Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Week Thursday/ My Weekend Fri-Sat

  So this was my family's last day here. I was pretty sad, but we partied it up anyhow! Thursday was St. Patrick's Day but more importantly it was HEATHER'S BIRTHDAY! The day started off with a 7 a.m. 8 mile run.... SAY WHAT? Yeah.... I can't say I enjoyed it or that I'm looking forward to the 9 mile run next week, but I did it!! So YAY!!! It wasn't till mile 6 that I realized I hadn't told Heather happy birthday! I felt terrible, but she told me it was WAY too early for anybody to have a happy birthday.
     After our run I went to class and then went back to Brent's. We decided to go Vivint? (APX) and had lunch. It was grand. The whole fam was there. Then I came back to school and went to tutoring and did some homework. THEN I got ready and headed over to Brent's to go to dinner. We hit up WINGER'S for Heather's birthday dinner! It was yummy!!!! Here are some pics!

She is going to kill me for this one....
             Well after dinner we hung out and talked. Then I was way tired so I said peace out. I was bummed to leave the family. We had such a good time and I LOVED them being here! I can't wait for summer to get here so that we are all together again... well most of them.
             So the fam left. It sucked BIG time, and the sad part is that it didn't hit me till I was sitting in chemistry class. Yeah I cried, but no worries I sit in the back and it wasn't a ugly cry like you will see in my next post. After class I went straight home and started studying for a test I had neglected all week. I was really stressed about it and a certain relationship that shall not be named was just adding to my stress (more on that later). Finally after about 3 hours I decided I couldn't memorize the practice test anymore than I had, so I headed for the testing center. Well I took my test, stressed about it and saw that I got a 70!!! Whoot WHOOT!!! I was pumped! So I treated myself to two new books and taco bell. I spent the night reading and eating.
         Saturday I woke up early to do cleaning checks. They didn't take too long, but I added more stuff on my plate by starting to take down  my room. I had to move stuff to clean and I decided that I would just take stuff down and put it away in my bins because I'm leaving in a month. After I got done Jessica decided that it was way too bare in our room so she moved some stuff around so it didn't look like she had a ghost roommate/best friend. It looks great and best part is its not my stuff!
        After I passed cleaning checks with flying colors, I was just hanging out, reading and doing my thing, and I got a phone call. It was Jaron, my FHE brother/Rock star friend, and he asked me to the semi-formal dance that started at 7. I was excited so I threw my hair in curlers and went about my day. When the curlers were done Jessica, my OH-SO-AMAZING roommate, put my hair up in an updo! It was fabulous! Check it out.....
           So my awesome date picked me up at 6 and we went and had a fabulous dinner at his apartment with two other couples (Emilee & Garrett and Veronica & Brayden). Did I mention that Jaron is Daniel's roommate? Oh and did I mention when I walked in Daniel is ironing his pants like he is going in a dance... as in with a girl... yeah... seemed sketchy but I dismissed it. I mean he is my bff right? Why wouldn't I know? Well turns out he did go to the dance. And it was with some other girl. And he didn't tell me. NBD (No Big Deal). Anywho back to me because that's whats really important! So the dance was awesome minus that whole problem. Jaron and I have a rocking time and danced the night away!! After the dance we went and played loaded questions. It was super great! I got like 8 points because I rolled the question "What group offends you the most?" but they had to guess what I would say. Well I said Daniel and it turned out everyone wrote that down. IT WAS GREAT. I mean love Dan to death but he has the ability to tick me off more than anyone I know. And that is saying A LOT! So after games I came straight to bed and slept my life away! It was fantastic, but here are some pics from the night!
 Me, Em, Ashley, and Micheal
 Brayden, Garrett, and Jaron
 It was a great night! Loved it to death! Thanks to all those who made it so much fun!!
Well y'all, I hope this finds you well!
Until next time,

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