Sunday, May 8, 2011

More than just a visit

          So being home for a little over two weeks now it has sunk in that I will not be leaving anytime soon. When I first got home it was more of wow its nice to be back home and everyone is so fun blah blah blah. Now after being here for a bit its obvious that it is not a visit and this is now my place of dwelling, but at the same time I can't stop calling Provo, home. It gets very confusing.
          It has been great being back in Texas. The weather has been wonderful and its been good to see people. This last week has been the week of visits and doctor appointments and shopping! It was an exhausting week! Monday was low key and relaxing. Tuesday I had lunch with Ryan and then we went up to our high school. It was really fun to see everyone. It was definitely the ego boost I needed. All the kids were like "Hailey! Ohmygosh! How are you?" and so on. I saw my theater teacher and laughed my face off with him. I had forgotten how funny he was. Wednesday Eritrea came home and I picked her up and we spent the whole day together. We ran errands and went back up to school for Mr. Brentham's (my theater teacher) birthday. I loved loved loved being there for him, but hate hate hated being at the high school. Day two of high school reminded me of why I hated it. It brought all the qualities I hated about myself and worked hard to control since high school back out again. Thank goodness that was the last time I will probably be up there. For now on I will just see the teachers I enjoy outside of school. Thursday brought the non stop craziness. Heather came into town with a list of things she needed to be done. We spent the next 3 days shopping, wedding planning, working out, shopping, and shopping some more. It was a blast, but man am I exhausted! By the time she left Saturday we were all so tired that tempers were running short. Funny thing about Heather is that she was gone 2 hours and I was already back on the phone with her talking. Got to love big sisters!
         Like I said we did a lot of wedding things, and it seems that it is coming along nicely. We went and did cake tasting! It was great!! If anyone ever needs someone to come cake tasting with them, then I'm your girl! So Linsey picked amazing cakes and we got them ordered. We also went to David's Bridal and ordered all the bridesmaids dresses, shoes, and jackets. While there Linsey found this beautiful veil! So funny story time... idk if I ever told y'all this but I was there when Linsey found the wedding ring she wanted. Now there were a couple she was looking at and I saw the one she now has and said "Linsey that's the one." I was in love with it, but Linsey wasn't so sure. I decided that it was the one I wanted because that's how much I wanted it. Well turns out Linsey decided that it was the one she wanted. Am I bitter? NO WAY! I love Linsey's ring and since I am no where near getting married calling a ring is kinda crazy! But it always made me laugh it was the one I wanted. Well the night before we go to David's Bridal I am telling my family about my dream veil. I explain it and I guess Linsey didn't quite understand what I meant because low and behold when we are there I look at her head and she has my dream veil on her head. Not only that but its the one she is getting! Once again am I bitter? NO WAY! Because guess who just got a veil when Linsey bought her veil? That's right, ME! Now to tease her my family refers to Linsey's veil as my veil. "Yeah, Hailey is letting Linsey borrow her veil for the wedding..." cracks me up every time!
   Well other than that not much is going on! I start work tomorrow which basically means my summer is over. It's not a bad thing at all. I love interning and I learn so much about things I actually care about, but do I enjoy being lazy every once in awhile? Heck yes! I hope I have stories for you guys when I'm working. Otherwise this blog is going to get pretty boring! But don't worry if all else fails I will just make up stuff to put on here! Also Linsey and I are starting P90X tomorrow. If I don't update ever again its because I died while working out. I'm pretty sure my fingers will be too sore to even text! But it should be good! Oh I had a doctors appointment last week. I went to the adult cancer doctors for the first time and.... well lets just say it isn't Children's anymore. But all is clear and still cancer free! Exciting! But I do that that is now all! Have a wonderful week and Happy Mother's Day! I know I am sure lucky to have a wonderful mother like mine!
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