Monday, April 25, 2011

Catch up!

    So A LOT has happened since I last posted. Sorry it took me so long! That last week was pure craziness! Finals, last minute things with friends, cleaning, and packing like crazy kept me pretty busy! I did a lot of fun things my last week in Provo. For one Daniel and I got back on good terms. Let's not go into detail here, but I am glad to have him back in my life and I missed him oh-so-much. Everyone chill out because were just friends, and well to tell you the truth I'm back in Texas so even the idea of us is over. But here are some things I did my last week!
We had our Ward end of the year party! It was not the best party I have ever been to because it was a bit awkward, but we had a blast none the less!

Jessica and I had our last date night! We went to the mall and shopped around and then to dinner. Then we picked up some movies on the way home. We were in the middle of watching the second one when Daniel called and wanted to .....

go ice blocking! For those of you who haven't gone, what you do is take a block of ice, put a towel over it, sit on it and then ride it down the hill. It is really fun! We had a blast!
After ice blocking we went to walmart, and then me and Daniel just sat in my car and talked till like 3. It was great and pretty much just like old times! Loved it!
Jessica and I spent most of the week packing and packing and PACKING!! It took like forever! I was able to leave a lot of stuff in a storage unit up in Provo, but I still had a crap load of stuff to bring home.

This is what happens when you don't finish what you started and its 4 A.M. Jessica had so much stuff on her bed that she had to sleep under it.      As you can see my last week was a blast! I didn't sleep much at all! I spent most of my nights up with my roommates or out with Daniel! It was so much fun and I wouldn't change it for anything. Saying goodbye was a totally different story! I literally cried (and still do) my eyes out saying goodbye to Daniel. I don't feel as bad since he cried really hard too. It was really weird saying goodbye to my best friend and knowing I won't see them for another 2 1/2 years (because of his mission), but I sure and glad this year is over, and summer is here! I start working on May 9th, and until then I will just be hanging out! I hope that this finds you well!
Until next time,

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