my mother is insisting on being present in the waiting room the entire time. I told her she could just chill at home, but being the great loving mother she is, she has made her mind up. I will spend 1-3 days in the hospital and be wired shut for 2 weeks. The first 2 weeks I will be on my bum because the pain is pretty bad, but after that I should be able to return to work. Bruising and swelling last 3-4 weeks and with me it will probably have to be a lot longer. I'm not really worried about the surgery or the after surgery part. I have come very accustom to pain and pain medicine over the years, and I fully trust the doctors to give me what I need. I am just excited to get it done!! I looked at some pictures online and I have been blown away at the differences! The doctor said that I will be amazed at the change, so I can't even imagine what it will be like. I will of course post before and after pictures!
     So the wedding is 3 weeks away from today! We are all very excited and ready for it to be here. I think one of the most exciting part is that everyone will be coming in and my whole family will be together. I think its been over 3 years since we were all together at one time. It will be a non-stop party for sure! We have been working on tons of projects as the time has gone on. One has been the Candy Bar which basically is the vain of my existence! It is going to be so cute, but the details require a lot of work! Once we get that out of the way we should almost done with everything. I can't believe after 6 months of planning it is almost here! Yay!! Linsey is going to look amazing! Her dress is beautiful and her hair is going to be stunning! I can't believe she is getting married!!
      Daniel is doing very well. I received a letter from him about a week ago and he is happy and healthy. He loves everything about his mission and is kept very busy. I miss him like crazy, but it just seems to be part of my life now. Guess it will be for the next 101 weeks. I was very excited to hear how well he was doing and to hear about his experiences. He is already such a great missionary! As for what else has been going on I will just share a few pics!
I made Oreo Balls for my 4th of July work party! They turned out pretty cute!!!

Mister Gavin got into the Oreo Balls!! Yummy!!
These are my arms after playing volleyball. If you look closely you can see tons of bruises all over. This is what I mean about the whole bruising issue. I may or may not have a few more problems than a normal person.....
As always I hope that this post finds you well!
Until next time,

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