Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Week Sunday Jade Brooklynn Hodgkiss Blessing

              So Sunday was Corby and Katie's baby, Jade's blessing. All of my family was there except Linsey and Jordan, and Kyle. We missed them a lot, but had a great time on this special day. Church started off at 8:30 a.m. which meant I had to be up by 7, BUT it was day light savings time, so technically I was up at 6. I woke up and got all dressed up. Daniel came too and after I waited a decade for him to be ready (who said girls take a long time) we were off. We went to Sacrament meeting and Corby gave a wonderful blessing to Jade. It was so beautiful and made me so thankful for the power and blessing of family. All kinds of family. My family, extended family, friends that are like family, my friends family, and on and on. I have met so many amazing people throughout my life and they have really taught me the importance of families. After the Sacrament meeting we went over to Brent and Lori's house to have brunch. All of Katie's family came, one uncle, and Corby's best friend's family the Fowler's. It was really great. We had egg casserole, muffins, fruit, orange rolls, sausages, and tons of other yummy things. It was great to just hang out and spend the day with the family. After the brunch everyone but my family left and we spent the rest of the day hanging out. I pretty much vegged on the couch and stuffed my face all day. Good idea? No, but it was a in the moment/all day thing. We watched movies, played games, talked, and laughed way too much. It was fun having Daniel there too. The day ended pretty late, but it was one of those perfect days. I think if I had to pick a way to spend a day it would be exactly like Sunday. All and all a fantastic day! Before I show y'all some pics I need to let you guys know that I'm a dumb dumb for not getting a picture of Daniel and I! Now please pick your mouth up off the table! I will just tell you that we looked cute! We were of course matching because were more than gay like that. His pink tie matched my pink shoes! So adorable!! But here are the pics from the day..........
Heather and I
 Corby and Katie and Jade
 Katie's parents Loisann and Robert Fellows
 My mom and dad. And look dad is actually looking!
 Hodgkiss family. Brent, Tommye, Dad, Mom, Jade, Corby, Lori, Analisa, Darrin, Heather, Gavin, Shawn, me, Brylee, and Katie (We sure did miss Kyle, Linsey, and Jordan!)
 Proof! Daniel was there. I'm just a dumb dumb for not taking a picture of us!
 Gavin (2), Tommye (6), Jade (10 weeks), and Brylee (2)
 Tommye-Lynn and Jade
 Jade's full dress. It was beautiful and Katie did a wonderful job picking everything out!
                All and all it was a wonderful day! We all had a great time and looked waaaaaayyyyyyy good doing it! Hope this finds y'all well!
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