Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Time to Celebrate!!!

   So it's only been two days since my last blog, but I feel like it's been a life time!!! Let me catch y'all up! So Monday started it off with a bang. I knew I had tons to do so Sunday night I didn't sleep too well and a 8:00 A.M. class comes really early when you don't sleep well. So I woke up and went to class and starred at the clock until it hit 8:50. Once that glorious time came I booked it home and fell fast asleep until 11:30. Of course I had a bad dream about failing out of school so when I woke up there was no getting me back to sleep. Instead I decided that school was for losers today and skipped my classes. Now I know what you're thinking! You're thinking why oh why would you skip class if you are so worried about it? Well hold your horses and I will tell you!!! Drum roll please....................... I skipped class to do this (See Below)!!!!
     I studied chemistry!! Literally from 11:30 A.M.- to 6:30 P.M. I sat and re-read, re-looked at lectures, re-did homework, quizzes, micro exams, and extra problems. No I didn't put off studying till the last minute (story of my life last semester), but this test meant A LOT and I was freaking out. So I decided I would spend the day making sure I understood everything that could be imagined in chemistry. When 6:30 rolled around I was so tired of it I couldn't do anymore. So instead of taking a nap or reading or praying (I had already done this all day) I cried. Yep I cried. For 30 minutes straight. Like I said this test meant a lot! After 30 minutes of crying I felt much better and I decided to head to the testing center......
      This is our testing center. Every test is handed out there so there is only one million kids taking different test at a time. Now you think this would be a HUGE room, but you can probably only fit about 300 kids at a time. Well I got there about 7:15 thinking I had plenty of time because it closes at 10 pm. Did I mention they stop giving out test at 9? Yeah so plenty of time right? WRONG! I walk in and there are three lines. A long line and two short lines. Well I'm in chem 105 and I thought that the long line was for chem 107 kids only. Now at this point I'm laughing to myself about how much it sucks to be in chem 107 right now and so glad I'm not. So I get in the short line and I wait in the line for about 25 minutes. Once I FINALLY get to the front and ask for my test I get told "Oh, I'm sorry. We ran out of test for chem 105 and that long line is for 105 kids waiting." Yeah...... So I go and get in the BACK of the line and then I wait for about 45 minutes to get a test. Once I am in there guess what? There are no seats, so I wait. And wait. And wait. Finally I get to sit down and start my test. Being short on time I go through and make sure I answer everything I know for sure how to do. Well an hour and twenty minutes later I have SEVEN minutes left. Oh and I have SEVEN out of thirty-nine questions that I haven't answered. So I jump in line and just straight up guess on the last seven. I walk out call my mom and tell her how I know there is no way I did well on this test. Did I tell you I probably spent about 20 HOURS studying for this test? Well I am on the phone and I walk to the front to see the TV with our ID numbers and grades and guess what? I GOT A 69! Okay before you die of shock because I was a straight A student in high school, let me just tell you that this is the best grade I have gotten on a chem test at BYU EVER! So I was stoked. Yes, I would have loved to do better, but it's a step in the right direction!!! I walked home and got to do what I love best.... MORE CHEMISTRY!! Pretty much to say the least it was a LONG Monday!
    Probably the best part though was getting a letter from my mom! SHOUT OUT TO YOU MOM! In the middle of one of my many melt downs I checked the mail to see a card from my mom! This was it.....

      It was perfect for my situation!! Now the funny thing is 1. She forgot to mention that she has 6 other favorite children and 2. She actually sent this like 2 weeks ago. I thought maybe she was like a creeper or something and talked to my roommates about when my next big test was, but it turns out it just happened to work out that way. So thanks BYU for having sucky mail! And thanks Mom for being AH-MAZING!
     So Monday ended and Tuesday began! Today was fun because like I said we have all been dieting. Well me being crazy decided that I would do no sugar or carbs for 2 weeks. Today my 2 weeks was up and I had my first cheat day. Now normally I wouldn't go ALL out for a cheat day, but after 11 pounds and eating nothing I decided that I deserved one day to eat like a fatty again. So I had a brownie for lunch.... then lots of other stuff I can't even remember... and then Daniel and I hit up Brick Oven!
       Brick Oven is a local pizza/pasta place here in P-town (Provo). Did I mention it also has an all you can eat pasta bar? And that I LOVE pasta? Especially when I haven't had it in two weeks. So it was great. We ate, talked, ate, ate, ate, ate, laughed at our awkward waiter (I hope you aren't reading this Mike!), ate, ate, and ate. Here are some pics from the night!
We really are so cute! I mean how could we not be best friends?

            One word for you Daniel Ted Wood:
               We had a blast! The best thing about Daniel is how much fun he is. I came home from dinner and turned to my roommate Emilee and said "I know this is lame to say, but I have so much fun with Daniel. Like it's just chill, nothing is awkward, and we can talk about anything.". Daniel supports my fatty days 100% which is another thing I love about him. I think it's probably because then he at least knows I'm eating something that day, but whatever the reason thanks for going with me and not giving me dirty looks when I ate so much! But tomorrow it's back on to real life! Lots of running and small amounts of eating. I can't say I'm sad to see this cheat day go. It was fun, but I'm ready to not eat like a crazy!
     Well you are all caught up! Again thanks for reading all the way through! And just so y'all know..... MY FAMILY WILL BE HERE IN 4 DAYS!! HOLLAR!!
               Hope this finds you well!

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