Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Count down!!!

        So there 21 days left until I leave butt-freaking-UTAH!!! I am so pumped! Really, these last few weeks suck. By now I am so done with everything and everyone I just want to LEAVE! My room is practically put away, so there is nothing that needs to be done there, and I have no friends, so that isn't a problem. And my brothers left this week so pretty much Utah sucks now! But I'm trying to hang in there!!! So let's get on to the whats been going on in my life thingy we do every post....
         So a couple weeks ago I hurt my ankle running my 8 mile run. I just kinda tweaked it and I thought that I was going to be fine. I figured that I had run 8 miles so my body was bound to have some problems...WELL...turns out when you hurt your ankle you should probably rest it. The next week on my 9 mile run I had shooting pains going through my leg as I ran, but being the awesome person I am I kept running. From that run on I have had some serious problems with my ankle. I went to the doctor today and he gave me an xray. They brought up the pictures and it looked all clear....until he zoomed in. It appears I have some lines on my bones and for those of you who aren't medically inclined, lines=breaks. It looks like I might have some stress fractures (thanks cancer), but he wants to get with the radiologist and discuss it. So I have a appointment with a podiatrist next Monday and I will be getting my results then. But until then this is my life.....
A ankle brace and Daniel's church socks because I have zero high socks (because they are lame)
     Since I'm not working out and I have a crazy sister (A.K.A. Linsey) I jumped on the crazy wagon with her and I'm doing this liquid diet. Yeah, pretty much it sucks, but its also really nice because it means I don't have to worry about eating. But we will see how great it is come weigh in! Other then not eating I have just been studying and doing homework, which btw is blah! I really couldn't care less to take a exam right now. I'm like hello professors? NO ONE CARES! But unfortunately you still have take them, so I'm trying to push through. Pretty much my life is really boring right now. Daniel hasn't done anything to tick me off so there is nothing there, and my roommates are pretty awesome. So I think I'm just running out of steam. Not caring about anything/anybody is nice, but really guys what am I supposed to do with my life? Hopefully something comes up soon.....
         But I do have something that should make you laugh! The other night I walked out to my car to find a TICKET! I was really confused because it was late at night so I should have never gotten a ticket. I picked up the ticket to find it wasn't actually a real ticket....

Let me just tell you what it says....
      "This is not a ticket, but if it were within my power, you would receive two. Because of your bull headed, inconsiderate, feeble attempt at parking you have taken enough room for a 20 mule team, 2 elephants, a goat and a safari of pygmies from the African Interior. The reason for giving you this, is so that in the future you may think of someone else, other than yourself. Besides, I don't like domineering, egotistical or simple minded drivers and you undoubtedly fit into one of these categories. I sign off wishing you an early transmission failure, (on the expressway at about 4:30 p.m.). Also may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits."
        WOW. I really had no words for this. It made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Well until I find something actually cool to write about, I hope this finds you well.
P.S. I do have some cool news! It looks like I am going to be in a video about cancer survivors. It will be distributed to high schools throughout the United States. Pretty cool!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sarah's Jr. Miss (Rigby Take 2)

             So this past weekend I went up to Rigby, Idaho for Daniel's little sister, Sarah's, Jr. Miss competition. It was a pageant that dealt with talent, scholastic, interview, self expression, and fitness. Going into it, I wasn't sure that I made the right decision. I love Daniel's family, but the fact is we aren't together anymore so I wasn't sure that there was a place for me anymore. Dang was I wrong!
          The trip up there was kind of long. I hadn't seen Daniel since break up number 2 (how is that even possible when you were technically never together?) so things were a little shaky to begin with. But I made a decision about half  through the trip that I was not going to let a thing bother me. I just don't care anymore about what we are or what we are going to be. He is going on a mission and that should be his number one concern. We aren't together and we probably won't ever be together again, and I am just going to enjoy the rest of out time together as friends. Once I decided to let it all go, the weekend was a blast!
            We had 3 other people come with us. Matt (Daniel's darling older brother), Shawn (Matt's best friend), and Jessica ( a good friend of Matt's). It was a PACKED car. I was a bit uncomfortable with the whole your way too close to me right now Daniel, but life does go on. We pulled into Rigby around 9ish and most of the family was there. Did I mention I LOVE Daniel's family? Yeah, going to his house it just like home. We just kind of hung out and talked Friday night. Around 12 we were ushered off to bed. Jessica and I were not tired AT ALL, so we stayed up talking till about 2 am. I think we laughed way too loud, but we couldn't help it!!
           Saturday morning I was up by 7. I went for a run, had breakfast, iced, and got ready for the day. At that point I sat around and waited for Daniel to wake up. I assumed he wouldn't sleep that long, but man was I wrong!!! He slept in till like 11:30! Hello? What are you doing with your life? When he woke up I was beyond busy. I was helping in the kitchen with dinner for the night and helping with his nephew Jaxson (See picture below).

Ugh! He makes me want to die he is so cute!!!

        When Daniel FINALLY woke up he went to the doctor and I stayed at the house. Then we ran some errands and then he went and played basketball. I helped around the house, played with the kids, and watched Sarah get ready. It was really nice just being comfortable enough to not have to be glued to Daniel's side. I kinda felt like once I got there I was like "Okay, were here now! See ya on Sunday when we head back!". Once all the boys and Melissa (Dan's sister-in-law) got back from basketball we all got ready, had dinner, and headed to Jr. Miss.
           Jr. Miss was so intense! We were all so nervous for Sarah! She did amazing and she looked SO BEAUTIFUL!! The competition felt like it went on forever! Finally the time came for the winners to be announced. They first announced the winners for each section. Sarah won talent, scholastic, and interview, but other girls won lots of things too. The runner ups were announced and Sarah wasn't one of them. I was really nervous, but then they said "And the Jr. Miss winner is.... SARAH WOOD!" We freaked out! It was really one of the coolest things I have ever been apart of. There was lots of crying and screaming and freaking out, it was great! Here are some pictures (man it was hard to pic which ones) from the night!

 Matt (Brother) and Sarah
 Melissa (sister-in-law), Sarah, James (oldest brother), and Cameron (newest nephew)
The Whole Family-minus Stephen, Amy, and Jaxson +Jessica and me
Sarah and Me!!!
 Jessica, Sarah, and me
 Matthew and his girls!
 Adam (youngest) and I! Love him to death!
And yes, the one you have all been waiting for. Yes in fact he was at that competition, and Sarah is so sick of pictures by now that this is the picture we get! Love it though!!
             It was an exciting night! We were all just shocked and excited afterwards. We went home and pretty much crashed after the long day. Sunday came early! We had a breakfast with Daniel's Grandma and his Aunt Connie. It was fab! Then everyone pretty much went back to sleep so I chilled with A-Man (Adam) and played with the baby. Then we all got ready for church. It was fun to be in a family ward again. Lots of babies! After church we had dinner and then hit the road. The trip home wasn't as bad as the one up. Actually I would say it was quite enjoyable, but that's just me. Everyone in the history of creation told me not to go, but all and all I loved the trip and I was so glad I was there. I will be seeing the Wood's again in October for Sarah's STATE Jr. Miss. It will be weird to not have Daniel there, but I'm excited none the less. A new chapter is starting that is for sure! Hope this finds you all well!
Until next time,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Never Know What You Have Until It's Gone

           So I'm going to dedicate this blog to all the things I never realized I had and to one of my best friends who is a senior in high school. To you my dear, I say he is a jerk and it's his loss. Now to the things that I have always looked over until I lost them, and no this isn't about him, so put your tissues away. Thanks.
                1. High School- Okay when I was in high school I hated EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT. I wanted out so bad from the moment I started it. And then I came to college...... Now I don't hate college by any means but compared to high school, high school has the upper half. Yes, your still under your parents rein, but I must tell you that doesn't stop just because your 18 and in college. Nope, they will still call and insert their opinions where ever they can. And you will pretend you don't care because your an "adult" but really on the inside you agree because you don't really have any opinions of your own. High school is care free and easy. You think there is so much drama, but the sad thing is it follows you to college too. Except its a bigger deal, because he could be the guy you marry, and she could be your potential maid of honor. I'm just saying there is more on the line here! I guess what I am saying is if your in high school, enjoy it while you can and what it is worth because you never go back, and regrets are the worst thing.
                  2. My mother- So my mom isn't dead, so you can stop your gasping, but she isn't in my everyday life. When I lived at home I was SO DONE with everything that had to deal with my parents. Truth is that's going to be your first shocker. Like when you get home and you had a long day.... HELLO? WHERE IS MY DINNER? Oh that's right I have to make it myself. It's funny, I used to be so anti-parents, but now the first person I go to when I need help or just want to talk is my mom. So spend time with her when you can, because life takes you to many different places and your mom won't always be right there.
                  3. Alone time- So since I have come to college I have had this social butterfly experience. In high school, I did nothing on the weekends. I couldn't stand going out and I didn't really want anything to do with parties or people in general. BUT now I like die if I have nothing to do, not that I go to parties or anything. I'm going to go ahead and blame one person for this, yeah... you know who you are. But to say the least its been really different for me. I think now that the year is coming to an end and well things are over is certain areas of my life, I'm getting back into the old me. I don't really mind it too much. I have missed reading A LOT, Saturday's in my pj's, and going to bed at decent hours. I think I am still seen as super social, but its more of a I have done this all year so now people expect me to be way. And let me tell you a little something about alone time. You don't get much of it if you share a room. I love love love my roommate, but make sure you realize what your getting into. It means going to your car to cry, pretending your okay, pretending that what just happened didn't tick you off, holding back yelling, keeping your room so clean its almost exhausting, and that's right LIVING WITH A PERSON 24/7. It's fun too though. You always have someone to talk to and share things with. You get the experience of learning to live with someone else. Sleep overs are pretty much a every night thing, and laughing your head off at all hours of the night is inescapable. I think sharing a room is a really great thing your freshmen year. It helps the awkwardness and you always have someone to stick with. This semester I have loved more than anything my roommate. She is pretty much awesome. She gives the best advice and handles me crying better than anyone I have EVER SEEN! Pretty much she is a rock star and I'm grateful for our year together. If you are going into college, make sure you always set time away for yourself from the very beginning, it will make things easier. And learn that your roommate wants to have just as much fun and a successful year as you do. So sit down and talk about those things that are going to make you both have a great one.
                  Okay so now to the one of my best friends part. Alright, I have to do this because 1. This boy is dumb, please read aloud his letter and try not to laugh. Impossible. 2. These are your typical boy things to say and it kills me and 3. It makes me say um WHAT? So here it is.....
    But before you read it check out this video because this is why it is probably so funny to me
   Okay on to the letter
I am sorry I hurt you. That was never my plan, or still my plan. I think your a beautiful, kind, and a loving person. Last year when I came down, I'll be straight up and honest with you. I was in love with somebody who wasn't in love with me. I didn't know what to do, all I knew is that I wanted that same feelings from somebody else. Even during what happened last winter I felt terrible during and after because I realized I wasn't having those feelings. If I ever would have known that you liked me that much I would have never let what happen last winter occur. I never knew your feelings were that deep. For me we were both young and it was something fun to do. I didn't feel like I was using you either because I thought you were thinking the same way I was. If you felt used I apologize, but I honestly wasn't just trying to use you or play some game or any of that. I thought we both were under the impression that we were never going to go out, but that we would have a good time when we saw each other. That is why when I got a girlfriend a month later, I was shocked at how upset you were. I couldn't believe that I was being attacked like I cheated on you. I was talking to Chloe since Halloween, but I never really knew if we were going to go anywhere. Then after I got back, I decided I wanted to be with her and we had lots of fun together. I thought that you and I would continue being friends and things would be cool. Then when you got really mad at me and wouldn't talk to me, I just threw it away. After that point I honestly lost a lot of respect in our friendship. I thought that when you wanted to talk to me you would. I just let it be, and decided not worry or think about it. Then when you did decided you wanted to talk to me again, I felt betrayed. Almost as if you weren't going to be my friend if I had a girlfriend. Since you started texting me again I have been tempted to call and text you numerous times, but there is this thing holding me back and I don't even know what it is. I really think it's important that we talk though. Because I would love to be your friend and even if you don't want to be mine I think it is important we clear everything up. 

I've made many mistakes in my life, but I don't want to hurt you. I don't want you to be angry, upset, or any other negative emotion because of what I did in the past. Your an amazingly strong and courageous person and even you taking the strength to write this letter I can tell that you have changed for the better in the past year. Just remember no matter what any person says or does to you, always have confidence in your self to get past it. Your own personal strength can and will get you through all difficult situations. Because at the end of the day the person you must trust and love the most is yourself. If you want to be mad at me, I can take and I understand the anger, but whatever you do, make sure to not let those negative emotions eat you up. I don't want to see you continue to be hurt by what happened. 

 Okay, I hope you all enjoyed the dumbness of this letter. Seriously I was laughing so hard I almost died when I read it. Like what is he thinking. And A, honey, if someone writes you this kind of letter you don't want to be their friend/lover/he shouldn't even be able to speak your name. And that's all. Love you all! And hope all is well!
- Muah
P.S. I didn't even tell y'all what is going on in my life! How rude! Okay so Texas was fab! I was there 9 hours and all I did was appointments. I love the south and I HATE everything about the north. I.Will.Never.Live.Up.Here.For.Good. mark my words. And today has been fab. I ran 9 miles and hit up the mall! Check out my new shoes....

Yeah, its Love!!
          Okay so I'm going to Daniel's house this weekend. I will give you guys updates asap! Hope all is well!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

See ya, Sucka!

"Watching you walk out of my life does not make me bitter or cynical about love. But rather makes me realize that if I wanted so much to be with the wrong person how beautiful it will be when the right one comes along."
            Okay y'all! Let's not pretend like we don't know what this post is going to about. I mean come on! If the title didn't help then the gay quote should! Okay in all reality that quote is not gay. It's very true and I am very excited for the future. So here's the story, but since this is public I will be kind and not say exactly what I want. I will just be nice about it :)
              So Daniel and I are done. AGAIN? Yeah... again, but for real this time. Yep. It. Sucks. Well sorta. I mean like I'm free for the first time in 7 months. I have no one to answer to and I can do whatever I want. It's weird not having any ties to Provo now. I mean I'm going to leave in 28 days (but who is counting) and except for my roommates, I won't bat an eye. I won't pretend like I'm not upset at all but I mean come on how long could this soap opera go on? I mean I thought I was the actress in this relationship, UM NOPE. I was beat out for that award probably about 2 months ago. Sad thing is I didn't even know it. Next time I will make sure I'm the only one with acting skills. Now that sounded harsh. It isn't like that, really. Daniel and I are friends still and I'm sure he will leave for his mission still my friend. Really to tell you guys the truth I'm just glad I found out now instead of, um let me see...... 2 1/2 years from now. Seems like moving on is more reasonable now. "How can you be his friend?" is the question you and everyone else and their mom is asking. So I'll answer that for ya. Well when you care about someone it's hard to just watch them walk out of your life, not to mention the boy is leaving for a 2 year, no contact, see ya never, mission in like 3 months (79 days, but who is counting), and after 28 days we are over. So it's not like I have to hang in there much longer. I can't imagine BYU without Daniel right now, so until I'm back home in a place Daniel doesn't belong I won't completely move on. So might as well stick it out and be nice. Plus us not being friends= facebook deletion, phone deletion, and if you even look at me or say my name I will pretend I never knew you. Harsh? Nah.... just the way life is. If your not going to be nice then get out of my life because I don't have time for games or crap from anyone.
        You know, I've been thinking.... I think I'm too forward. I meet people and I immediately decide if I like them or if I don't. If I don't then I don't waste time on them because I don't ever want to be fake. But I think that makes people nervous. I make up my mind in a short amount of time and I am very up front about my feelings and thoughts. Probably doesn't go over well, and probably doesn't go well for some of you reading this blog. But the thing about me is that if you are in my life and I talk to you and make time for you then YOU KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that you mean something to me. I think that must be nice for some, but at the same time not as nice for others. I guess maybe I should work on that, but then again my mom raised me a very strong, very independent, woman and that is something I am proud of.
          So I guess back to the issue at hand and the fact that you are all so worried sick about me. Okay y'all lets be honest here. I'm going to be fine. Yeah, first love and all it SUCKS, but um come on I kinda deserve better. Plus my family has had it so it was bound to happen. I really will be okay. Yeah its going to hurt and sting for a bit, but this 28 days will fly by. And then I will be back in Dallas doing what I love! Another internship with the real love of my life Dr.McCavit, which just welcomed his 4th child into the world btw. Yeah, I always seem to fall for impossible guys!! Guess there is always safety in ones that wont work out. You learn a lot from the first time you are in love, I've realized. I have found things that I will NEVER allow again, and things that I loved and will want in my future husband. I can't say I regret our relationship sadly. I wish I could say I hated him and that I never wanted to see him again, but I can't. We both made HUGE mistakes along the way which ultimately ended it, but I think we have both learned a lot. Like he has learned a Hodgkiss girl from Texas probably isn't his best bet. And I have learned that anyone from the land of Idaho should not be in the line up for marriage. Being young and immature sucks. I wish we had everything figured out, but we don't. We both went into this blind and it didn't end up well. I'm not sure where the future will lead. Honestly, I'm not sure we are going to be friends in a week. I'm afraid its going to fall apart, but guess what? That's okay! It's going to fall apart in 28 days anyways so it will just be a little bit earlier, and maybe it won't make it so hard. Until further notice though we are friends and will enjoy each other's company when the situation arises.....
                 Oh, like this weekend. Did I tell y'all we are going to his house for the weekend? Ha! Yep! Okay once again I know what you are thinking, why the h would you go to his house? Well once again because I am so nice I will answer your questions! I'm going because 1. Me and his little sister, Sarah (who's Jr. Miss pageant is this weekend) are pretty much bff, and I promised here I would be there 2. Its not like its just some dumb promise, I want to be there for her and to see her and support her 3. I do love Daniel's family and if we are going to move forward we need to just go on with life. So I'm going through with the plans. I'm going this weekend and I am going to have the time of my life, and not let a single thing bother me. I have no one to impress and their judgements don't matter, nor do Daniel's. So bring on the sweats and no makeup! Of course I will update you guys on how it goes, but really we are going to have a great time, and it will be great to get away from BYU for the weekend.
            Which reminds me..... I have a flight I have to be up for in 2 hours..... Yeah I should probably hit the hay. I'm flying into Dallas for 12 hours of not 1, not 2, BUT 3 appointments. 1 orthodontist, 1 jaw surgery, and 1 teeth cleaning. Sounds like its going to be a grand time! Well I hope all is well with y'all. I do miss all of you and can't wait for summer to come to see you guys. Well if you live in Dallas that is!
Until next time,

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Fun!

 So Sundays are always an experience at my apartment. We all just kinda sit around after church so some pretty funny things can happen. Today was a lazy day. Emilee and I messed around and laughed for about an hour straight. We also did our visiting teaching, which went really well. I did the lesson and talked like a million miles an hour, but that's okay. After visiting teaching I just hung out on the couch and read my book. I love Sundays like this! Well the fun didn't start till a little bit later.
       I decided to go through ALL my clothes and put away winter clothes and get rid of the clothes I never wanted to touch again. So my room looked like this.....
Yeah this is actually after I cleaned up a bit...
         Well I'm putting all my clothes away when a thought hit me. I'm going to Daniel's house this next weekend and he lives in butt-freaking-Idaho-the-place-of-hell-for-a-Texan-because-its-like-never-above-5-degrees. Yeah long name, but whateve. So I shoot Daniel a text to ask him what the weather is supposed to be like. Did I mention we haven't talked? Yeah turns out it doesn't go well when your not honest with each other. Well this starts the whole "we need to talk" process. Okay 1. I hate that phrase. We need to talk? Um H no we don't need to talk. Obviously I don't want to talk to you because if I had then I would have idk, um been nice to you today? And 2. Just don't use it because it make me nervous. K, well I'm not going to go into detail about this dumb/worthless talk, but I did want to share a beautiful picture of me after the talk
                                                        Please Enjoy this.........

Yep, that's mascara ALL over my face. Very inaprop.
              Okay I know what y'all are thinking. You're like why would she show this? That's so sad! Okay 1. It's not sad. I'm the idiot for ever having feelings. 2. Okay can you really look at this and not laugh? Like its ridiculous! and 3. It is impressive how much my mascara spread!!! So Jessica and I had a wonderful talk after this, about how boys are stupid and we hope they all die. Well at least it made me feel better.
        After my melt down I needed to be productive, so I started cleaning up my mess. I was throwing clothes into get rid of piles and Jessica was trying everything on to see if she wanted it. Well we came upon my half sweatshirt that I wore for Halloween because we did the 80's. Jessica demanded that I keep the sweatshirt thing. She decided that I could wear it when I was pregnant and showed my exactly how it would be done....

I must admit after seeing this I almost kept it!
                  Well the night was one of ups and down. Crying my eyes out and then laughing so hard I almost fell off my bed. The great thing about crying over boys is 1. It gives you reason to hate all of them 2. You get great stories to tell future girl friends and 3. Um they feel really bad (Yeah shout out to you babe because I know you're reading this). All and all life will go on and I will live! That's the beauty of life!!! Anywho hope this wasn't too much of a downer for y'all! And I hope, as always, that this finds you well!
Until next time,

Family Week Thursday/ My Weekend Fri-Sat

  So this was my family's last day here. I was pretty sad, but we partied it up anyhow! Thursday was St. Patrick's Day but more importantly it was HEATHER'S BIRTHDAY! The day started off with a 7 a.m. 8 mile run.... SAY WHAT? Yeah.... I can't say I enjoyed it or that I'm looking forward to the 9 mile run next week, but I did it!! So YAY!!! It wasn't till mile 6 that I realized I hadn't told Heather happy birthday! I felt terrible, but she told me it was WAY too early for anybody to have a happy birthday.
     After our run I went to class and then went back to Brent's. We decided to go Vivint? (APX) and had lunch. It was grand. The whole fam was there. Then I came back to school and went to tutoring and did some homework. THEN I got ready and headed over to Brent's to go to dinner. We hit up WINGER'S for Heather's birthday dinner! It was yummy!!!! Here are some pics!

She is going to kill me for this one....
             Well after dinner we hung out and talked. Then I was way tired so I said peace out. I was bummed to leave the family. We had such a good time and I LOVED them being here! I can't wait for summer to get here so that we are all together again... well most of them.
             So the fam left. It sucked BIG time, and the sad part is that it didn't hit me till I was sitting in chemistry class. Yeah I cried, but no worries I sit in the back and it wasn't a ugly cry like you will see in my next post. After class I went straight home and started studying for a test I had neglected all week. I was really stressed about it and a certain relationship that shall not be named was just adding to my stress (more on that later). Finally after about 3 hours I decided I couldn't memorize the practice test anymore than I had, so I headed for the testing center. Well I took my test, stressed about it and saw that I got a 70!!! Whoot WHOOT!!! I was pumped! So I treated myself to two new books and taco bell. I spent the night reading and eating.
         Saturday I woke up early to do cleaning checks. They didn't take too long, but I added more stuff on my plate by starting to take down  my room. I had to move stuff to clean and I decided that I would just take stuff down and put it away in my bins because I'm leaving in a month. After I got done Jessica decided that it was way too bare in our room so she moved some stuff around so it didn't look like she had a ghost roommate/best friend. It looks great and best part is its not my stuff!
        After I passed cleaning checks with flying colors, I was just hanging out, reading and doing my thing, and I got a phone call. It was Jaron, my FHE brother/Rock star friend, and he asked me to the semi-formal dance that started at 7. I was excited so I threw my hair in curlers and went about my day. When the curlers were done Jessica, my OH-SO-AMAZING roommate, put my hair up in an updo! It was fabulous! Check it out.....
           So my awesome date picked me up at 6 and we went and had a fabulous dinner at his apartment with two other couples (Emilee & Garrett and Veronica & Brayden). Did I mention that Jaron is Daniel's roommate? Oh and did I mention when I walked in Daniel is ironing his pants like he is going in a dance... as in with a girl... yeah... seemed sketchy but I dismissed it. I mean he is my bff right? Why wouldn't I know? Well turns out he did go to the dance. And it was with some other girl. And he didn't tell me. NBD (No Big Deal). Anywho back to me because that's whats really important! So the dance was awesome minus that whole problem. Jaron and I have a rocking time and danced the night away!! After the dance we went and played loaded questions. It was super great! I got like 8 points because I rolled the question "What group offends you the most?" but they had to guess what I would say. Well I said Daniel and it turned out everyone wrote that down. IT WAS GREAT. I mean love Dan to death but he has the ability to tick me off more than anyone I know. And that is saying A LOT! So after games I came straight to bed and slept my life away! It was fantastic, but here are some pics from the night!
 Me, Em, Ashley, and Micheal
 Brayden, Garrett, and Jaron
 It was a great night! Loved it to death! Thanks to all those who made it so much fun!!
Well y'all, I hope this finds you well!
Until next time,

Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Week Monday to Wednesday

          Monday morning started off early for me since I had an early class. I woke up at 7 and hadn't gone to bed until 2, so I was pretty tired. After class I took off to Corby's to meet my family there. We all gathered and took off for the mountain, because Monday was skiing day for us! Now let me point out I hadn't been skiing in 7 or 8 years, Heather hadn't skied in 9 or 10 years, and Shawn hadn't skied in 14 years. So to say the least we were a bit nervous. I learned to ski when I was 4 years old because we have a cabin in Ruidoso, New Mexico that we spent every spring break at, but I never really enjoyed it. When I was 5 or 6 a snowboarder (I hate them) hit me and I went flying through the air. I don't really remember the experience, but it doesn't stop me from flinching every time I hear the ice scraping the way it does with snowboarders.
            I started out pretty rocky and very very very nervous, but it was like riding a bike. It all came back to me. Now of course that didn't stop all the pain that I felt from using muscles I didn't even know I had. We had a pretty good time too! I'm not going to go all out there and say that it was the BEST THING EVER, but I will say it was pretty enjoyable. And nothing beats spending time with your family! Check out all the fun we had!

This is the view from the top of the main mountain. It's beautiful!

The whole gang minus Corby, Heather, Shawn, Mom, Darrin, Annie, Tommy, and me
The whole gang - Mom + Corby

Tommye-Lynn 6 years old

 Heather and I looking styling
Darrin, Tommye, and Annie. Such a cute family pic
Heather and Shawn! Luckily the lift took awhile so we got to rest our legs!
        Skiing was a blast. We went for about four hours and then came home and pretty much laid around. We had dinner and then we went to Brent, Lori, and Corby's semi-final basketball game. The game was very exciting! They played really well and ended up winning by 8. Here are some pics from the night.....

            Tuesday we hung around the house until Brent, Lori, and Corby's CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! I'm not going to lie being their #1 fan I was pumped for the game. We played a team with two polys (Polynesians), so I was a bit worried. Well our team wasn't on fire like it usually is and the other team was pretty physical so we ended up behind. Well we were down to the last bit of the game. Corby being the stud he was hit two free throws making us down by only 2. The other team brought the ball down and we fouled them. They missed their free throw shot, and we got the ball back. We brought the ball down, Brent shot , missed, and Lori got the ball and shot and the buzzer rang...... and she missed..... BUT they fouled her! We were down by 2 and all Lori had to do was make her shots and we would go into overtime. Lori took her first shot and MADE IT and then her she took her second shot...... and she MADE IT AGAIN.... but the ref called a lane violation and the shot didn't count. I'm not going to go into details here but there may or may not have been a lot of cussing, throwing things, and yelling at the ref. My family is usually pretty abusive to the refs but we held it together through out the game.... until the ref made a call that changed the outcome of the game. Which btw is illegal!!!!! I kinda felt bad that Daniel was there because if he thought my family members were all saints (yeah right) he now knows otherwise. But I think he was entertained well enough!
            After the bummer of a game we all hit up Cafe Rio! It was fantastic and made me very happy! After Cafe Rio we went home and watched a Megamind. I loved the movie but I wasn't that into it. We went ahead and called it a night.  Here is a pic of Daniel being so cool.......

     Wednesday we went to Ihop and hung around the house. We also played with the kids and took them to the park. Then the boys had games and then Shawn's famous Italian dinner! I think we are slowly becoming more and more wore out! Tomorrow is Heather's birthday so we will be partying it up all day long! It's going to be fantastic! AND Heather and I are running 8 miles Thursday morning, so I'm sure you guys CAN'T wait to hear about that! Here are a few random cute pics that make me oh-so-happy!
 Gavin, 2 years old at the park
 Brent and Lori bought Gavin a car. He loves it!
 Tommye loves it too!
Pa Pa (my dad) got Jade to laugh
 This is Jadders looking like a doll! Love her!
Hope this finds you well!

Family Week Sunday Jade Brooklynn Hodgkiss Blessing

              So Sunday was Corby and Katie's baby, Jade's blessing. All of my family was there except Linsey and Jordan, and Kyle. We missed them a lot, but had a great time on this special day. Church started off at 8:30 a.m. which meant I had to be up by 7, BUT it was day light savings time, so technically I was up at 6. I woke up and got all dressed up. Daniel came too and after I waited a decade for him to be ready (who said girls take a long time) we were off. We went to Sacrament meeting and Corby gave a wonderful blessing to Jade. It was so beautiful and made me so thankful for the power and blessing of family. All kinds of family. My family, extended family, friends that are like family, my friends family, and on and on. I have met so many amazing people throughout my life and they have really taught me the importance of families. After the Sacrament meeting we went over to Brent and Lori's house to have brunch. All of Katie's family came, one uncle, and Corby's best friend's family the Fowler's. It was really great. We had egg casserole, muffins, fruit, orange rolls, sausages, and tons of other yummy things. It was great to just hang out and spend the day with the family. After the brunch everyone but my family left and we spent the rest of the day hanging out. I pretty much vegged on the couch and stuffed my face all day. Good idea? No, but it was a in the moment/all day thing. We watched movies, played games, talked, and laughed way too much. It was fun having Daniel there too. The day ended pretty late, but it was one of those perfect days. I think if I had to pick a way to spend a day it would be exactly like Sunday. All and all a fantastic day! Before I show y'all some pics I need to let you guys know that I'm a dumb dumb for not getting a picture of Daniel and I! Now please pick your mouth up off the table! I will just tell you that we looked cute! We were of course matching because were more than gay like that. His pink tie matched my pink shoes! So adorable!! But here are the pics from the day..........
Heather and I
 Corby and Katie and Jade
 Katie's parents Loisann and Robert Fellows
 My mom and dad. And look dad is actually looking!
 Hodgkiss family. Brent, Tommye, Dad, Mom, Jade, Corby, Lori, Analisa, Darrin, Heather, Gavin, Shawn, me, Brylee, and Katie (We sure did miss Kyle, Linsey, and Jordan!)
 Proof! Daniel was there. I'm just a dumb dumb for not taking a picture of us!
 Gavin (2), Tommye (6), Jade (10 weeks), and Brylee (2)
 Tommye-Lynn and Jade
 Jade's full dress. It was beautiful and Katie did a wonderful job picking everything out!
                All and all it was a wonderful day! We all had a great time and looked waaaaaayyyyyyy good doing it! Hope this finds y'all well!
Until next time,