Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Fun!

 So Sundays are always an experience at my apartment. We all just kinda sit around after church so some pretty funny things can happen. Today was a lazy day. Emilee and I messed around and laughed for about an hour straight. We also did our visiting teaching, which went really well. I did the lesson and talked like a million miles an hour, but that's okay. After visiting teaching I just hung out on the couch and read my book. I love Sundays like this! Well the fun didn't start till a little bit later.
       I decided to go through ALL my clothes and put away winter clothes and get rid of the clothes I never wanted to touch again. So my room looked like this.....
Yeah this is actually after I cleaned up a bit...
         Well I'm putting all my clothes away when a thought hit me. I'm going to Daniel's house this next weekend and he lives in butt-freaking-Idaho-the-place-of-hell-for-a-Texan-because-its-like-never-above-5-degrees. Yeah long name, but whateve. So I shoot Daniel a text to ask him what the weather is supposed to be like. Did I mention we haven't talked? Yeah turns out it doesn't go well when your not honest with each other. Well this starts the whole "we need to talk" process. Okay 1. I hate that phrase. We need to talk? Um H no we don't need to talk. Obviously I don't want to talk to you because if I had then I would have idk, um been nice to you today? And 2. Just don't use it because it make me nervous. K, well I'm not going to go into detail about this dumb/worthless talk, but I did want to share a beautiful picture of me after the talk
                                                        Please Enjoy this.........

Yep, that's mascara ALL over my face. Very inaprop.
              Okay I know what y'all are thinking. You're like why would she show this? That's so sad! Okay 1. It's not sad. I'm the idiot for ever having feelings. 2. Okay can you really look at this and not laugh? Like its ridiculous! and 3. It is impressive how much my mascara spread!!! So Jessica and I had a wonderful talk after this, about how boys are stupid and we hope they all die. Well at least it made me feel better.
        After my melt down I needed to be productive, so I started cleaning up my mess. I was throwing clothes into get rid of piles and Jessica was trying everything on to see if she wanted it. Well we came upon my half sweatshirt that I wore for Halloween because we did the 80's. Jessica demanded that I keep the sweatshirt thing. She decided that I could wear it when I was pregnant and showed my exactly how it would be done....

I must admit after seeing this I almost kept it!
                  Well the night was one of ups and down. Crying my eyes out and then laughing so hard I almost fell off my bed. The great thing about crying over boys is 1. It gives you reason to hate all of them 2. You get great stories to tell future girl friends and 3. Um they feel really bad (Yeah shout out to you babe because I know you're reading this). All and all life will go on and I will live! That's the beauty of life!!! Anywho hope this wasn't too much of a downer for y'all! And I hope, as always, that this finds you well!
Until next time,

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