Thursday, March 10, 2011

Right of Passage

            So this year I have come up with a few things that I feel are a right of passage to becoming an adult/older version of myself. I think growing up I was always the perfect kid. I never did anything really wrong, and that's probably because of the whole cancer thing and it taking up like 4 years of my teenage life. But anyways like I was saying I was perfect..... and then I went to college.....
              Now I feel like this will help any kid that is going to be in college soon (shout out to you Alyson!), and any kid that is in college and thinks that they are alone, and probably your parents to prep/help them cope with what is going/is happening. Wow that is confusing. But I guess what I'm trying to say is whether you are going through it right now or you will go through it in the future we all do stupid things that just happen to be a right of passage.
                      #1. Losing your credit card- Okay so this actually has happened to me twice this year. Yeah I guess the perfection could only last so long. Once I lost my credit card in Walmart, and the other time I left my purse in the library. But don't worry it's BYU so they took my stuff that was worth something, but the purse was returned to lost and found.
                      #2. Losing your ipod- Remember that purse I lost? Yeah.... it had my ipod too
                      #3. Thinking you don't need to study- Hey! I was SO smart at IRVING HIGH I just breezed through. Why would you need to study in college?! Okay Myth!!!!!!!!! First off, Irving High is not what you call a smart school. Sorry, but just because you breezed through high school doesn't mean your a genius. Usually it means the rest of your school are idiots and so you look better. So study because retaking classes sucks.
                     #4. Locking your keys in your car WITH your car running- I'm not going to say too much about this one because there is SOME speculation, but it happened. Yeah calling a locksmith was an adventure for all involved.
                     #5. Thinking because your in college you get to take whatever you want and your going to LOVE it- WRONG WRONG WRONG. Okay this is total gayness, but its life. Just like in high school you have to take tons of dumb classes that aren't important to you at all, not only in your major, but just as GEs (general eds). And it doesn't get easier. Like American Heritage, the stupidest history class on earth. Took it. Hated it. Almost failed it. Learn to study for classes you hate now, otherwise college is going to suck for you.
                     #6. Thinking that the major you start with is the one you're going to end up with- Okay this one isn't true for everyone, but most of us it is. You usually won't end up with the major you thought you would. I started off with psychology, and after a semester with a crazy professor and talking about monkeys, sex, monkeys drinking, and monkeys having sex, I was done. See ya psychology! Hello a real major!
                     #7. Think that you are going to lose your ghettoness and stop cussing- Okay so I'm not really ghetto compared to Irving, Texas, but at BYU I have a little more flare than most girls, and every so often a few words that start with an H or a D slip out of my mouth. So I thought you know I'm coming to BYU so I'm going to lose all my characteristics and become the most holy person ever. WRONG AGAIN. I think I'm more ghetto and cuss more (Like a couple times a week) then I did at home. I attribute this to the fact that BYU is the place of all saints and I feel that I have to make up for the lake of personality.
                     #8. Getting a ticket- This leads me to what really started this post. Add one more stupid thing to the list of stupid things I have done this year. I GOT A TICKET! So here's the story. So Tuesday night I forgot to mention that my roommate Emilee (shout out!) vacuumed over my phone charger and pretty much destroyed it. So I bought a car phone charger since the one she ordered for me was coming in the mail. Well I needed to charge my phone last night so I decided to go take a drive. I drove up the canyon and it was beautiful!! There were tons of stars and the amazing mountains, and I was having a blast listening to music and just thinking about my life. Well on the way home I decided to hit up State Street and take the long way home. I'm driving and driving and all of the sudden I look up and I see blinking lights in my mirror. Okay first off it 1:32 in the morning and second off I don't remember what I was going but I wasn't speeding. So I pull over and have no idea what I'm doing, since this is my first time. The officer comes up to me and tells me I have ZERO insurance. Okay insurance? Is that something you like need? I'm kidding, but I was a little confused. Well 30 minutes later I have a ticket (See below) and I get this speech, "Well, I'm supposed to impound your car, but since it's your first time I will let you go. You don't have my permission to drive home but obviously you have to get home. But if you get pulled over by the Provo police then your S.O.L." Thanks......I guess.....  So I drive home and I cry for an hour and a half (I seem to be doing that a lot these days), and finally fall asleep. Turns out I DO have insurance, but there was a mix up with my insurance company and what not. I'm not saying it makes me feel better because the whole experience was traumatic, but it did help a bit.
    My first ticket EVER!!! So glad that's over!!
       Now that I have those traumatic events out in the open I will catch you up on what else has been going on! Well my brothers Corby and Brent, and Brent's wife Lori are on a intramural basketball team. I love to go watch them as much as I can. A couple of weeks ago I joked with them that I had a "Team Hodgksis" shirt to wear to their games. Well.... they believed me, so I made one!!! I enlisted the help of my amazing roommate Jessica. Now the thing you guys need to know about Jessica is that she can do ANYTHING!! So I asked her to help expecting that I was going to have just a lame boring shirt, but Jessica being Jessica it turned out to be one of my favorite shirts! Check it out!

This is the front!!

And the back! B= Brent, Lor= Lori, and Bucky= Corby. When I was little I couldn't say Corby and so I would call him Bucky. It kinda stuck and ever since that has been his nickname. The funny thing is that is what my nephew, Gavin calls Corby too. It's cute to hear for sure!!
The game was awesome! We won by like 8 or something. It was pretty intense. The other team was very talky and so was the pregnant wife who was taking her husbands stats. I mean come on its an intramural team. Please get over yourself. But the game was great. Brent, Lori, and Corby played really well. They worked hard for every point, and Monday night is the semi-finals. Its going to be great! I think it was the shirt that did the trick! Anywho that is enough for now! Hope all is well!
Update on what's coming up:
     Fri- I have 7 miles to run!
     Sat- My family comes!
     Sun- Jade's (Corby and Katie's baby) blessing
     Next week- My family is here, apartment shopping, more running, and SO MUCH FUN!

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