Monday, March 28, 2011

Sarah's Jr. Miss (Rigby Take 2)

             So this past weekend I went up to Rigby, Idaho for Daniel's little sister, Sarah's, Jr. Miss competition. It was a pageant that dealt with talent, scholastic, interview, self expression, and fitness. Going into it, I wasn't sure that I made the right decision. I love Daniel's family, but the fact is we aren't together anymore so I wasn't sure that there was a place for me anymore. Dang was I wrong!
          The trip up there was kind of long. I hadn't seen Daniel since break up number 2 (how is that even possible when you were technically never together?) so things were a little shaky to begin with. But I made a decision about half  through the trip that I was not going to let a thing bother me. I just don't care anymore about what we are or what we are going to be. He is going on a mission and that should be his number one concern. We aren't together and we probably won't ever be together again, and I am just going to enjoy the rest of out time together as friends. Once I decided to let it all go, the weekend was a blast!
            We had 3 other people come with us. Matt (Daniel's darling older brother), Shawn (Matt's best friend), and Jessica ( a good friend of Matt's). It was a PACKED car. I was a bit uncomfortable with the whole your way too close to me right now Daniel, but life does go on. We pulled into Rigby around 9ish and most of the family was there. Did I mention I LOVE Daniel's family? Yeah, going to his house it just like home. We just kind of hung out and talked Friday night. Around 12 we were ushered off to bed. Jessica and I were not tired AT ALL, so we stayed up talking till about 2 am. I think we laughed way too loud, but we couldn't help it!!
           Saturday morning I was up by 7. I went for a run, had breakfast, iced, and got ready for the day. At that point I sat around and waited for Daniel to wake up. I assumed he wouldn't sleep that long, but man was I wrong!!! He slept in till like 11:30! Hello? What are you doing with your life? When he woke up I was beyond busy. I was helping in the kitchen with dinner for the night and helping with his nephew Jaxson (See picture below).

Ugh! He makes me want to die he is so cute!!!

        When Daniel FINALLY woke up he went to the doctor and I stayed at the house. Then we ran some errands and then he went and played basketball. I helped around the house, played with the kids, and watched Sarah get ready. It was really nice just being comfortable enough to not have to be glued to Daniel's side. I kinda felt like once I got there I was like "Okay, were here now! See ya on Sunday when we head back!". Once all the boys and Melissa (Dan's sister-in-law) got back from basketball we all got ready, had dinner, and headed to Jr. Miss.
           Jr. Miss was so intense! We were all so nervous for Sarah! She did amazing and she looked SO BEAUTIFUL!! The competition felt like it went on forever! Finally the time came for the winners to be announced. They first announced the winners for each section. Sarah won talent, scholastic, and interview, but other girls won lots of things too. The runner ups were announced and Sarah wasn't one of them. I was really nervous, but then they said "And the Jr. Miss winner is.... SARAH WOOD!" We freaked out! It was really one of the coolest things I have ever been apart of. There was lots of crying and screaming and freaking out, it was great! Here are some pictures (man it was hard to pic which ones) from the night!

 Matt (Brother) and Sarah
 Melissa (sister-in-law), Sarah, James (oldest brother), and Cameron (newest nephew)
The Whole Family-minus Stephen, Amy, and Jaxson +Jessica and me
Sarah and Me!!!
 Jessica, Sarah, and me
 Matthew and his girls!
 Adam (youngest) and I! Love him to death!
And yes, the one you have all been waiting for. Yes in fact he was at that competition, and Sarah is so sick of pictures by now that this is the picture we get! Love it though!!
             It was an exciting night! We were all just shocked and excited afterwards. We went home and pretty much crashed after the long day. Sunday came early! We had a breakfast with Daniel's Grandma and his Aunt Connie. It was fab! Then everyone pretty much went back to sleep so I chilled with A-Man (Adam) and played with the baby. Then we all got ready for church. It was fun to be in a family ward again. Lots of babies! After church we had dinner and then hit the road. The trip home wasn't as bad as the one up. Actually I would say it was quite enjoyable, but that's just me. Everyone in the history of creation told me not to go, but all and all I loved the trip and I was so glad I was there. I will be seeing the Wood's again in October for Sarah's STATE Jr. Miss. It will be weird to not have Daniel there, but I'm excited none the less. A new chapter is starting that is for sure! Hope this finds you all well!
Until next time,

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