Monday, July 11, 2011

New Design!!!

     If you guys haven't noticed I have completely redone my blog! I have been on a creative high lately so I have been working on tons of projects. I'm not too great at all the computer crafty things so taking on redoing my blog was definitely a project! I had a lot of fun doing it though and I am glad to know how to do it. Really with the wedding just a few weeks away you would think I would have my creative outlit, but it just makes me all that much more creative. With Daniel being on a mission I get to be creative all the time. Letters and packages have become my all time speciality. Going to walmart to stroll the ideas for stuff to send in a box is a new hobby of mine! I have also been doing shutterfly books. I did a 1 year anniversary book to send to Daniel and I started Linsey's wedding book. It has been a blast! I hope all my creativity doesn't run out anytime soon because I'm in it for the long haul!
      So the wedding is 12 days away!! That's right I said 12! Where has the time gone? I feel like it was just yesterday that they got engaged and we had 7 months to plan this wedding, and now it's here?! Ahhhhh!!! Really we are in pretty good shape. All of our big projects are done and the to-do list is dwindling. I didn't think I would ever see the end of the to-do lists!!! This last weekend we finished dipping 1000 pretzels in chocolate, tying ribbons around the vases for the candy bar, labeling the ribbons, and moving EVERYTHING into my room. Did I tell y'all we are getting my carpet redone in my house? Which meant moving everything to shelves and to places that are not carpeted. I had to basically move everything in my room that touched the floor to the garage, outside, or stuffed into some tiny space off the floor. It was a workout in it's self!
      We also had Linsey's bridal shower this last weekend! It was hosted by Linda and Courtney Jones and April and Alyson Landsiedel. It was beautiful and so much fun! Honestly it was the perfect shower! We had a blast and so many people came to support Linsey. It was amazing to see how many people have come to know our family and wish all the best to Linsey & Jordan. Linsey got many presents and some fun things for a newly married girl ;)! Some of the gifts included; a fantastic homemade recipe book with only the best recipes, a picnic basket, many things for baking, a matching apron and broom, a crock pot, and a waffle maker. She really did really well! I am so glad to be here for the summer and get to be part of everything that is going on for the wedding! Whether its been planning, dipping, taping, or an amazing shower it really has been fun. I'm not saying I'm going to miss it, but I sure have enjoyed this time with my sisters and my mom. I tell them all the time they all have to come for the summer to help with my wedding, but let's be honest we all know I have it ALL planned!
   Here are some pictures from all the fun I have been having! Enjoy!
The Sisters

Bride & Hosts
The girls

 Trust me it is much harder than it looks! The bride loves her chocolate!
1000 Pretzels dipped in white chocolate!!
That is my room full of vases, baskets, trays, jewels, beads, and so many other things for the Candy Bar!

 We take pictures to send to Daniel ALL the time!
 Daniel has been gone 1 month! Only 23 more to go!!!
 I sent Daniel a "Greenie" package full of everything green! For those of you who don't know, a "Greenie" is someone knew to the mission field. It was full of green:
             - A gun that shoots balls
             - Putty
             - Glow in the Dark wand
             - Cup
             - Bowl
             - Mike & Ike's
             - Sour gum balls
             - Sunkist Fruit Snacks
             - Jolly Ranchers
             - Gum
             - Ward Search
             - Silly String
             - Sewing kit
             - Stress ball
             - Bubbles
             - Water Balloons
             - Umbrella
  I also sent him a little note that had this poem:
          As we understand it, a "greenie" you are,
          An experienced missionary you're Not by far,
          Be not discouraged it won't be long
          Till all of your greenie days are gone.

          Not many more weeks until you can say
          "Oh, I remember that wonderful day
          When a package from Texas arrived green as could be
          With plentiful surprises all meant for me.
          But now I am seasoned and wise as can be
          All because of hard work, prayer, and study."
     Love, love, love it!!! It has been so fun getting letters and writing and sending things! He loves all of it and loves his mission. Month 1 I received 2 letters and 1 email. I am now getting emails forwarded to me from his family. It is really great to be able to share this experience with him! As always I hope that this post finds y'all happy, healthy, and well.
    Until Next Time,

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