Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Family week Friday to Saturday

      Okay guys!! I feel like it's been forever since I last updated, but it's only because so much has happened!! It's hard to know even where to begin, but I guess I will just go chronologically. So last Friday was a blah day for me. I'm sick of school, people, and life in general. I've reached that point where I'm like okay time for summer, let's all move on with our lives. There is an air of sadness. I mean I won't be with my roommates next year and Daniel will be 900+ miles away from me, but I'm sick of just waiting around for all of that to happen. I'm like lets go ahead and start now. Pretty much my life is a hurry up and wait process. So to say the least Friday was one of those days. I was in a pretty bad mood and I had zero plans for the night so I embarked on a trip to Jo Anne's. While I was there I picked up supplies to make all my nieces and my nephew "Team Hodgkiss" shirts for Brent and Lori, and Corby's semi-final intramural game on Monday  night. I had a lot of fun making them, but since I did them alone they didn't turn out as cute as when Jessica was helping me. AND..... I accidentally put the "E" backwards on the first shirt I made so I decided to just do random letters backwards to make them look like kids did them. Yeah, my family says they are cute, but you know how that goes!
The front of all our shirts

The back of all our shirts    
This is an close up on Jade's outfit. She is my newest niece and is 11 weeks old. She is adorable and you guys will see how adorable later!

Her daddy is Corby so of course we had to put that on the back!
             Saturday came pretty fast. I woke up went and hung out with Brent and Lori and Jadders for a bit, and then my family was here before I knew it. My Mom, Dad, oldest sister Heather, her husband Shawn, their son Gavin came up from Texas/Oklahoma. And my oldest brother Darrin, his wife Annie, and their daughters Tommy and Brylee came down from Idaho. And then my brother Corby, his wife Katie, and their daughter Jade, and my brother Brent, and his wife Lori live up here. So we had everyone together except my brother Kyle and my sister Linsey. Shout to them because we miss them! It has been a blast!! But, to get back to Saturday... So they came in and we went straight to walmart. With a family that big (number of people, not size thank you very much) you need lots of food! Annie, Mom, and I embarked to the land of Mart and did the shopping. When we came out we couldn't find my car! My mom had driven and I just don't pay attention to stuff like that because that's Daniel's job, so I couldn't remember! Well it was fine until it started hailing/raining! And this ain't no Dallas rain, this is mountain rain so it was freezing! We finally spot the car and we take off running. Well let me rephrase that. My mom and Annie take of running and leave me with the cart. Luckily I'm very in shape (cough cough) and I did just fine. We threw the stuff in the car and drove our drenched selves home.
              That night we had hamburgers and man does my mom know how to make a dinner! It's been way too long since I have had the awesomeness of someone else cooking for me! After dinner we all sat around talking and catching up. It was really fun! Brylee had a birthday on the Thursday before so we decided to celebrate that night. She is 2 years old!! I remember where I was when I was told that she had arrived. It is an amazing experience being an aunt and watching babies that you love so much grow up and develop the cutest personalities. I love my nephew and nieces to death! But here are some pictures for y'all!
This is Brylee and Tommye! 2 and 6 years old

This is Bry stuffing her face. I think she learned that from me!

This is Brylee a few days later on the present Uncle Brent and Aunt Lori got her
          So Saturday was pretty eventful! We had a blast. It is always so much fun to be with my family. Can you say Love Love LOVE?! Because that's how I feel. Usually I would just update with everything that is going on but I have SO MANNY PICTURES and things we have done, I'm going to break it up for y'all. But here is a sneak peak... Jade's baby blessing, skiing, B&L&C's championship basketball game, Heather's bday, food, movies, and SO MUCH LOVE! Hoping this finds all of you well!
Until next time,

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